Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Last Night

Countdown was good again last night. If they keep doing that I'll have to be nice. :-( hehe


marinara said...

Wednesday nights' show gave us an interesting tidbit. We learned for the first time that Keith has a neice. Already knew about the nephew, Jake, by his sister (forgot her name) and her husband. She's 9 years younger, so if "Eve" is 3, she had the kid at age 37 or 38...that's kinda late to be having kids. Much greater chance of down's syndrome.

Anyway, how would Keith know if they were great kids or not? He doesn't like kids. That doesn't mean he doesn't want his own, but I really don't think he likes them.

flowergirl said...

I wouldn't rule out adoption. But I agree that having children later in life is very risky.

As for Keith wanting children? He may want them but I don't think he would be a very good father. He's too selfish and immature.
And you're right. I don't think he likes them.

marinara said...

To be fair, I used to not like them either, until I had one of my own. A large shift in attitude is always possible.

As for little "Eve", on CSPAN's Q&A with Charles Lamb on March 12th, 2006, Keith said he had a sister, I think he said her name was Jenna, and a 9-year-old nephew, Jake. If Eve is 3-years-old, the kid is either adopted, or Keith didn't know his sister was due to have a kid because he hardly ever talks to her. Can't think of any other reason. Why would Keith not mention Eve at the time of that interview, if she existed then?

marinara said...

I have to make a correction. The event date for that Q&A interview was 2-20-06.