Monday, January 12, 2009

The History Channel

Yes, I saw this listed on the History channel but I didn't watch it. However, I did think it would be rather fitting to change this site to something that would pertain more to the things that Keith does.
It doesn't matter whether you're a religious person or not, these "sins" have more of a moral nature to them than anything else. And Keith isn't even close to having morals, or high standards, for that matter.
So when it comes to talking trash about someone else's stupidity Keith is basically projecting. Is he not? He has no room to be judging the character of his counterparts without adding some of his own indulgences. If he started fessing up to the fact that he's no better than they are then I may start believing him. Only thing is he would have to be sincere about it and not turn it into a joke. Which is something he can't bring himself to do.
But that's Keith. An immoral asshole who thinks he's funny and can do no wrong regardless of what he's done wrong.

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