Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Clearing Things Up

I don't care where anybody comes from, who they are related to or who they have had associations with in the past. This site is about Keith, Countdown and who or what they are connected to. Good or bad, it matters not. But bashing commenters, or making insinuations about them, will not get you through. You can disagree without name calling or inciting hatred.
Republicans fight like that. This is not a Republican site.

I appreciate all my viewers and commenters but attacks against one another isn't acceptable.

Thank you.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Rachel Maddow Rocks

That wild and crazy guy Frum was on her show to talk politics but instead felt this overwhelming desire to bash Rachel and the way she does her show. Well, Rachel wasn't gonna let him get off that easy.
He tried to change the subject a few times but Rachel kept going back to the dudes' opening argument and, frankly, she dogged his ass.
Way to go girl.

If that happened to Keith he wouldn't be able to handle it.

Keith Said "We".

Keith said 'we', which was stupid, as if he's more than one person, but then he corrected that all in the same sentence and returned to the more appropriate "I".

Thanks But Reports Of My Demise... (19+ / 0-)

...have been greatly exaggerated.
Possible strep throat - first words out of the doctor's throat when he saw mine on Friday. But the traditional effect (feels like you're a rookie fire swallower and you don't know any of the tricks yet) was gone within a few hours of the application of Enough Drugs To Kill Rasputin.

We have lingering congestion, cough, wooziness but I'm going to give it a try today largely because I cannot sit around here again today, not with Richard Lewis due in the studio and Hockey Highlights to show.

Plus McCain's going back on Letterman Thursday so I suppose I have to be on standby in case he bails out again.

Also, watch our debate coverage. I'm on until 20 seconds before they start and again 20 minutes after they end...

"If you're going through hell - keep going!" -- Winston Churchill
Keith Olbermann on Mon Oct 13, 2008 at 07:59:17 AM PDT

on edit: 5:12: Keith also stated he "couldn't sit around here again today". Hmm, he must not like being at home much anymore. Use to be he couldn't stay at work much. Now he can't stand be away from it. Obviously, Richard Lewis and Hockey highlights are more important than his health and his gf.
Oh well, I guess he knows his priorities.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Aww, Poor Thing.

Keith has strep throat. Hmm, I wonder where he got it. Sure, he lives in an environment that's probably filled with all kinds of contagious diseases, but it seems like ever since bonehead moved in with him he's had all kinds of problems. Of course, I don't believe she caused his broken foot or his appendix explosion that would be silly, but maybe she's a curse on him. LOL. Just kidding. Or am I?
Hell, she probably brought it home from one of her party nights out. Poor Keith, he's just getting old and sick...er.

Keith Is A Big Headed Kid

According to David Letterman Keith is the giant head from MSNBC. This is funny.
I know he's a comedian, but the way he talks about Keith makes it seem as if all Keith was to him was a fill-in when they were desperate.
But hell, we already knew that. Of course, Keith probably doesn't see it that way. He plugged away about it but what I saw, in video, was Letterman doing most of the talking and Keith listening.

Keith was a live stage prop for Letterman to vent his frustrations at. That's all he was and nothing more. But, it's publicity for Keith. And for Keith, that's all that counts.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Keith, Sports and Politics

Apparently, a lot of people noticed Keith's attempt at humor yesterday during FNiA and didn't much like it.
If I remember correctly Keith said he wasn't going to bring politics into sports. Well, I guess that was a lie. He apparently can't seem to get very far without making fun of Sarah Palin.
Sure, she's an idiot but sometimes you just have to let it go Keith. Especially when you're playing a different game.
It's one thing to degrade a politician, and I don't have a problem with that, but when Keith degrades a woman politician it just makes him look even worse than what he already does.
I think if it had been anybody else it probably wouldn't be so bad. But Keith has a reputation of lowering standards for women, period. So the things he says about any woman that isn't on the "kind" side will always be scrutinized and picked apart. Even more so during sports.
It's not the people's fault that they pick on him. It's his fault for creating this kind of image. And he continues to do it.
Hence the fact that he's a chauvinist. He can't leave the woman out of the experience. Not that Palin has experience but it's the fact that she doesn't belong in sports highlights.

Where's that separation Keith? You know, the part where you said you would never talk politics while doing sports? Is it just too difficult for you to maintain any kind of professionalism in anything you do professionally? Your attempt at humor has become lame and downright inhuman.
Get a life. Because you obviously do not have one.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Keith The Masturbator

Since I hadn't seen Countdown in several days I thought I'd flip over there last night just to see who the worst persons were and I'll be damned if Keith wasn't "projecting".
He was talking about this creepy guy that apparently has a "thing" for Sarah Palin. But what struck me was Keith's mention of the guy possibly masturbating in front of the t.v. and the fact that the look on Keith's face was that of a very guilty person.

You should read Marinara's comment at KOE's site. LOL.