Sunday, December 27, 2009


I've been away for quite a while. I had a lot of work to do and I just bought a new house. Moving and working has taken up a great deal of my time.

Now that things are starting to settle down a bit I will be able to get on here more often. I may even start watching Countdown again. Hopefully, it won't make me sick. ;-/

Be back soon.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Marinara's Astrological Charts 20

Neptune in Sagittarius

If well aspected, (It is, Neptune sextiles Mercury and Pluto, trines the midheaven) it adds reverence, reason, determination and ambition to the nature. It gives a love for traveling and much of it. It denotes farsightedness, dreams, visions, inspiration and mystical experiences. Prophetic insight with regard to business, art, science, religion, foreign affairs, literature and psychic research.

The End

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Marinara's Astrological Charts 19

Uranus in Sagittarius

Uranus in this sign brings about new concepts in religion, philosophy and education. Natives of this position of Uranus can pioneer new religious and educational forms. They have a strong desire to incorporate into religion the principles of science and the occult, such as reincarnation, astrology and mental telepathy.

If Uranus is afflicted, there can be dogmatic adherence to eccentric religions and social philosophies, or a desire to negate all religious concepts, producing skeptics and agnostics. (Uranus is conjunct Jupiter, and this appears to have produced a skeptic/agnostic. Keith wouldn’t hook up with a religious nut.)

Uranus in Sagittarius gives natives a great deal of curiosity about foreign cultures. They will travel suddenly, taking long journeys out of the spirit of adventure. They will have many unique experiences in foreign countries, or with foreigners, and they tend to adopt foreign religions and philosophies. (No idea if she’s traveled abroad.)

This location of Uranus increases the imagination and inventiveness; it favors dreams, visions, intuition, premonition and traveling. The native loves science in general and takes an interest in all passing events of a scientific nature, especially inventions connected with locomotion and all means of travel.

Uranus here assists other influences that may be present in the chart to develop the higher side of the mind in almost any line where wide cultivation and higher education or understanding give scope. The native is progressive, daring, adventuresome, generous and extremely fond of liberty of action and speech; (Better not to take Keith’s advice on reporting or delivery, but follow her own instincts.) enthusiastic in beliefs and undertakings which are not always orthodox or altogether free from risk or danger.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Marinara's Astrological Charts 18

Saturn in Scorpio

Saturn in Scorpio indicates responsibility in financial affairs, such as corporate resources, partner's finances, taxes, inheritances, insurance, and matters concerning the property of others. (Further up the page, you’ll recall that her chart indicated just the opposite; wasteful and irresponsible with other peoples’ money. This is a common aspect of nearly every chart, where one set of aspects is in direct contradiction to another set. This should only be taken as one acting in mitigation of the other. A more detailed analysis than I can provide would be needed to determine which is the stronger.)

Business activity is likely to deal with corporate financing, insurance and tax accounting. If Saturn is afflicted, there can be conflict over inheritances, taxes, and joint finances, which often incurs legal battles and losses through litigation. (Saturn is conjunct the Sun and Mercury, which are considered neutral.)

The natives are usually perfectionists in their work. They are always trying to improve the structure of the status quo. If this tendency is carried too far, they can earn a reputation as hard taskmasters. Having little patience with attitudes that reflect laziness or unwillingness to work, they are sensitive to lack of diligence in others as well as in themselves. They exert much energy and willpower on practical accomplishments. These people accept responsibilities with a serious emotional intensity that often burdens them; they must learn to deal calmly and efficiently with them as they arise. Thoroughness, persistence, and determination are the rule with Saturn in Scorpio, giving a drive for success that is equaled by only a few other positions. These people desire authority and will struggle hard to attain their ambitions; whether they use fair means or foul depends on Saturn's aspects. (Saturn has a conjunction with both the Sun and Mercury, which is considered neutral, but squares the Ascendant. That’s an “affliction”.) Natives are capable of harboring deep resentment when they feel they have been dealt with unjustly. They can also have an almost fanatic adherence to principle. If Saturn is afflicted, (it is, with a square to the Ascendant) there can be a tendency to scheme and plot. A desire for revenge and an inability to forget past emotional injuries may also be present. In health matters, there can be problems with constipation or calcification.

Sudden resolutions, violent temper, passionate, self willed, acquisitive, jealous, independent, resourceful and cautious; shrewd mind rather than profoundly intellectual. Sorrow through love affairs, secret alliances, intrigues or domestic difficulties (Hello, Keith). Psychic ability and fondness for occult investigations, chemistry or geology. Success through persistence and cleverness after many difficulties, obstacles and trials, especially if necessary attention is given to development along the higher lines.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Marinara's Astrological Charts 17

Jupiter in Sagittarius cont.

Jupiter in Sagittarius gives an interest in foreign cultures, religions, races, and social systems, often expressed both through study and through long trips to foreign countries--especially if the natives can afford it. There is also a deep interest in the social and philosophic ideas that have shaped history. This breadth of understanding produces a farsighted outlook on life and an often prophetic insight into the future. If Jupiter is afflicted, (It is, heavily, squaring Venus and Mars) these people can have narrow-minded views to which they expect all to conform; they regard those who do not as unworthy of approval. A common accompaniment is a self-righteous attitude of the type that has promulgated religious wars throughout history. Personal egotism disguised as religious, national, social, or racial chauvinism is often the motivation behind such an attitude. If Jupiter in Sagittarius is not balanced by sufficient mental development and faculties of impartial discrimination, as would be indicted by a well aspected Mercury, Saturn, and Uranus, (Well aspected: Mecury sextile Neptune, Saturn and Uranus are not, as well as other Mercury aspects) there is danger of superstitious adherence to dogmatic religious beliefs. These beliefs are instilled in early childhood, and are used as an unconscious defense mechanism against the frightening aspects of the unknown, confrontation with which could upset the psychological security of a neatly packaged doctrine. The tendency to get enmeshed in a system applies equally to radicals and conservatives with this Jupiter position.

The native is endowed with a courteous, affable, tolerant, humorous, kind, generous, sympathetic, loyal and noble nature. The mind is broad, just, liberal, merciful, compassionate, humanitarian, sincere, prophetic and philosophical. Jupiter in Sagittarius tends to good fortune and general success.

The native is usually successful in his enterprises, often receives honors and is a leader among his associates. It is favorable for matters connected with sports, horses, shipping, literature and learned, scientific, philosophic or religious bodies (and not, apparently, the communications arts.) If other testimonies in the chart concur, it tends to gain through speculation (investing), marriage (Keith), legacy (inheritance—btw I’ve heard her dad is a heart attack waiting to happen) and voyages (a job overseas?) If afflicted, troublesome social affairs, difficulty through sports (baseball?) and loss by speculation or gambling. (I’d like to speculate here, in that she may see Keith as an investment, and is gambling on gaining status and money through him. And jobs.)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Marinara's Astrological Charts 16

Jupiter in Sagittarius

This indicates a love of philosophy, religion, education, travel, and foreign cultures. Intense involvement in matters concerning the codification of social thought may lead people with this position to embrace some philosophy or system of thought by which to regulate their lives. Traditionally, this means some form of religious belief; but Sagittarian, intellectual types may take up Freudian psychoanalysis, Marxian dialectics, or bohemianism. Jupiter in Sagittarius merely shows the need for a system for governing one's conduct and way of life; the form that system takes depends on the overall tenor of the chart and the social milieu of the individual, which he may be either accepting or reacting against. The desire to make personal conduct conform to an impartial set of moral principles brings these natives the respect and admiration of many, including their enemies. These people tend to have far-reaching metaphysical thoughts. They wish to know about the nature of man's consciousness, how he can successfully adjust to society, the purpose of the individual in the universe, and what is the ultimate creative force behind physical manifestation and the evolutionary process. This questioning leads in most cases, to religious belief and an acknowledgment of a Supreme Being. Once a particular set of religious or philosophic values is adopted, satisfaction is gained from efforts to convert friends and associates to a similar way of thinking; acceptance of a system of belief confers the security to operate in a larger social context. However, these people are deep thinkers and will formulate their standards within the context of the ethical system to which they subscribe, or which has been a part of their family upbringing.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Marinara's Astrological Charts 15

Mars in Virgo

Mars in the sign Virgo gives energy and skill wherever work is concerned. As with Mars in the other earth signs, many skilled craftsmen, such as precision machinists, have Mars in this sign. Mars rules operations and sharp instruments, and Virgo is a sign dealing with health, indicating skill also in medical work; surgeons often have Mars placed here. People with this Mars position plan their actions carefully and execute them systematically. They are unlikely to take action without good practical reasons. Unlike Mars in Leo, who likes to dominate in large matters, Mars in Virgo wants to be the authority in exact details. There is a strong perfectionist tendency with this position, which can stand in the way of getting anything done at all (that’s why Keith has to assist her in getting a job.)

These people are fussy and highly critical, especially when detailed methodology and precision are concerned. They insist on a well organized working environment. If Mars is afflicted, (It is, Mars squares Jupiter, not a good aspect) there can be disagreements with co-workers, employees, and employers, sometimes so pronounced as to hinder job security. (Sounds just like Keith! He has found himself a true soulmate to commiserate with).

