Friday, January 16, 2009

Offline. But First..

I will be offline for a while. Don't know how long. It could be a week..or less. That depends on how quickly I can get a new online service. This one sucks.

But first I would like to clarify something for those who didn't read my explanation the first time I mentioned why I find Keith and Miss Precious Perfect immoral.
When I was in my late teens and early twenties I found older guys to be exciting and charming. I'm sure most young girls did and still do. And I dated some of them. But there was no way I would have ever dated one of my Dad's friends. Especially if they were his age or older. That's just not a moral thing to do.
I've always found it disgusting and repulsive for any old guy and young girl to think that what they are doing is cute. And that they could possibly be "soulmates".
It's worse for Keith because he gets on national television and bashes others who go down that immoral road when he himself has no room to be talking.

You just can't screw your friends' daughter and not think that there isn't anything wrong with that. If you think that way then you yourself have issues.
You can't screw your Dad's friend and think that there isn't anything wrong with that. If you do then you yourself have issues.
Keith was desperate to save face and Miss Precious Perfect was desperate for a quick and easy life.
If all Keith was doing was helping a friend's daughter with her career that is one thing, but to actually live with her and have sex with her then that is bad moral behavior. He lowered his standards in order to prove to people that he can manage a "relationship" with someone.
And by doing so he can't be trusted with any opinion he may have about anybody elses life and the way they conduct it.
So as long as he continues to think there isn't anything wrong with what he's doing then I will continue to tell you why it is wrong.

If he wants to have sex and/or a relationship with a young tart then so be it. But the least he could've done was gotten someone who wasn't the daughter of a friend. Maybe then his bashing of other's moral behaviors wouldn't be so bad.


Anonymous said...

I think there's nothing wrong with a may/december relationship;but when itcomes to a friend child, some one you saw as a baby and teen I think is sick you would have to think at what time does this love developed

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's true love. Maybe not. You don't know what goes on between them two. Only they know.

Speaking as someone who has been hurt by an older guy before, I find that they're not all like that. You can't judge a class of people because of what a few did. That's exactly what racist people do - infer moral characteristics based on physical characteristics.

Maybe Katy loves him. Maybe not. Maybe he loves her. Maybe not. We don't know. The point is, that's their personal life.

I'm only a few years older than Katy, but I find Mr. Olbermann quite lovable. And I don't give a rat's ass about his money either. Not all young women who date older men are in it for that. Sometimes it really is because you appreciate who the other person is.

flowergirl said...

I appreciate your opinion and believe that you have a good head on your shoulders.

I don't believe that all men are bad, but I just can't agree with the "older guy younger girl" thing. In my opinion it just isn't right. And for this situation it's even worse because she's the daughter of a friend.

As for Keith's personal life being his own, I will respect that if he would stop talking about it.
As long as he continues to bring his personal life to the public then he is open for scrutiny of any kind. And so is she.
This goes with anybody, especially those who are in the public eye.
You can't talk about your personal life and tell everybody they aren't allowed to respond. It doesn't work that way.
Keith has been very open with the things he's been doing so he should expect feedback.
If he can't handle it then he needs to shut up.