Monday, November 2, 2009

Marinara's Astrological Charts 17

Jupiter in Sagittarius cont.

Jupiter in Sagittarius gives an interest in foreign cultures, religions, races, and social systems, often expressed both through study and through long trips to foreign countries--especially if the natives can afford it. There is also a deep interest in the social and philosophic ideas that have shaped history. This breadth of understanding produces a farsighted outlook on life and an often prophetic insight into the future. If Jupiter is afflicted, (It is, heavily, squaring Venus and Mars) these people can have narrow-minded views to which they expect all to conform; they regard those who do not as unworthy of approval. A common accompaniment is a self-righteous attitude of the type that has promulgated religious wars throughout history. Personal egotism disguised as religious, national, social, or racial chauvinism is often the motivation behind such an attitude. If Jupiter in Sagittarius is not balanced by sufficient mental development and faculties of impartial discrimination, as would be indicted by a well aspected Mercury, Saturn, and Uranus, (Well aspected: Mecury sextile Neptune, Saturn and Uranus are not, as well as other Mercury aspects) there is danger of superstitious adherence to dogmatic religious beliefs. These beliefs are instilled in early childhood, and are used as an unconscious defense mechanism against the frightening aspects of the unknown, confrontation with which could upset the psychological security of a neatly packaged doctrine. The tendency to get enmeshed in a system applies equally to radicals and conservatives with this Jupiter position.

The native is endowed with a courteous, affable, tolerant, humorous, kind, generous, sympathetic, loyal and noble nature. The mind is broad, just, liberal, merciful, compassionate, humanitarian, sincere, prophetic and philosophical. Jupiter in Sagittarius tends to good fortune and general success.

The native is usually successful in his enterprises, often receives honors and is a leader among his associates. It is favorable for matters connected with sports, horses, shipping, literature and learned, scientific, philosophic or religious bodies (and not, apparently, the communications arts.) If other testimonies in the chart concur, it tends to gain through speculation (investing), marriage (Keith), legacy (inheritance—btw I’ve heard her dad is a heart attack waiting to happen) and voyages (a job overseas?) If afflicted, troublesome social affairs, difficulty through sports (baseball?) and loss by speculation or gambling. (I’d like to speculate here, in that she may see Keith as an investment, and is gambling on gaining status and money through him. And jobs.)

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