There can also be danger of accidents through employment. (Depends if her tornado hunting job is over or not). An afflicted Mars (it is afflicted by a square to Jupiter) can also cause a nervous and irritable temperament.Mars in Virgo makes the native quite original and interested in bold and scientific enterprises in which he is usually successful, yet he has many struggles of a peculiar nature as this location of Mars puts difficulties in the way of ambitions and desires for power and fame, helping to bring reversal, downfall, obstacles and continual annoyance or opposition. (The only opposition we can assume thus far, would be any who resent her for getting a job because of Keith, and any whom she has mistreated in her dealings with them.)

It favors profit through trading in common things and general business enterprises. The native is a good worker in employ but usually follows his own will quietly, being mentally very active, quick-witted, shrewd and somewhat acquisitive; tactful and discriminative; possesses reserve force and energy. Mars in Virgo adapts one for science and is somewhat related to medicine, surgery, chemistry, pharmacy, hygiene, healing and food products. It gives power to resist disease by study of hygiene and care in diet but the nervous system and bowels are likely to suffer from complaints brought on or aggravated by Mars. There are also apt to be numerous ties, unions with inferiors, death of friends and helpers or parting from them through quarrels or misunderstanding. (Such as when she left her boyfriend and her previous life behind in LA to be with Keith. And the same thing may yet occur between Keith and her).

If Mars is afflicted in the horoscope, it will, at times, make one quite irritable, hasty, proud, obstinate, reserved, secretive and revengeful. Suffers from loss of friends, servants, subordinates, co-workers and false associations. Liability to accidents and sickness from overwork and trouble through labor difficulties and strikes. (Katy’s Mars is afflicted, unfortunately, with a square to Jupiter.)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Marinara's Astrological Charts 14

Venus in Virgo

Venus in the sign Virgo is in its fall, (that is, detrimental) since Virgo is opposite the sign Pisces, in which Venus is exalted. People with this position tend to overanalyze emotions and be too critical of those they love, making others feel self-conscious and inhibited and cutting off the spontaneous flow of affection. (This could be another reason Keith doesn’t spend that much time with her.)

This analytic trait can stand in the way of a direct intuitive response to beauty. These people try to understand the beauty of a rose, for example, by dissecting it petal by petal, not realizing that the rose is beautiful because of the totality of its parts. (Instead of dissecting Keith and all his faults, she should accept him as he is.)

People with Venus in Virgo frequently seek partners with whom they can share their work and intellectual interests. (So far, so good.) But this Venus position is likely to produce more unmarried people than any other Venus sign position, because of the natives’ high critical standards for what they want in a mate. (She may accept him as a companion, but not a mate, because she knows Keith has some undesirable qualities that she cannot change).

When they do marry, it is often through connections with work. Unless Venus is heavily afflicted, (it is) there are congenial relationships with co-workers in general. The place of work is often made artistically pleasing by a personal contribution to the working environment. (Katy hasn’t stayed anywhere long enough to make such a contribution.)

These people are extremely fastidious about manners, personal appearance and hygiene; they are repelled by uncouthness in any form. They have an innate sense of the beauty of order and cleanliness and hence make good cooks (lucky for Keith!) and dieticians (and boy, does he need a diet). They can have ability in clothes design and dressmaking; fashion designers often have Venus in this position. In art, they can have good technical ability but may lack inspiration and flow. (Probably better as a producer, editor or graphics design, than a reporter.)

The extreme social propriety of these people is often a cover-up for shyness and feelings of social and sexual inferiority. Their cold exterior, especially on the part of women with this position, often stands in the way of the development of romantic relationships. A feeling of loneliness and frustration may result. In this event, there is likely to be a retreat into work and intellectual pursuits and the lavishing of affection on some animal. Such confinement can in turn prevent the formation of social contacts that would help these people out of their shells.

However, if Venus is well placed by house and well aspected, the difficulties can be overcome or greatly modified. Because Virgo is an earth sign, Venus placed here gives attraction to material comforts and personal possessions of quality and beauty, which, the natives feel confer status. (She has goldigging tendencies, offset by some good traits).

Often they work hard to acquire such things, sometimes using possessions and status as substitutes for personal affection. (She accepts expensive gifts from Keith in place of actual affection? I would say it’s vice-versa according to her chart, but she doesn’t have possessions, status or money to give Keith to substitute for her affections, but she does have herself to give. And I mean that in the kindest way possible.)

People with Venus in Virgo are capable of sympathy and are helpful to the sick. Their ability for nurturing makes them good doctors and nurses. They can also deal with psychological problems stemming from social maladjustment, (that’s Keith) for Venus in this Mercury-ruled sign is able to combine reason with the emotions and investigate these matters in a methodical, analytic way.

Curiously, if Venus in Virgo is afflicted by Mars, Uranus, Neptune or Pluto, (there is a conjunction between Mars and Venus, but this is not necessarily malefic) there can be an overreaction against shyness and social propriety, producing loose living, promiscuity, and bohemianism. (I don't believe Keith would ask such a person to live with him.) This stems from a deep fear that only thus can the natives find love and sexual fulfillment; they feel the need to make sexual conquests in order to prove their desirability. (If Katy does not cheat on Keith, then she may consider him to be her last conquest for a while. Whether or not he is merely her latest remains to be seen.)

In these cases, the unconscious Pisces polarity takes over. These reactionary types can become crude and slovenly in their personal appearance and mannerisms. (It’s possible that she occasionally gravitates towards these behaviors, but I caution, the only evidence of that are some pictures of her dancing at some college party, and attending a party or club in New York, without Keith).

Monday, September 28, 2009

Marinara's Astrological Charts 13

Mercury in Libra

This indicates a mind that is primarily concerned with human relations and psychology. The natives have an intense curiosity about the thinking and behavior patterns of others; (I can see her observing Keith as an object of study, an intellectual pursuit.) they gravitate, therefore, to fields such as psychology, astrology, public relations, sociology, and law. Good communication and happiness in relationships are essential to them. They prefer to work in mental partnership with others, and they are usually easy to communicate with because of their interest in what others think. Their strong sense of justice generally makes them honest in their communication. The Venus rulership of Libra seeks harmony, and Saturn's exaltation in Libra seeks justice, making the Mercury Libra honest and balanced in all mental dealings. These people like to consider all sides of an issue before making a decision, but if this desire is used in the wrong way, it can lead to indecisiveness, and the opportunity to act is lost. When decisions are reached, however, they are generally just and well considered. If other factors in the horoscope are favorable, this Mercury position is good for the legal professions, counseling, arbitration, and other public relations work, such as sales and negotiating. (Her Mercury is in good aspect to Neptune, and neutral aspects to the Sun, Saturn and Pluto.)

People with this Mercury position seek association with those who possess refined minds, good manners, and honest reputations. (So, maybe that’s what she thought she was getting with Keith). Uncouth manners and unfair motivations are distasteful and are avoided whenever possible. These people are highly sensitive to the odors, personal appearance, and mannerisms of others. (Then it’s fortunate for her that Keith is so fastidious in his appearance. Wouldn’t know about his odors, though.) They regard inappropriate dress and coarse speech as social affronts. Gentle and considerate in communication, they can be stern where principles are involved. They make the mistake of expecting the same degree of mental discipline from others that they require of themselves. Because of Saturn's exaltation in Libra, the mind can be stern and hardworking. In highly developed types, this quality leads to profundity, but superficial people with this Mercury position may appear to lack the firmness of their convictions because they tend to agree with their companions in order to gain popularity and acceptance.

A refined, good and broad mind; quiet, just, tender, dispassionate disposition; fond of comparison, capable of judgment and reason. Taste for mental pursuits, often musical, splendid natural abilities, aptitude for delicate mathematical work or invention. Very favorable location for all intellectual development. Good for club, fraternal or social welfare work.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Marinara's Astrological Charts 12

Saturn square Ascendant

This square indicates a condition in which the natives’ ability to relate to others with warmth and friendliness is blocked. They can have sour dispositions, and if so, are likely to be cut off from social interaction. Often people find them cold and unresponsive; they will probably have few close friends. They are likely as well to have difficulties in marriage or in finding suitable marriage partners. (Realistically, Keith is not a suitable marriage partner. So she’d better keep him as a friend, because it sounds like she could use one.)

Marinara's Astrological Charts 11

Jupiter conjunct Uranus

This aspect creates unusual opportunities and breakthroughs in expansion and growth for the natives. Such advantages come through the introduction of new methods and from unexpected sources, very often from friends. (Like Keith.)

The natives are likely to travel suddenly (such as for a job with The Weather Channel.) They are given opportunities for training and education that open new possibilities for business and profit, frequently in scientific fields. (The study of tornadoes, hah hah.)

Many of the natives are interested in new, progressive, and occult forms of religion such as New Thought, "power of positive thinking," yoga, (Keith said he was doing yoga) or astrology.

They do not follow ordinary business procedures, educational endeavors or religious beliefs, but think and act for themselves with originality and ingenuity. This conjunction makes the natives generous toward their friends. They encourage other people who are also interested in doing worthwhile, unusual things. In politics they tend to be reformers and advocates of new political philosophies. They are generally in opposition to the established way of doing things.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Marinara's Astrological Charts 10

Mars square Jupiter

This can be one of the most destructive aspects because the natives are likely to use collective power and even social sanction for self-aggrandizement and gratification of the passions. (This also sounds like Keith.)

