Sunday, June 28, 2009

Getting Out of The Circle

Believe it or not Countdown use to be a very informative news show. Keith was once a good journalist and he would interview a wide variety of people. But somewhere between the public ass kicking from karma and his sudden co-habitation with an extremely young girl he turned into someone very disturbing.
He became excruciatingly bitter towards the world and attacked anybody who didn't agree with him. And this is who he is today.
It's one thing to call out those who have done this country wrong, but it's a whole other dimension when you base your career on those who fail, those you make fail, those you chide for saying stupid things and those who could possibly be you.

Keith no longer pays attention to the big story unless he can say something bad about other commentators, Republicans and anybody who doesn't fit his "idea" of how the news is suppose to be reported.

Of course, it's not just Keith but he's the only one I have read about that spends most, if not all, of his hour on television trying to take down his opposition. This gets old and it tends to make one think that he has nowhere else to go.
His show has become commonplace and predictable. NBC/MSNBC has become one of the coldest manufacturers in the news business. And Keith is their lead manufacturer. Yes, I believe he kisses their asses. This is the only way he could've gotten as far as he is.

I have been watching Countdown and talking about Keith for 6 years. The changes he has made in his life is disturbing and, recently, has made me wonder about his sanity. I'm finding it more and more difficult to sit through one of his shows without rolling my eyes. I just wait for the time that he's bashing someone where he finishes his statement with "nannynannybooboo, stick your head in doodoo".
This is the mentality he is bringing to his show and I can't take much more of it. So I'm going to get out of this circle of hate and unwarranted attacks and go read a book. Maybe I'll come back, maybe I won't. But at the moment, this package has been refused.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It's A Vicious Circle

Keith is obsessed with baseball and pretending to be someone he isn't. I'm obsessed with Keith pretending to be someone he isn't. There are commenters who are obsessed with Keith pretending to be someone he isn't. There are fans obsessed with Keith pretending to be someone he isn't. And there are some commenters who are obsessed with bloggers who are obsessed with Keith pretending to be someone he isn't.
It's a vicious circle. What's the solution to this problem? We should all go get help. Professional help, that is.

You know what's good about this country? Diversity. If we were all the same it would be boring.
And what defines insanity? Apparently, we are all crazy so what difference does it make if we all, including Keith, spout out a bunch of bullshit on a regular basis?
It's good that we can sit at our computers and/or get on television and say stupid things. It's good that we can get involved in things that are fun to us and create friendships with people you don't even know.

No matter how hard I try I will never make Keith a better person. But it's fun trying. And that's what life is all about. I don't need someone's approval, nor do any of my commenters, on what is said or done in their own lives.
What they share is timeless and meaningful in their own little ways. I appreciate those who comment, even the ones that tell me I'm a cunt or chastise other commenters. That's one of the things that makes this worthwhile.

To irritate some and please others is life at its grandest in the internet world. :-)

Sunday, June 14, 2009


I can't for the life of me figure out what I saw in this guy.
Oh, wait, he looked better 6 years ago. And didn't resemble my granddad.
Boy he really let himself go, didn't he? I guess he must figure that since he has himself a little chick that he doesn't need to take care of himself anymore.
He definitely doesn't look 50. More like 60ish.
But, man, you gotta dig those pink pants. LOL.

Monday, June 8, 2009

He Was Born That Way

Took me a much needed vacation last week. Stayed away from the internet and the t.v. It was great.

I didn't miss not watching Countdown but I did read up on some of the things Keith did last week. Apparently he's not going to bitch about BillO anymore? Well, good for him. He finally did something right for a change.

I had been thinking, though, about some of the interviews Keith had given, and one of the things that sticks in my mind is that he had to see a psychiatrist when he was a kid.
Back then, in the 60's and 70's, children very rarely were taken to a therapist. And if they were then they were clearly messed up.
Had I known this fact a long time ago I sure as hell wouldn't have let myself get caught up in his "charm".

I don't take mental illness lightly, but apparently, Keith does. It's one thing to be self depracating but it's another thing to be so to the point where you don't think you need to better yourself.
I've been putting some of the things he has said about his childhood together and the only conclusion I can come up with is that he is a sociopath.

He said that he had gotten beat up a lot by girls when he was a kid. I seriously doubt it was because of his height or weight. I suspect he couldn't keep his mouth shut and pissed a lot of them off. Girls just didn't beat up boys back then without good reason.
I read somewhere that he was more or less the class clown. By observation only people like that don't turn out well. I knew several guys in school that were class clowns and things didn't go well for them at all. One guy had been married numerous times and can't keep down a job. Another one turned out to be a total jerk and nobody wants to be around him.
If you put those two factors together and throw in the way Keith is you can clearly see that Keith's personality keeps him from being a decent person.

A relative of mine told me that she thinks that if Keith hadn't gone into broadcasting he would've been a serial killer. Well, I don't think he would've gone that far but I do believe he would've been a criminal.

Though I had mentioned this before a long time ago I truly believe it even more now. Keith is a sociopath and was probably born that way. There is nothing that anybody can do to make him a better person. He will never change.
He could see the world's greatest psychiatrist and it would still do him no good. Why? Because he's comfortable being what he is. He's been this way all his life and he's not about to go beyond what he knows.

Obviously, I am not a psychiatrist. All of this is based solely on what he has said, how he has treated others and how he, now, seems to think that he's the greatest person on this planet.

I can't feel sorry for him because I believe he knows exactly what he's doing. He just doesn't care.

I put the profile of a sociopath on the sidebar for all to read. I was astonished at how much this describes Keith.