Monday, August 31, 2009

Marinara's Astrological Charts 7

Mercury conjunct Pluto

This aspect produces penetrating and resourceful minds. The natives have the ability to see through others and to ferret out secrets. They are determined to get to the bottom of what they wish to understand. A strong willpower combines with real genius and resourcefulness. This aspect tends to make the native disinterested, and able to see things as they really are. To her, truth is more important than comfort. (Well, THAT certainly doesn’t sound like Katy, but as I said, she may “season” with age).

There is a special aptitude for understanding reality in terms of energy rather than in terms of material objects; therefore, the native is able to comprehend the forces that can generate fundamental changes in his environment.

Interest in science, especially in atomic physics, is indicated. The aspect also shows that the natives make good investigators and detectives, since much of their mental work is concerned with secret information. (An investigative reporter? I wonder what she has ferreted out about Keith?)

There can be a definite interest in the occult and in working with the superphysical forces of nature, inasmuch as people with this conjunction study and communicate about these forces. When the conjunction is afflicted, (both Mercury and Pluto square the ascendant, a “malefic” aspect.) these natives can be mentally overbearing or even deceitful in order to serve their personal ends. (Now, that sounds like it could be Katy). There is also a tendency to want to remake others' thoughts and mental perceptions.

Marinara's Astrological Charts 6

Mercury sextile Neptune

This sextile gives intuitive insight and a fertile imagination. There is harmony and good communication between the conscious reasoning mind and the unconscious mind. The perceptions are keen and delicate and sometimes are manifested through clairvoyant faculties. Mental telepathy and the ability in general to sense the thoughts and motives of others are often found. This is a good aspect for financial or military strategy, because the native can anticipate the opponent's next move. Photographers and people whose work requires imagination and creative inspiration benefit from this sextile. It also favors creative writers.

Natives may plan and work in secret, carrying out their intentions in such a way as to bypass all interference and opposition. (Plotting and scheming. Not good news for Keith, or her co-workers).

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Marinara's Astrological Charts 5

Mercury conjunct Saturn

Although natives with Mercury conjunct Saturn are not as fluent and expressive as those with the Mercury conjunct Jupiter aspect, they are more exact, painstaking, logical and scientific in their thinking. This conjunction bestows strong mathematical and scientific ability.

Foresightedness and careful planning are among its good qualities. The overall quality of the horoscope and the other aspects found in it will determine how this type of mental ability is used.

Natives are hardworking and thorough in learning and in study. When they write and speak, no steps are omitted. The conjunction produces notable powers of visualization, since the natives understand form and structure. They are, therefore, excellent in geometry and make good designers, draftsmen, architects and engineers. They tend to be mentally ambitious, but they can encounter periodic difficulties in gaining recognition. (This is what she is attempting to do now, gain recognition, but in television. Maybe she would be more suited to a different career entirely).

On the negative side, this conjunction can signify people who are critical, worry too much, and are subject to depressions. Often skeptical and doubting, they are not likely to accept ideas which are not traditional or which they cannot readily assimilate. (If this is her general attitude, Keith wouldn’t have invited her in, if he knew about it. Perhaps now she has revealed herself to be this, and that is the reason for the strain we have detected between them).

Marinara's Astrological Charts 4

Sun conjunct Pluto

Natives having this conjunction express their power potential through their ability to regenerate and change themselves and the things around them by focusing their wills. Since tremendous energy is at their disposal, they can penetrate to prime causes.

Pluto rules the ability to penetrate dimensions and tap the fundamental dynamic energy of the universe responsible for all form manifestation and evolution. In the human organism, this primal energy is manifested as sexual potency, (Keith, where are those kids?) which can be expressed through the mind or through the body. When it is expressed through the mind, higher universal states of consciousness are revealed, and the individual can become an instrument of the Divine Will. Through the mind, the transforming power of Pluto is able to recreate individuals into spiritual beings with universal power for good. (Somehow, I can’t see Katy as a universal power for good, but whatever. Maybe someday she’ll make a contribution to society. It’s probably safe to assume here, that Katy’s primal energy is expressed through the body.)

It is important that these natives learn to bring their wills into harmony with the Divine Will. If they fail to do so, their efforts will backfire and cause their own destruction. (Wake up, Katy!) People with this conjunction can have a power complex and, if allowed to go unchecked, can become dictatorial. They must realize they are not the only power in the universe, that each person's will and power are borrowed from a universal source of energy and must maintain harmony with it. (Not sure Keith would tolerate any “dictatorial-ness” from Katy).

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Marinara's Astrological Charts 3

Sun conjunct SaturnSaturn,

which rules the principle of limitation, inhibits self-expression and ambition. Natives are not free to express themselves until they have completely mastered the sphere of limitation in which they find themselves. (She is limited now, in that everything she has, was got for her by Keith. She’ll have to stand on her own two feet if she is to have any real success that she can claim as her own.)

Anything they achieve is gained through extremely hard work; they earn whatever they gain. (Maybe not a gold digger after all?) Often they are sad and self-deprecating because of the continual frustrations they encounter. (Like being let go from CW11.)

They should take advantage of all available opportunities. (Even if Keith is providing the opportunities.) However, since Saturn also represents the principle of fulfillment, natives can gain a significant degree of power through their organizational ability. They are responsible, serious and reliable. Ultimately, their self-discipline will lead to personal fulfillment.

The native may have had a stricter father than other children. (I’m going to hazard a guess that this could mean that Bob Tur didn’t let his daughter out of his sight until she turned 18 and went off to college. Is taking up with Keith her way of rebelling against that authority, or has she chosen someone like her father? Perhaps both.)