This square is likely to occur in the horoscope of people who glorify war. These natives are also inclined to fight holy crusades to gain social approval of their violent tendencies. Munitions manufacturers may have this aspect in their horoscopes since they seek to gain financially through destruction and violence. Much waste and misuse of resources accompany this aspect, mostly with other people's money. (Uh oh, look out, Keith!)

The natives also are inclined to fanatical religious and social beliefs. At times they get involved in controversial social and political issues. Extremism and lavishness will affect the signs and houses which Mars (in Virgo, Mars ruled by Aries) and Jupiter (in Sagittarius, Jupiter ruled by Sagittarius) rule and occupy, leading to disaster and ruin if the natives are not careful. (Mars in Virgo generally favors business endeavors, but places obstacles for those who desire power and fame. This is offset somewhat, by Jupiter being in its home of Sagittarius).

There is restlessness and desire for constant activity and stimulation. For this reason, the natives find it hard to relax. (That job with the Weather Channel was just the ticket, then).

These natives are socially outgoing, but not necessarily honorable or reliable in their dealings. There is a strong tendency to hypocrisy: The natives want to whitewash the real motives behind their actions. Sometimes religion is used as a vehicle to further hypocrisy. (I don’t think Katy is any more religious than Keith is (Unitarian?) but, “less than honorable and reliable in their dealings” may be one of the reasons why she was let go from CW11, not just a general suckiness as a reporter).

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Marinara's Astrological Charts 9

Venus square Jupiter

Natives with this square tend toward self- indulgence, idle luxury, laziness and meaningless social niceties. The latter are often used as a camouflage for bad feelings which the natives do not want to admit or openly express--emotional hypocrisy is one of the prime dangers of this aspect. (She tries to hold Keith to emotional standards which she herself does not share.)

This aspect will generally produce overindulgence in the affairs ruled by the signs and houses that these two planets occupy and rule. (Venus is in Virgo, and Jupiter in Sagittarius). Sometimes the natives lose financially or through marriage and partnerships as a result of legal difficulties or secret involvement. (Secret involvement? Could that be one or the other having an affair? Are there legal difficulties to come?)

Women with this aspect may be conceited about their beauty or social status, and they will seek the center of the stage. If combined with other malefic influences, the aspect can cause debauchery and rebellion against moral and religious values. (Jupiter also squares Mars, and Venus squares the North Node, and semi-squares the Ascendant, all "malefic influences", however, this could be a rebellion against her parents’ values, and not against anything that Keith values).

Since the natives are likely to take too much for granted, there can also be waste and lack of appreciation of the true value of things. (Like Keith’s baseball card collection, or the baseball related living room d├ęcor that she wants gone, because it isn’t ‘stylish’.)

Monday, September 7, 2009

Marinara's Astrological Charts 8

Venus conjunct Mars

Although this aspect is considered one of the primary aspects concerned with sex, the natives incline toward passionate involvements of all types. Natives should have some outlet for their powerful creative energies. (Keith certainly picked himself the right one for the bedroom, didn’t he?)

The desire nature of Mars joined with the attraction principle of Venus must manifest itself in some form of creativity. Whether it is expressed through sex or through social and artistic activities depends on the rest of the horoscope and other aspects made to the conjunction. (There is a square made to both planets by the North Node, as well as a semi-square between Mars and the Ascendant, a more minor aspect. Unless all of this creativity is expressed as a producer/writer/reporter, then there must be some interesting things going on in the bedroom. One wonders why Keith would not make more time for this, and for her).

This conjunction gives vitality to the emotional nature, and the natives have an intense love of life and emotional warmth. The result can be excessive aggressiveness if other factors in the horoscope permit, but even their aggressiveness is coupled with a certain charm by the Venusian influence. (Perhaps this is the new way that Keith is “beaten by girls”. I’ve said I thought he secretly enjoyed this).

The love nature of Venus is rendered more physical in nature by this aspect--to what degree will depend on whether Mars or Venus is the stronger, as well as on their sign placement and aspects to other planets. (I’m not sufficiently well-versed in this to say which is stronger. Both planets have an equal number of “bad” aspects.) These people are somewhat impulsive in spending their own and other people's money. They are generous and outgoing but must avoid wasteful and unnecessary spending. (Maybe that’s why she doesn’t have much money, as she said. With the effects of this aspect, one could hardly blame Keith for not letting her get her hands on any of his money).

Monday, August 31, 2009

Marinara's Astrological Charts 7

Mercury conjunct Pluto

This aspect produces penetrating and resourceful minds. The natives have the ability to see through others and to ferret out secrets. They are determined to get to the bottom of what they wish to understand. A strong willpower combines with real genius and resourcefulness. This aspect tends to make the native disinterested, and able to see things as they really are. To her, truth is more important than comfort. (Well, THAT certainly doesn’t sound like Katy, but as I said, she may “season” with age).

There is a special aptitude for understanding reality in terms of energy rather than in terms of material objects; therefore, the native is able to comprehend the forces that can generate fundamental changes in his environment.

Interest in science, especially in atomic physics, is indicated. The aspect also shows that the natives make good investigators and detectives, since much of their mental work is concerned with secret information. (An investigative reporter? I wonder what she has ferreted out about Keith?)

There can be a definite interest in the occult and in working with the superphysical forces of nature, inasmuch as people with this conjunction study and communicate about these forces. When the conjunction is afflicted, (both Mercury and Pluto square the ascendant, a “malefic” aspect.) these natives can be mentally overbearing or even deceitful in order to serve their personal ends. (Now, that sounds like it could be Katy). There is also a tendency to want to remake others' thoughts and mental perceptions.

Marinara's Astrological Charts 6

Mercury sextile Neptune

This sextile gives intuitive insight and a fertile imagination. There is harmony and good communication between the conscious reasoning mind and the unconscious mind. The perceptions are keen and delicate and sometimes are manifested through clairvoyant faculties. Mental telepathy and the ability in general to sense the thoughts and motives of others are often found. This is a good aspect for financial or military strategy, because the native can anticipate the opponent's next move. Photographers and people whose work requires imagination and creative inspiration benefit from this sextile. It also favors creative writers.

Natives may plan and work in secret, carrying out their intentions in such a way as to bypass all interference and opposition. (Plotting and scheming. Not good news for Keith, or her co-workers).

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Marinara's Astrological Charts 5

Mercury conjunct Saturn

Although natives with Mercury conjunct Saturn are not as fluent and expressive as those with the Mercury conjunct Jupiter aspect, they are more exact, painstaking, logical and scientific in their thinking. This conjunction bestows strong mathematical and scientific ability.

Foresightedness and careful planning are among its good qualities. The overall quality of the horoscope and the other aspects found in it will determine how this type of mental ability is used.

Natives are hardworking and thorough in learning and in study. When they write and speak, no steps are omitted. The conjunction produces notable powers of visualization, since the natives understand form and structure. They are, therefore, excellent in geometry and make good designers, draftsmen, architects and engineers. They tend to be mentally ambitious, but they can encounter periodic difficulties in gaining recognition. (This is what she is attempting to do now, gain recognition, but in television. Maybe she would be more suited to a different career entirely).

On the negative side, this conjunction can signify people who are critical, worry too much, and are subject to depressions. Often skeptical and doubting, they are not likely to accept ideas which are not traditional or which they cannot readily assimilate. (If this is her general attitude, Keith wouldn’t have invited her in, if he knew about it. Perhaps now she has revealed herself to be this, and that is the reason for the strain we have detected between them).

Marinara's Astrological Charts 4

Sun conjunct Pluto

Natives having this conjunction express their power potential through their ability to regenerate and change themselves and the things around them by focusing their wills. Since tremendous energy is at their disposal, they can penetrate to prime causes.

Pluto rules the ability to penetrate dimensions and tap the fundamental dynamic energy of the universe responsible for all form manifestation and evolution. In the human organism, this primal energy is manifested as sexual potency, (Keith, where are those kids?) which can be expressed through the mind or through the body. When it is expressed through the mind, higher universal states of consciousness are revealed, and the individual can become an instrument of the Divine Will. Through the mind, the transforming power of Pluto is able to recreate individuals into spiritual beings with universal power for good. (Somehow, I can’t see Katy as a universal power for good, but whatever. Maybe someday she’ll make a contribution to society. It’s probably safe to assume here, that Katy’s primal energy is expressed through the body.)

It is important that these natives learn to bring their wills into harmony with the Divine Will. If they fail to do so, their efforts will backfire and cause their own destruction. (Wake up, Katy!) People with this conjunction can have a power complex and, if allowed to go unchecked, can become dictatorial. They must realize they are not the only power in the universe, that each person's will and power are borrowed from a universal source of energy and must maintain harmony with it. (Not sure Keith would tolerate any “dictatorial-ness” from Katy).

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Marinara's Astrological Charts 3

Sun conjunct SaturnSaturn,

which rules the principle of limitation, inhibits self-expression and ambition. Natives are not free to express themselves until they have completely mastered the sphere of limitation in which they find themselves. (She is limited now, in that everything she has, was got for her by Keith. She’ll have to stand on her own two feet if she is to have any real success that she can claim as her own.)

Anything they achieve is gained through extremely hard work; they earn whatever they gain. (Maybe not a gold digger after all?) Often they are sad and self-deprecating because of the continual frustrations they encounter. (Like being let go from CW11.)

They should take advantage of all available opportunities. (Even if Keith is providing the opportunities.) However, since Saturn also represents the principle of fulfillment, natives can gain a significant degree of power through their organizational ability. They are responsible, serious and reliable. Ultimately, their self-discipline will lead to personal fulfillment.

