Monday, October 6, 2008

Keith, Sports and Politics

Apparently, a lot of people noticed Keith's attempt at humor yesterday during FNiA and didn't much like it.
If I remember correctly Keith said he wasn't going to bring politics into sports. Well, I guess that was a lie. He apparently can't seem to get very far without making fun of Sarah Palin.
Sure, she's an idiot but sometimes you just have to let it go Keith. Especially when you're playing a different game.
It's one thing to degrade a politician, and I don't have a problem with that, but when Keith degrades a woman politician it just makes him look even worse than what he already does.
I think if it had been anybody else it probably wouldn't be so bad. But Keith has a reputation of lowering standards for women, period. So the things he says about any woman that isn't on the "kind" side will always be scrutinized and picked apart. Even more so during sports.
It's not the people's fault that they pick on him. It's his fault for creating this kind of image. And he continues to do it.
Hence the fact that he's a chauvinist. He can't leave the woman out of the experience. Not that Palin has experience but it's the fact that she doesn't belong in sports highlights.

Where's that separation Keith? You know, the part where you said you would never talk politics while doing sports? Is it just too difficult for you to maintain any kind of professionalism in anything you do professionally? Your attempt at humor has become lame and downright inhuman.
Get a life. Because you obviously do not have one.


marinara said...

He does seem to be losing his way lately. Maybe something going on in his private life has got him all weirded out.

Look what this guy says about Keith's comments about masturbating while watching tv. My thoughts exactly!

flowergirl said...

Hehe, yeah, I read that.

Just because someone has the hots for Palin and, unfortunately, needs to share it with everybody, doesn't make him a pervert, or even deserves the accusation he was maturbating during the debate.

You could be right. Something may be going on in his personal life that has gotten him all weirded out.
It could be those sexy photos taken of Katy out partying. He knows she's still young and sexy enough that she could have anybody she wants.
All she has to do is flash a boob and every guy will follow.
Keith should've known better than to take in someone so young and obviously not settled.

marinara said...

On tonight's Countdown, specifically the WPitW segment, he quoted a conservative blogger, Kathryn Jean Lopez, who said

"Keith Olbermann just manically pointed out that McCain incorrectly said Petraeus is chairman of the joint chiefs. No one in his right mind thinks McCain doesn't know who Petraeus is. Which is why Olbermann pointed it out."

Except that Keith left out the last line "Which is why Olbermann pointed it out."

What's the matter Keith? Don't want to reinforce Murdoch's assertion that you're crazy?

flowergirl said...

That figures.

He's becoming more and more like BillO.