Monday, August 10, 2009

Marinara's Astrological Charts 2

Sun conjunct MercurySun conjunct Mercury confers creativity and the ability to act in all things denoted by Mercury, especially in ideas, work, and friendships. (Communication in all its forms is one of the things denoted by Mercury.)

This aspect shows a tendency to enforce ideas and decisions with willpower. However, it also hinders objectivity in self-analysis by contributing to a very close identification of mind and ego. This makes it difficult for natives to view themselves impartially, or as others see them. (Sounds like she has the same problem as Keith).

These natives are endowed with mental stamina and have a great deal of mental energy. If Mercury is conjunct the Sun within an orb of 1/2 to 4 degrees, Mercury is said to be "combust", creating a condition in which the lines of thought communication are overloaded with solar energy. Then a breakdown of communication and thought processes occurs, which can be compared to the way fine wires in an electronic component are destroyed if they are subjected to an overload of electricity. When this excess energy overheats the mental processes, a more or less momentary mental blind spot results.

(Katy’s conjunction is separated by 4 degrees, with her Mercury at 29 deg. Libra, and her Sun at 2 deg. Scorpio).When Mercury is conjunct the Sun within less than 1/2 a degree or 30 seconds of arc, Mercury is said to be "casimi." This position, while having some of the same difficulties of the "combust," is also a "dignity"; when the alignment of wave patterns is so perfect, the solar energy is modulated by Mercury and becomes a perfect carrier-frequency for the mind. In other words, the will becomes a vehicle for mental expression.

When the conjunction is in Gemini, Virgo, Aquarius or Libra, this confers high powers of intellect. (Katy’s conjunction is in Libra, and Mercury, at 23’ seconds of arc, less than the 30’ seconds for a “combust”. Without a time of birth, this cannot be determined with any accuracy, but she seems to function well enough not to be considered “combust”. But I don’t see a powerful intellect. Perhaps that will develop with age).

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Marinara's Astrological Charts 1


Without a time of birth, I cannot place the signs in the houses, or determine what the rising sign (Ascendant) is. I chose not to include aspects to the moon, as it is a fast moving body, and its effects are only hours in duration. I also did not include Pluto in its sign of Libra, as this, the farthest and slowest moving planet, relates to a generation of people, rather than individuals. With the exception of my own comments, which are in parentheses, all astrological interpretations are from two reputable books on the subject that I have had for many years. Anyone can check these aspects themselves, if they are so inclined.

Scorpio: October 23-November 21
Fixed,Water Key Words: Regeneration, resourcefulness, secrecy
Ruler: Mars and Pluto
In many ways, Scorpio is the most powerful sign of the Zodiac because it is ruled by Mars and Pluto, while Uranus, the planet of sudden release of energy is exalted in it. More than any other sign, Scorpio deals with processes of fundamental transformation on all levels. This transformation can be on a high or low plane, depending on the motivation behind the change. However, as a rule, Scorpios work to improve the status quo.
Scorpios possess power, will, and intense emotional desires. Their life is likely to be a constant struggle to conquer desire through the creative use of the will. Since this sign is strongly related to the desire principle and the sex drive, there is tremendous emotional force behind the Scorpio's romantic involvements.
When out of proper control, this can lead to possessiveness, jealousy, and violence. No sign can be so potent for good or evil as Scorpio. Because Scorpios act with all their power, it is of utmost importance that they set out on the proper course from the start. They never deal with life superficially, and whatever they become involved with is generally of serious consequence. Sometimes their desire to do everything perfectly makes them unable to delegate responsibility, so they overwork themselves, seeking perfection in all details.

Highly developed Scorpios are the most ardent defenders of justice, even in the face of death. Unlike Arians, who are also ruled by Mars and Pluto, they have tremendous staying power because they are in a fixed sign. They will see any matter through to the bitter end, regardless of the required effort and sacrifice. Although these people despise weakness in themselves and do not like to see it in others, they are often generous and compassionate, and will extend themselves in order to help someone else. Scorpios expect, however, that the individual, once helped, will stand independently and continue to help himself.

They are not always diplomatic, since they believe in expressing their ideas and feelings with unfiltered truthfulness. They would rather remain silent than give a watered-down version of their true opinions and emotions.

They have an intense drive to investigate the nature of things and discover the causes behind any outward manifestation. Consequently, they excel in work involving detection, science, research, and occult investigations.
They tend to be highly secretive, and woe be unto those who give away their secrets or incur their wrath. (She'll never spill the beans if he doesn't.) In a battle, they will give no quarter and expect none. If one takes up cudgels with Scorpios, he should be well fortified.

In appearance, they are generally of robust and strong build. They often possess keenly penetrating eyes and a strong aura of personal mystique and magnetism. (I don’t see that through the television, but Keith must see something fascinating there). Their intuition is well developed, as a rule, giving them the ability to penetrate the inner thoughts of others and extract secret information from them. (She must know some really interesting stuff about Keith!)

When spiritually developed, Scorpios derive immense power from their ability to tap the fundamental, creative, regenerative forces of nature. Thus, their accomplishments can sometimes seem almost miraculous. They are not inclined to fear death because they have a mystical understanding of the cyclic nature of manifestation.

In Scorpio, the Sun gives strong characteristics and shrewd, keen judgment. The Scorpio native is critical, suspicious, skeptical but enterprising, reserved, tenacious, determined and secretive. Fond of luxuries but economical and calculating; restless, energetic, fond of travel, especially on water, and admires grandeur in nature. Attends to own affairs in business but in matters of duty may make trouble for others. In speech plain, blunt, sarcastic and forceful; in politics or law, very aggressive. At best, original, scientific, sagacious, daring and creative, capable of much success through bold enterprise. Fine engineers, contractors, surgeons, chemists, detectives and sheriffs are born in this sign. The key phrase for Scorpio is "I desire."