The native may have had a stricter father than other children. (I’m going to hazard a guess that this could mean that Bob Tur didn’t let his daughter out of his sight until she turned 18 and went off to college. Is taking up with Keith her way of rebelling against that authority, or has she chosen someone like her father? Perhaps both.)

Monday, August 10, 2009

Marinara's Astrological Charts 2

Sun conjunct MercurySun conjunct Mercury confers creativity and the ability to act in all things denoted by Mercury, especially in ideas, work, and friendships. (Communication in all its forms is one of the things denoted by Mercury.)

This aspect shows a tendency to enforce ideas and decisions with willpower. However, it also hinders objectivity in self-analysis by contributing to a very close identification of mind and ego. This makes it difficult for natives to view themselves impartially, or as others see them. (Sounds like she has the same problem as Keith).

These natives are endowed with mental stamina and have a great deal of mental energy. If Mercury is conjunct the Sun within an orb of 1/2 to 4 degrees, Mercury is said to be "combust", creating a condition in which the lines of thought communication are overloaded with solar energy. Then a breakdown of communication and thought processes occurs, which can be compared to the way fine wires in an electronic component are destroyed if they are subjected to an overload of electricity. When this excess energy overheats the mental processes, a more or less momentary mental blind spot results.

(Katy’s conjunction is separated by 4 degrees, with her Mercury at 29 deg. Libra, and her Sun at 2 deg. Scorpio).When Mercury is conjunct the Sun within less than 1/2 a degree or 30 seconds of arc, Mercury is said to be "casimi." This position, while having some of the same difficulties of the "combust," is also a "dignity"; when the alignment of wave patterns is so perfect, the solar energy is modulated by Mercury and becomes a perfect carrier-frequency for the mind. In other words, the will becomes a vehicle for mental expression.

When the conjunction is in Gemini, Virgo, Aquarius or Libra, this confers high powers of intellect. (Katy’s conjunction is in Libra, and Mercury, at 23’ seconds of arc, less than the 30’ seconds for a “combust”. Without a time of birth, this cannot be determined with any accuracy, but she seems to function well enough not to be considered “combust”. But I don’t see a powerful intellect. Perhaps that will develop with age).

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Marinara's Astrological Charts 1


Without a time of birth, I cannot place the signs in the houses, or determine what the rising sign (Ascendant) is. I chose not to include aspects to the moon, as it is a fast moving body, and its effects are only hours in duration. I also did not include Pluto in its sign of Libra, as this, the farthest and slowest moving planet, relates to a generation of people, rather than individuals. With the exception of my own comments, which are in parentheses, all astrological interpretations are from two reputable books on the subject that I have had for many years. Anyone can check these aspects themselves, if they are so inclined.

Scorpio: October 23-November 21
Fixed,Water Key Words: Regeneration, resourcefulness, secrecy
Ruler: Mars and Pluto
In many ways, Scorpio is the most powerful sign of the Zodiac because it is ruled by Mars and Pluto, while Uranus, the planet of sudden release of energy is exalted in it. More than any other sign, Scorpio deals with processes of fundamental transformation on all levels. This transformation can be on a high or low plane, depending on the motivation behind the change. However, as a rule, Scorpios work to improve the status quo.
Scorpios possess power, will, and intense emotional desires. Their life is likely to be a constant struggle to conquer desire through the creative use of the will. Since this sign is strongly related to the desire principle and the sex drive, there is tremendous emotional force behind the Scorpio's romantic involvements.
When out of proper control, this can lead to possessiveness, jealousy, and violence. No sign can be so potent for good or evil as Scorpio. Because Scorpios act with all their power, it is of utmost importance that they set out on the proper course from the start. They never deal with life superficially, and whatever they become involved with is generally of serious consequence. Sometimes their desire to do everything perfectly makes them unable to delegate responsibility, so they overwork themselves, seeking perfection in all details.

Highly developed Scorpios are the most ardent defenders of justice, even in the face of death. Unlike Arians, who are also ruled by Mars and Pluto, they have tremendous staying power because they are in a fixed sign. They will see any matter through to the bitter end, regardless of the required effort and sacrifice. Although these people despise weakness in themselves and do not like to see it in others, they are often generous and compassionate, and will extend themselves in order to help someone else. Scorpios expect, however, that the individual, once helped, will stand independently and continue to help himself.

They are not always diplomatic, since they believe in expressing their ideas and feelings with unfiltered truthfulness. They would rather remain silent than give a watered-down version of their true opinions and emotions.

They have an intense drive to investigate the nature of things and discover the causes behind any outward manifestation. Consequently, they excel in work involving detection, science, research, and occult investigations.
They tend to be highly secretive, and woe be unto those who give away their secrets or incur their wrath. (She'll never spill the beans if he doesn't.) In a battle, they will give no quarter and expect none. If one takes up cudgels with Scorpios, he should be well fortified.

In appearance, they are generally of robust and strong build. They often possess keenly penetrating eyes and a strong aura of personal mystique and magnetism. (I don’t see that through the television, but Keith must see something fascinating there). Their intuition is well developed, as a rule, giving them the ability to penetrate the inner thoughts of others and extract secret information from them. (She must know some really interesting stuff about Keith!)

When spiritually developed, Scorpios derive immense power from their ability to tap the fundamental, creative, regenerative forces of nature. Thus, their accomplishments can sometimes seem almost miraculous. They are not inclined to fear death because they have a mystical understanding of the cyclic nature of manifestation.

In Scorpio, the Sun gives strong characteristics and shrewd, keen judgment. The Scorpio native is critical, suspicious, skeptical but enterprising, reserved, tenacious, determined and secretive. Fond of luxuries but economical and calculating; restless, energetic, fond of travel, especially on water, and admires grandeur in nature. Attends to own affairs in business but in matters of duty may make trouble for others. In speech plain, blunt, sarcastic and forceful; in politics or law, very aggressive. At best, original, scientific, sagacious, daring and creative, capable of much success through bold enterprise. Fine engineers, contractors, surgeons, chemists, detectives and sheriffs are born in this sign. The key phrase for Scorpio is "I desire."

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Getting Out of The Circle

Believe it or not Countdown use to be a very informative news show. Keith was once a good journalist and he would interview a wide variety of people. But somewhere between the public ass kicking from karma and his sudden co-habitation with an extremely young girl he turned into someone very disturbing.
He became excruciatingly bitter towards the world and attacked anybody who didn't agree with him. And this is who he is today.
It's one thing to call out those who have done this country wrong, but it's a whole other dimension when you base your career on those who fail, those you make fail, those you chide for saying stupid things and those who could possibly be you.

Keith no longer pays attention to the big story unless he can say something bad about other commentators, Republicans and anybody who doesn't fit his "idea" of how the news is suppose to be reported.

Of course, it's not just Keith but he's the only one I have read about that spends most, if not all, of his hour on television trying to take down his opposition. This gets old and it tends to make one think that he has nowhere else to go.
His show has become commonplace and predictable. NBC/MSNBC has become one of the coldest manufacturers in the news business. And Keith is their lead manufacturer. Yes, I believe he kisses their asses. This is the only way he could've gotten as far as he is.

I have been watching Countdown and talking about Keith for 6 years. The changes he has made in his life is disturbing and, recently, has made me wonder about his sanity. I'm finding it more and more difficult to sit through one of his shows without rolling my eyes. I just wait for the time that he's bashing someone where he finishes his statement with "nannynannybooboo, stick your head in doodoo".
This is the mentality he is bringing to his show and I can't take much more of it. So I'm going to get out of this circle of hate and unwarranted attacks and go read a book. Maybe I'll come back, maybe I won't. But at the moment, this package has been refused.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It's A Vicious Circle

Keith is obsessed with baseball and pretending to be someone he isn't. I'm obsessed with Keith pretending to be someone he isn't. There are commenters who are obsessed with Keith pretending to be someone he isn't. There are fans obsessed with Keith pretending to be someone he isn't. And there are some commenters who are obsessed with bloggers who are obsessed with Keith pretending to be someone he isn't.
It's a vicious circle. What's the solution to this problem? We should all go get help. Professional help, that is.

You know what's good about this country? Diversity. If we were all the same it would be boring.
And what defines insanity? Apparently, we are all crazy so what difference does it make if we all, including Keith, spout out a bunch of bullshit on a regular basis?
It's good that we can sit at our computers and/or get on television and say stupid things. It's good that we can get involved in things that are fun to us and create friendships with people you don't even know.

No matter how hard I try I will never make Keith a better person. But it's fun trying. And that's what life is all about. I don't need someone's approval, nor do any of my commenters, on what is said or done in their own lives.
What they share is timeless and meaningful in their own little ways. I appreciate those who comment, even the ones that tell me I'm a cunt or chastise other commenters. That's one of the things that makes this worthwhile.

To irritate some and please others is life at its grandest in the internet world. :-)

Sunday, June 14, 2009


I can't for the life of me figure out what I saw in this guy.
Oh, wait, he looked better 6 years ago. And didn't resemble my granddad.
Boy he really let himself go, didn't he? I guess he must figure that since he has himself a little chick that he doesn't need to take care of himself anymore.
He definitely doesn't look 50. More like 60ish.
But, man, you gotta dig those pink pants. LOL.

