Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Greed, Guttony, Pride and "Exercising"?

It appears that Keith's 3 days a week of exercise isn't doing him any good. Now some people could blame it on the holidays but something tells me he lied about that. He truly looks as if he's gotten fatter. Sure, he probably let himself go during those two weeks off, but can he really afford to keep gaining weight?
He knows Miss Precious Perfect will outlive him and I'm sure he knows that any young stud could snatch her right up, so wouldn't it be in his best interest to at least try to be a little healthy?
As slow as it's taking those two wild and crazy maturely handicapped children to get their shit together, one would think that he would work very hard on actually doing some exercises he claimed he was doing.
From what I've seen I would say he hasn't been exercising at all. Either that or he's eaten enough food for three people within the past two weeks of doing next to nothing.
Greed, gluttony and pride will be Keith's downfall.


LK said...

Is anyone actually stupid enough to believe he was telling the truth when he said he worked out 3x a week? Maybe that was something the suits at NBC made him commit to after Russert croaked on them but I'd bet you my 401K he's not actually exercising. He's just telling them he is, the proof is in his appearance and he's still straining the buttons on his ill-fitting suits to their breaking points.

flowergirl said...

Believe it or not there are people out there that believe everything he says.

Wouldn't it be in NBC's best interest to not to try to get Keith to work out?
I'm mean, if he croaks from, oh, say, a heart attack then they would be saving a whole lot of money and possible future headaches.