Monday, June 8, 2009

He Was Born That Way

Took me a much needed vacation last week. Stayed away from the internet and the t.v. It was great.

I didn't miss not watching Countdown but I did read up on some of the things Keith did last week. Apparently he's not going to bitch about BillO anymore? Well, good for him. He finally did something right for a change.

I had been thinking, though, about some of the interviews Keith had given, and one of the things that sticks in my mind is that he had to see a psychiatrist when he was a kid.
Back then, in the 60's and 70's, children very rarely were taken to a therapist. And if they were then they were clearly messed up.
Had I known this fact a long time ago I sure as hell wouldn't have let myself get caught up in his "charm".

I don't take mental illness lightly, but apparently, Keith does. It's one thing to be self depracating but it's another thing to be so to the point where you don't think you need to better yourself.
I've been putting some of the things he has said about his childhood together and the only conclusion I can come up with is that he is a sociopath.

He said that he had gotten beat up a lot by girls when he was a kid. I seriously doubt it was because of his height or weight. I suspect he couldn't keep his mouth shut and pissed a lot of them off. Girls just didn't beat up boys back then without good reason.
I read somewhere that he was more or less the class clown. By observation only people like that don't turn out well. I knew several guys in school that were class clowns and things didn't go well for them at all. One guy had been married numerous times and can't keep down a job. Another one turned out to be a total jerk and nobody wants to be around him.
If you put those two factors together and throw in the way Keith is you can clearly see that Keith's personality keeps him from being a decent person.

A relative of mine told me that she thinks that if Keith hadn't gone into broadcasting he would've been a serial killer. Well, I don't think he would've gone that far but I do believe he would've been a criminal.

Though I had mentioned this before a long time ago I truly believe it even more now. Keith is a sociopath and was probably born that way. There is nothing that anybody can do to make him a better person. He will never change.
He could see the world's greatest psychiatrist and it would still do him no good. Why? Because he's comfortable being what he is. He's been this way all his life and he's not about to go beyond what he knows.

Obviously, I am not a psychiatrist. All of this is based solely on what he has said, how he has treated others and how he, now, seems to think that he's the greatest person on this planet.

I can't feel sorry for him because I believe he knows exactly what he's doing. He just doesn't care.

I put the profile of a sociopath on the sidebar for all to read. I was astonished at how much this describes Keith.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Children Are Running Amok and Terrorists Still Kill

It's pretty obvious that Keith has been regressing for a while now but nothing speaks more to the truth than the stunt they pulled last night.
Countdown was good up to the point where everytime Rush Limbaugh's name was mentioned they put a bobbing Rush in the corner of my screen. That's all fine and dandy if you're 12, and the conversation at the time was about something less important or serious.
I like Jonathan Alter and I like to hear what he has to say, but this gross adolescent display of attempted humor was distracting, and spoke loud and clear that Keith no longer takes his job serious.

The conversation was, in my opinion, a very intense and very serious one. Terrorists kill people. Or has Keith forgotten that? To turn such a wonderful interview into a lame joke was at best childish and at worst disrespectful to his audience and to Jonathan Alter.
It had gotten so bad that I gave up trying to listen to what they were saying and just turned the t.v. off. I couldn't take it anymore.

Keith has done some really stupid things on his show but this one takes the cake. At that moment I actually did believe that he really is Un American. How can he forget 9/11? And how can he make light of the posssibility of another terrorist attack?
He has gotten so far to the point of regression that I'm not even sure he understands the magnitude of what took place last night.
He's so obsessed with belittling the right wing folk that he forgets his place. He forgets the reality of the loss of thousands of lives in order to make a stupid ass joke.

I no longer believe that Keith gives a damn about his show or respects, and/or appreciates, the importance of delivering a professional attitude towards his work.
And I no longer believe that he takes terrorist attacks serious anymore.

If he wants to run amok and pull childish pranks then he should do it on his own time and not when he's having a conversation on national television about terrorism and the blame game.
It was pathetic and disrespectful. And Keith and his staff should be ashamed.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Is It Right or Just Best Interest?

From this day forward I can never look at Keith the same way. I was already starting to see his constant confusion and contradictions, and now with his stupidity towards Rush Limbaugh's rant I've decided that Keith can't see the forest for the trees anymore.

I can't stand Rush Limbaugh but what he was saying was right. MSNBC, and especially Keith, have based their shows on FOX, Rush and O'Reilly, in order to get ratings. It seems that whenever something happens, an event or whatever, it isn't about that particular subject anymore. It's about what Rush, FOX anchors or BillO says about it.
There's no way Keith could ever go a month without mentioning them. I think he's too afraid that he would actually have to do something real for a change.

I'm not saying that those people don't deserve a bashing, but does it have to be all the time? Every day? What Rush was saying was turned completely around by Keith to make himself look like the good guy. Between those two? There is no good guy. Every single one of them are just a bunch of children spitting on each other.

I've said this before, a long time ago, that Keith is the Don Rickles of prime time cable "news". He's not happy unless he's bashing somebody. But then, Keith being the mental case that he is, maybe he does this for his own sake. He bashes these people because he's just like them and in order for him to bash himself he takes it out on others.
So, in a sense, he's bashing himself on a regular basis because his ego won't let him admit that he's just as bad as they are...or worse.

He needs a new therapist because the one he's seeing now isn't working. I suspect this person is telling him to laugh it off instead of facing it head on. Keith's problems will never be solved if this is the case. He will just continue the rest of his life thinking that what he's doing is in his best interest.
Just because something is in your best interest doesn't make it right. And what he's doing is not right.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Does He or Doesn't He?

I had the feeling that Keith really does care what people say about him. I got home just in time to see his rant and thought how strange it was for him to go all ballistic shortly after he states he "doesn't care what people say about him".

I'm not saying he doesn't have the right to get on DKos and tell everybody how he feels. He needs the sympathy. Afterall Katy isn't around to give it to him. Or has she already made it back? Either way, he has that right. But once again, he contradicted himself. Now it may be that he finally had all he could take with all this pushing back that he, of course, is now the victim. Unfortunately, he felt it necessary to talk about it on his show.

Keith made the choice to be a public figure. And he also made the choice to be an instigator, but did he really expect people to just sit back and let him walk all over them?
I've said time and again that if he can dish it out he damn well better take it. I don't believe that people should outright lie about him or make shit up but he's the one who started it and people are finally fighting back.

I would love nothing more than to feel sympathy for him but it's hard to do that when he brings it all on himself. It's not as if he's a innocent bystander who was picked out of a crowd to be persecuted. It had to start somewhere.

He kind of reminds me of my little brother. If he stumps his toe on a chair it's the chairs' fault for being their.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

WTF Moment

I like this new segment on Countdown. Now, I wonder how long it will take before Keith puts himself in it.

Also, wasn't it rather interesting to have that story about the bra that supposedly catches yourself a husband? Keith's choice of words during that was a little bit telling. Of course, we all know that since Keith isn't too quick to put the ring on her finger it's okay because it's him. If it was someone else it wouldn't be okay.

What Keith does is perfect. He can never be wrong. It's never his fault and he's never a part of the "conspiracy". He never starts fights and he never bullies. He has never put himself above anybody else. And he never hurt others to get what he wants.

And he never lies.

You go Keith. You're the world's greatest at everything you do. How could I ever possibly think that you could have been so mean at any point in your life? You're such a sweetheart of a guy.

Seriously, dude, I don't believe you.


Things have finally slowed down at work. Now maybe I can get on here more than once a week. Provided, of course, there's something to talk about.
But then, since Keith has become such a ding dong, and can't get his stories straight, there may be plenty to talk about.

So without further ado. Why do I get the feeling that Keith thinks he's the victim and doesn't feel he's been a part of any of this? He clearly says that Katy got her job on her "talents", which is incredibly laughable, and wants people to think he had nothing to do with it. I don't believe he believes that.
Hmm, I'm thinking, maybe he didn't have anything to do with it at all. Maybe it was those who hold his contract who did it. You know, the ones who forced him to live with that girl so he wouldn't go around having "relationships" with his fans?
But you can't be used without letting someone use you. And Keith is willing to let himself be the brunt of many many jokes and attacks in order to keep his job.
It's amazing what people will do for fame and fortune.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Almost There

I saw this coming a long time ago. I've been mentioning this kind of a situation for a long time and there it almost is. I say almost because she's not quite in the big leagues. Just a few more blow jobs and she should get what she wants.

When guys like Keith try to put a spin on what's obvious to everybody it just makes him look more and more ridiculous.

Olbermann tells TVNewser: "Anybody who suggests so is misinformed, and/or sadly unaware that in this time when the industry is collapsing around us, nobody gets a job based on 'influence,' only talent."

I like Luke Russert but he's not that good. Yet, he got a job, maybe temporarily, at NBC because he was born into NBC. Katy was not. She jumped into its pants. I can just about guarantee you that had she never moved in with Keith she wouldn't be working for NBC in any way shape or form. And Keith knows this. He's just stupid if he thinks people will believe otherwise.

This is what I hate about Keith. I don't hate Keith, personally, I hate what he's doing. One commenter had mentioned something about BillO. If BillO was in this same situation Keith would be pounding him into the ground over it. But yet, for Keith to do it, it's okay and everybody should be happy about it.
Well, Keith, how about explaining all of this to aaaaalllllllll those people who got laid off from the weather channel. Is it that they were making too much money and Katy is cheap? No, this is a pay off.
I'm telling you straight out. I smelled a rat when that girl moved in with him shortly after the karma incident.
There's something going on that isn't being told. And I think that something is Katy was promised a career if she would move in with Keith and make him seem as if he could maintain a relationship with someone so he wouldn't go around screwing with his fans. All speculation, of course, but it reeks of a major wrongdoing.

However, this isn't unheard of, unfortunately. But for Keith to be put in this situation, and to agree to it, makes it difficult to put any kind of faith in his loyalty to his fans.
I've noticed over the past couple or so years that he's been leaning more towards how quickly he can become a star than he is concerned about what he's actually doing.
He's no longer about the people, of course I'm not so sure he ever was but he did seem genuine. Now, it's all a game and if you don't play then you are worthless. But what makes it even worse is the fact that he can make such a lame statement about the economy and Katy's questionable talents and expect us to believe him.
That's truly truly sad.

Keith messed up big time this time. I never believed that relationship was based on love and now it's been proven. It has gotten so far to the point of no return. In other words, he cannot say or do anything that would make me believe otherwise. And I seriously doubt I'm the only one.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

They Should All Resign

Man, this dude is getting worse. I'm wondering if Keith is literally losing his mind. I have never seen him so confused and contradictory as he has been recently. This is not a good thing. We don't need someone who can't remember half the shit he says defending the left. Speaking in his language; he's way out in left field and he can't find his way home.

That being said, what is it with him stating that people should apologize and resign? I agree that the dumbass who thought it would be neat to scare the hell of New Yorkers by flying those planes over the city should resign, but the congresswoman who stuck her foot in her mouth a couple of times doesn't need to resign. If that's the case then they should all resign and Keith can run the country.
Oh but first, Keith should apologize for stealing money from fired co-workers and he should resign from his current job and apologize to all the women he treated like shit. And then he should start telling the truth.

If this country was run the way Keith would like it to run I'd guarantee you that the poor would die and the rich would get everything they could ever want. He can get up there and pretend he cares about that poor fella that got murdered and make it sound good, but deep within his soul he's just as evil as the next rich person.

When I listen to him give his personal opinions about the plights of Americans I just want to punch his fucking lights out. Not once does he stop to think about all the things he's done to others to get where he is. What he's doing is trying to get people to believe that he's a good person and that he really cares.
If he really cared then he wouldn't be crying foul about seasonal baseball tickets when he should be more concerned about the welfare of this country.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. And I'll probably say it more as time goes on. He has no idea what life is about.
He thinks that he's "in touch" with the common folk, when in fact, he has no clue how people live their lives. He thinks that everybody should think like him, act like him, love him and use his name whenever possible.

He's getting worse. And the more he tries to interact with others the more confused and bizarre he becomes. He really needs to stop and think about his life before he continues down a path that doesn't look good for him. He's losing these battles. And eventually he's going to lose the war.

All of this could be hereditary though. If it is then he definitely needs to get some help. And I say that sincerely. They do have medication that can clear up that thinking. There are ways that he can become a better person. But you have to want to be a better person.

Oh Keith, You're Such A Fool

LOL (11+ / 0-)

I'd imagine that aside from candidate diaries, more than 65% of discussion of everything on DailyKos is negative

Nothing benefits a critic better than being criticized.

"If you're going through hell - keep going!" -- Winston Churchill
by Keith Olbermann on Fri May 01, 2009 at 10:19:51 AM PDT
[ Parent ]

I put this comment up here because I thought it was hilarious. Keith stating that "nothing benefits a critic better than being criticized" shows that he does pay attention to what's being said on the blogs and he does respond.
So how could he actually say that he doesn't care what people say about him? I think Keith has become just exactly like BillO in the sense that he has no idea what he says most of the time.
Come on Keith. If you're so damn smart read what you just said again and realize you just made yourself look like a bafoon.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Keith Is Blogdumb

I'm not a big fan of OW but I do like to read it occasionally because they tend to find things that many people miss and/or won't admit.

This particular entry was very interesting. Keith should've known that if he's going to have a somewhat "open" blog site then he should expect backlash and not delete it. He should either moderate the damn thing or just let them speak their minds. Unfortunately, his ego is so incredibly large that he thinks that everybody loves him and wants more of him. And I think it's funny how he thinks that putting pictures of Katy up there makes him cute.
He doesn't understand that this kind of publicity only makes him look more and more stupid.

Personally speaking, I wouldn't care if he put a hundred pictures of himself and Katy up there rubbing elbows with celebrities or acting as if it's a "family" outing. What gets me is his utter lack of humility.
He says that he doesn't care what the blogs say about him? I say, bullshit. If he didn't care then why does he read them and participate in them?
In fact, if I'm correct, he's even told Dan Patrick that he reads it all, including the critics. So, I seriously doubt that he goes away from the computer unscathed or unhurt.

Keith is your obvious attention seeker. People must pay attention to him. People must like him and say good things about him. He thinks that just because the "celebrities" will let him take pictures with them that that automatically means that everybody loves him, and blogging about it makes him look like he's important and special.

This is a guy who has no idea how to live his life. Or how life really works. You can't get on an obvious Democratic site and expect people to believe you when you tell them that you're not biased. And you can't expect to have your own baseball blog and expect everybody to welcome you with open arms when a big chunk of people didn't like you to begin with.

It seems like the older he gets the more confused he gets. He forgets his lies, because he's told so many of them, that at times he contradicts himself. This doesn't go over too well with a lot of people.
Opening up a baseball blog is okay but the extent to which he has taken it is repulsive and just downright egotistical.
It's not cute and it's not humanistic. Keith is an old guy who wants people to think that he has friends of all ages and that living with a child is a good thing.
His blog has become more about him than baseball.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Daddy and His Children

Oh look, he even gave his daughter a lollipop.

Me thinks that Mr. MemyselfandI has been reading my site.
Suddenly they want their picture posted? I will certainly oblige.
Seriously though, does he not look like their father?

The only things I see wrong about this picture is the obvious age differences, the obvious nature of the photo, it's creepy and perverted, and the fact that Keith thinks it's cute. Otherwise, it's not bad.

Funny, how all this time you couldn't find nary a one photo of them together and then Keith gets his own blog and there you go. This is so obvious it reeks. But what's even funnier is that Jason Bateman is in it. And he's the only one who looks the most confident.
Come on Keith, you can do better than that. Let's see the both of you dressed down without the insecurity.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

You can talk a big talk Mr. MemyselfandI, but can you walk the walk? Don't get me wrong, I thought the special comment was great. But those words can apply to you as well.
Let's take these words:

This country has never "moved forward with confidence".without first cleansing itself of its mistaken past.

Sure, this country has its problems and Presidents' don't seem to want to take care of past mistakes before moving forward with a clean conscience, but can you do the same Mister?
It's one thing to make people believe that you really care about the plight of this country, but it's a whole other story trying to convince some that you really mean it.

Cleansing the past. Interesting words. They don't mean squat to you. I can see that you're trying to "go forward" with your life, and that you're trying to make others think that you've changed to the point where you really are sympathetic to our needs, but I have yet to actually witness a cleansing of your past.
Can you say without a doubt that you have apologized to all those people you stepped on, kicked, manipulated and stole from? Did you give back that huge raise after you realized many people got fired or laid off so you could get your money?
I didn't think so.
But you go ahead and you keep talking that talk, even though it's good and well meaning, but keep in mind there are people out there that know you and don't believe you could ever be a good person.
Once you've damaged the souls of others it cannot be undone without action. And your actions are speaking louder than your words.

It is good to say "we won't do it again." It is not, however...enough.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Beggar For Sympathy?

I'm sorry to hear about Keith's loss but I have no sympathy for him. My condolences go out to his family and his family only.
If Keith was a truly caring individual then I would have better words for him, but since he has proven time and again how hateful and unsympathetic he has been towards so many people that has crossed his path, I find it difficult to be kind in his time of grief.

I would love more than anything to wish him better days but, unfortunately, he's the kind of person who will never change despite whatever personal tragedy comes his way. Though I believe he will miss his mother a lot I don't believe he will take this loss as anything more than what it is.
He can get up there and be an advocate for breast cancer research but I would like to see just how far he intends to go with that. Will this be the extent of his public announcement or will he volunteer some of his time to express the true nature of the devastating effects of breast cancer?

Though breast cancer doesn't run in my family I have made it a point to be involved in this research by donating money and some of my time. If it takes a personal tragedy to get this guy to do more for his fellow human being, and he doesn't stop, then I will begin to believe that maybe somewhere inside that cold heart lies a little bit of warmth.
But until that actually starts happening, I will continue to see Keith as a coldhearted bastard.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Something That Bears Repeating

I know I've said this before but I just have to say it again. Whenever Keith is off for a few days or even a week, everything seems so calm on the internet. It's just amazing how much trouble this dude can stir up.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Keith Has No Conscience

I watched Countdown Thursday night and couldn't believe what John Dean had said. I couldn't believe it because what he said described Keith to a tee.
They were discussing the lack of conscience that John Ashcroft has.

Quote: "When they do actions they get so wrapped up in their own self justification, and belief in what they are doing is right, that they just don't see anything about it being wrong."

When he said that I thought of Keith immediately. I can give you a few instances that Keith had, and has, no qualms about and probably didn't, and doesn't, bother his conscience one bit.

One was his so called "relationship" with the young lady from Florida. What I got out of that was he was determined to get that girl in bed, and probably said whatever he had to say to her to get her to go to NY. You can bet there were promises he made to her and, obviously, didn't keep.
I don't care if she had a big fat ugly mole on her ass, the way he treated her was without conscience and absolutely no remorse.
He got what he wanted and she paid for it all. What do you suppose he did right after that? He grabs the first young thing that comes his way to make himself look like he did the right thing, regardless of how wrong it was and still is. I suspect, though, this particular case was a "bought" case. I'll explain more in a minute.

The second thing he did was to demand a new contract with a hefty raise when others in the company he works for were being laid off or fired. And it didn't bother him. It still doesn't bother him but yet he thinks that stating publicly that he makes enough money is going to make things better. What about those who have no job? Those who lost their job because Keith demanded more money...and got it? This doesn't make things right, but to him it's self justification. It's all right with him.

Now that I've learned that he has his own baseball blog this adds to his lack of conscience. Maintaining a blog takes a lot of time, especially if you're talking about something you truly truly love, and Keith loves baseball. He loves it more than he does anything or anybody.
This brings to the forefront another thing that keeps him away from his "live in" girlfriend. I quote those words because it's laughable.
I'm starting to believe that this relationship was a "paid for" relationship. It was too quick and too easy. And the timing is suspicious. There's no way I will ever be convinced that a 25 year old girl enjoys living with a guy who spends 99% of his time with himself. And it doesn't matter if he's old or not. When you're that young you want fun and excitement. You want to go out and play. And, generally, you want your partner to go with you.
You never see photos of those two out together. And I seriously doubt there's a lack of paparazzi in NY. It wouldn't be that difficult to catch them.
Keith can have this relationship without conscience because it means nothing to him, except self justification. He can brag about it because she's too stupid to realize how she's wasting her youth on someone who doesn't give a damn.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Once A Week

Due to an unforeseen rise in business I will only be able to get on here on my days off. Hopefully, in a couple of months things will slow down.
I'm not complaining though. With the economy in such a slump the company I work for has been lucky enough to actually gain clients instead of losing them.
I count my blessings every day that I still have a job.

However, this means that comments won't get published until the following Sundays. I will understand if you decide to not leave any.
Thanks as always for your participation.

The Best Countdown of The Week

Okay, there wasn't one but I will say that Florida looks good on Keith. And he's gotten some new duds. Not bad.

Now to The Worst Person of the week. Whose lame idea was this? This particular part of Countdown always centers around a specific group of people. Raise your hand if you figured BillO would win.

If they want to do a person of the week then they should've gone with The Best Persons. At least this one is more diverse. Or gone with the best Oddball of the week. Anything but the worst persons.

I really think Keith has lost his touch. I don't think he knows where to go with his show. It's stuck in its own little quagmire and doesn't appear to be getting out anytime soon.
But I do wish him luck.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Wow Keith. Really? Ann Coulter? Come On.

Are you so insecure that you have to prove yourself to the likes of Ann Coulter? Everybody already knows that you went to Cornell. You've made that clear numerous times. But what gets me is that you took it as far as showing your diploma. Ann Coulter is a loud mouth idiot who doesn't understand half the shit she's saying. Most of the time what she says makes no sense. At least not to sensible people.
You're letting yourself get sucked into these things. You hit them they're going to hit you back. It's a given. You should be expecting it. But apparently you've become so incredibly immature, which seems to be getting worse, that you feel the need to prove your education to Ann Coulter. Of all people.

Something tells me that you're going senile. Your brain isn't catching up with your age. Maybe your young tart is keeping you stupid.
Come on, Keith, you're a lot smarter than this.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Countdown Without Influence

Sorry about that folks. I decided to watch Countdown for a week without any outside influence, such as the internet. I wanted to watch it with an open mind and see if it really has been bad. I know I've repeatedly stated that Countdown is good and that it's too bad the ratings have dropped, but after watching last week's and the past couple of days, I have to say that Countdown is awful. Just downright awful.

It's a given that when it first comes on you can count on the first guest being either Richard Wolffe or Howard Fineman. The first half of the show isn't that great but not too boring. However, the second half of the show is purely and structurally a FOX hoedown. It makes me wonder if Keith misses FOX so much that he has to continuously talk about them. I'm not sure that FOX talks about themselves as much as Keith talks about them.

I don't know how much longer I can stand this show. If it doesn't start getting better I will stop watching it. Keith use to be good at this stuff. Now he's just a clone of his counterparts.

This is what frustrates me the most. I very rarely watched cable news before the Iraq war but when it started I wanted to watch either CNN or MSNBC. Which, at first, I flipped back and forth. That is until Keith dropped in. I had no idea who this guy was but I found him to be a breath of fresh air. Someone new and exciting. Someone who wasn't like everybody else. As time went on though I started seeing changes in him that wasn't very appealing. And then when he did what he did with that unfortunate fan I realized that he was just like all the rest.

He was bought. Which means that he was more for the ratings and the money than he was for the people. So I find his "caring" a bit hard to swallow. When you allow yourself to become the very people you bash on a regular basis you cannot be taken seriously when you talk about the heart of a person.

Keith has no heart. Nor does he have real feelings. He has no idea what a real person goes through. He has never had to endure the pain and suffering that follows the death of a closely related person. And I'm not so sure he could handle it. He's too immature to understand what real pain means.

So basically, Countdown sucks. Keith can't do this show without acting like he has never done anything wrong and pretends that he really "cares". He is full of shit and he knows it. But the show will never change for the better because Keith thinks that this is what everybody wants, when in reality, it's what he wants and he's not going to admit it.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Keith Is A Sore Loser

One night last week Keith made a snide remark about watching Nancy Grace, which I will never do, but my first thought was, 'hmm, Nancy must be beating him in the ratings. Otherwise, why would he even mention her?'
As it turns out, I was right. She's beating him in the ratings. He has become so incredibly transparent it's almost sad. He gloats big time when his ratings go up and bashes the ones who beat him when they go down.
Can you imagine playing a board game, or any other game, with him? He probably throws a big hissy fit if he loses and rubs it in if he wins. Sounds kind of familiar. Sounds like something children do. Especially children who are use to getting everything they want.

Keith strikes me as the kind of person who will go to any length to get what he wants no matter what it takes or who he hurts in the process. I suspect if someone told him that he can't have something, or he'll never get the kind of something that he wants, he will run you over, knock you down and kick you just to prove you wrong.
It doesn't matter if it's good for him or not just as long as he can say, "See, I told you I could have it."
This is how I view his relationship with Katy. I think, and this is just my opinion, that he had to prove that he could have a relationship with a girl that would last longer than a year or just a few months. That he could get almost the exact kind of girl he wants regardless of how it looks or what people would say.
In other words, he's a sore loser and had to prove a point. Ms. Katy is a subject. A piece of something that is merely a property to present to the public that he's not a loser. But I think it backfired and now he's stuck in a situation that he can't get out of gracefully.

The dude is 50 years old and has gone nowhere with this. The things that he claimed he wanted has yet to come to fruition. He was so eager to get it, and made sure the public knew about it, but then he started dragging his feet. Or is it that his feet are cold?
This relationship is a sham just as his so called "caring" for the common folk is. If he really cared about people in general then he shouldn't care about his ratings and whether or not people are watching Nancy Grace instead of him. And, I think, he would've gotten married by now and had those wonderful children he so eagerly wanted.
Yes, you can say, maybe Katy is the one who doesn't want to get married. If she is then all the power to her. She's smarter than I have given her credit for. But I'll guarantee you that when those two break up it will be her fault because Keith is a sore loser.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Is Keith On A Slow Boat To Burnout City?

I watched one Countdown show last week so I had to travel the internet to see what's been going on. Apparently, Keith had to make some concessions about a misquote and then he gets a demand from a Lt. Gov. to have a debate with him on his show for making her the WPiTW. His response to her was lame at best and rather cowardly. Olbermann responds to TVNewser about McCaughey's challenge: "Like any other paid spokesperson trying to shill a product, she's welcome to buy commercial time on MSNBC (and I'll even make a call to the guys in advertising to see if they can find her a spot during a break in Countdown)."

If this woman is willing to go on Countdown and discuss/debate the issue then why is it so difficult for Keith to do what's right? Is he afraid of being wrong? Or is he just afraid a woman might outdo him?
Whatever his reasoning is behind this lame response he clearly has no intentions of making this issue one that can be discussed in an adult unbiased environment.

But regardless of Keith's shortcomings, and the fact that some of his diehard fans are getting tired of the same old crap he does every single night, I have to give him the benefit of the doubt when it comes to making mistakes.
Countdown isn't the only program on 24/7 cable "news" that makes mistakes. MSNBC isn't the only cable channel that screws up. They all do. But since Keith has such a big mouth and an ego to go with it he is more apt to be put under a microscope than anybody else.
I don't feel sorry for him because this is what he's always wanted. However, he's obviously not man enough to approach some situations with regard to making a wrong a right. Or letting someone he's bashed defend themselves in his oh so wonderful presence.

Keith is a drive by shooter. A coward. And it seems to be getting worse. He's gotten fatter and lazier and doesn't seem to care whether he's right or wrong. So I ask, is he getting burned out? If so, then he needs to change his format and stop talking politics and FOX all the damn time.
It doesn't hurt to have a break from the same old shit.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Keith and Equality?

Equality? Really? Since when? Oh wait, I forgot. Now that Keith has a steady girlfriend he's automatically the spokesperson for love and marriage for anybody. Funny how it use to be that "love stinks" to him. But since he's this big time news guy with a young girl on his arm he qualifies for humanity and should get an award for blubbering about gay rights?
Granted his "special comment" on gay marriage was good...for writing purposes, but his delivery was extremely hard to buy. When someone as ugly and hateful as Keith has been throughout his life one can't take his attempt at remorse too seriously.

Oh don't get me wrong, I'm a firm believer in gay rights and I think that Keith's words were important, but I just don't find his presentation on this matter to be...well...true to form. I think he pretends to be something he is not and people fall for that shit. I don't believe that Keith is capable of changing to such a degree that he deserves an award for it.
But stranger things have happened. So, well, congratulations for an award you faked your way to getting.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sorry About That

It took two weeks to get my internet package, but things turned out for the better. I found another place to live so it gave me time to move. I'm not quite settled in yet but it sure is a lot quieter here than the other place.

Anyway, Keith has been doing really good. Yes, I actually said that. I liked his special comment but I still disagree with the fact that what Bush and his cronies did was not the fault of the people of this country. I didn't vote for the criminal and would've been happy had he not gotten in office to begin with. Keith can say it's our fault till he's blue in the face and I will still disagree.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Offline. But First..

I will be offline for a while. Don't know how long. It could be a week..or less. That depends on how quickly I can get a new online service. This one sucks.

But first I would like to clarify something for those who didn't read my explanation the first time I mentioned why I find Keith and Miss Precious Perfect immoral.
When I was in my late teens and early twenties I found older guys to be exciting and charming. I'm sure most young girls did and still do. And I dated some of them. But there was no way I would have ever dated one of my Dad's friends. Especially if they were his age or older. That's just not a moral thing to do.
I've always found it disgusting and repulsive for any old guy and young girl to think that what they are doing is cute. And that they could possibly be "soulmates".
It's worse for Keith because he gets on national television and bashes others who go down that immoral road when he himself has no room to be talking.

You just can't screw your friends' daughter and not think that there isn't anything wrong with that. If you think that way then you yourself have issues.
You can't screw your Dad's friend and think that there isn't anything wrong with that. If you do then you yourself have issues.
Keith was desperate to save face and Miss Precious Perfect was desperate for a quick and easy life.
If all Keith was doing was helping a friend's daughter with her career that is one thing, but to actually live with her and have sex with her then that is bad moral behavior. He lowered his standards in order to prove to people that he can manage a "relationship" with someone.
And by doing so he can't be trusted with any opinion he may have about anybody elses life and the way they conduct it.
So as long as he continues to think there isn't anything wrong with what he's doing then I will continue to tell you why it is wrong.

If he wants to have sex and/or a relationship with a young tart then so be it. But the least he could've done was gotten someone who wasn't the daughter of a friend. Maybe then his bashing of other's moral behaviors wouldn't be so bad.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sometimes I Just Have To

I may bash Keith and his stupid little Miss Precious Perfect based on personal moral issues, but I will always defend Keith when it comes to taking The Bush to task on what he did to this country.
Keith is not anti-American nor is he a communist. He may be a greedy immature bastard but when it comes to the government committing heinous crimes, and thinking they are above the law, I'm all for anybody who's willing to stick their neck out to make sure these issues don't go away.

It's only normal that the Republicans think that Obama is going to ruin this country. I mean, hell, Democrats felt the same way about Bush and look what happened. The only way it could get worse is if Obama starts a nuclear(that's pronounced nukleeeur, not nukulur) war and I seriously doubt that's going to happen.
Bush has fucked up this country. Something he would never admit to in a million years. But to have Keith get up there every night and point these things out is something we, as a whole, should embrace. Nobody else is willing to do this.
So, yes, sometimes I just have to defend Keith no matter how difficult it may be.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Last Night

Countdown was good again last night. If they keep doing that I'll have to be nice. :-( hehe

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Monday, January 12, 2009

The History Channel

Yes, I saw this listed on the History channel but I didn't watch it. However, I did think it would be rather fitting to change this site to something that would pertain more to the things that Keith does.
It doesn't matter whether you're a religious person or not, these "sins" have more of a moral nature to them than anything else. And Keith isn't even close to having morals, or high standards, for that matter.
So when it comes to talking trash about someone else's stupidity Keith is basically projecting. Is he not? He has no room to be judging the character of his counterparts without adding some of his own indulgences. If he started fessing up to the fact that he's no better than they are then I may start believing him. Only thing is he would have to be sincere about it and not turn it into a joke. Which is something he can't bring himself to do.
But that's Keith. An immoral asshole who thinks he's funny and can do no wrong regardless of what he's done wrong.

Here Is That Exercising Hunk

Hmmm, he still seems to be a bit overweight.
What the hell happened to him? He used to dress really nice. Now he just looks tacky.

That Doesn't Automatically Make You A Good Person

Sarah Palin is a dimwit. When it comes to "class" she has none and it would do her good if she would just shut up. However, Keith putting himself in the category of the likes of Joe Biden and Obama is a stretch even for him.
It's nice that he got to go to college when most of his family couldn't, but it's how you present yourself to the world and your colleagues that makes you worth what you got to do.

As for business, Keith is worth a lot. Not what he's getting now, considering the economy and the fact that people had to be fired in order for him to maintain his marbleized living space, he could have at least showed some sort of remorse or regret for being so fucking ass greedy.

On the other hand, I'm glad that he is working to keep the fires burning underneath the Bush and his cronies. Nobody else will do it. So in that respect, I thank him.

But it still doesn't make him a good person.

His so called interviews with people in forums such as Arts and Leisure, or any magazine, newspaper, etc., reveals only that he knows how to repeat himself and tries to be cute while he's doing it. And it's funny how he comes up with "excuses" or "quotes" that makes it okay to talk about himself. But is there an excuse or quote out there that says something about talking about yourself ALL THE TIME that makes it okay?

Countdown was good tonight despite the fact that we couldn't get through another show without him saying something about himself.

But no matter how hard Keith tries he will never be a good person. Too many times he's proven to be a jerk and a hardass who thinks he's God's gift to the world and every woman who should lay eyes upon him.

Couldn't Pass This Up...Enjoy

In case you missed it on 60 Minutes, this is what Andy Rooney thinks about women over 40

As I grow in age, I value women over 40 most of all. Here are just a few reasons why:
A woman over 40 will never wake you in the middle of the night and ask, 'What are you thinking?' She doesn't care what you think.
If a woman over 40 doesn't want to watch the game, she doesn't sit around whining about it. She does something she wants to do, and it's usually more interesting.
Women over 40 are dignified. They seldom have a screaming match with you at the opera or in the middle of an expensive restaurant. Of course, if you deserve it, they won't hesitate to shoot you if they think they can get away with it.
Older women are generous with praise, often undeserved. They know what it's like to be unappreciated.
Women get psychic as they age. You never have to confess your sins to a woman over 40.
Once you get past a wrinkle or two, a woman over 40 is far sexier than her younger counterpart. Older women are forthright and honest. They'll tell you right off if you are a jerk, if you are acting like one. You don't ever have to wonder where you stand with her.
Yes, we praise women over 40 for a multitude of reasons. Unfortunately, it's not reciprocal. For every stunning, smart, well-coiffed, hot woman over 40, there is a bald, paunchy relic in yellow pants making a fool of himself with some 22-year old waitress.
Ladies, I apologize. For all those men who say, 'Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free? here's an update for you. Nowadays 80% of women are against marriage. Why? Because women realize it's not worth buying an entire pig just to get a little sausage!

Friday, January 9, 2009

More Changes

I will be changing quite a few things in the near future. I've decided to stick around for a while longer. ;-)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

I Think I Know What Keith's Problem Is

Aside from being a backstabber, manipulator, egotistical, arrogant, "Evil" bastard, (and those are his good qualities), he can't get it up because he's too fat.
So says this article:

Hmm, I guess if he doesn't want to lose weight for his health then he should at least do it for hard on reasons.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Greed, Guttony, Pride and "Exercising"?

It appears that Keith's 3 days a week of exercise isn't doing him any good. Now some people could blame it on the holidays but something tells me he lied about that. He truly looks as if he's gotten fatter. Sure, he probably let himself go during those two weeks off, but can he really afford to keep gaining weight?
He knows Miss Precious Perfect will outlive him and I'm sure he knows that any young stud could snatch her right up, so wouldn't it be in his best interest to at least try to be a little healthy?
As slow as it's taking those two wild and crazy maturely handicapped children to get their shit together, one would think that he would work very hard on actually doing some exercises he claimed he was doing.
From what I've seen I would say he hasn't been exercising at all. Either that or he's eaten enough food for three people within the past two weeks of doing next to nothing.
Greed, gluttony and pride will be Keith's downfall.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year to you all. I hope this year brings you lots of joy and pleasant surprises. (Not for Keith though.) And I hope Anderson Cooper wins his challenge to Keith and Chris Matthews. If you don't know what I'm talking about go to KOE's site.

I watched CNN last night to bring in the new year and I must say, Kathy Griffin is NOT funny. I do like Anderson Cooper though. I've watched his show a few times and it's actually pretty good.

Anyway, Happy New Year!