Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sorry About That

It took two weeks to get my internet package, but things turned out for the better. I found another place to live so it gave me time to move. I'm not quite settled in yet but it sure is a lot quieter here than the other place.

Anyway, Keith has been doing really good. Yes, I actually said that. I liked his special comment but I still disagree with the fact that what Bush and his cronies did was not the fault of the people of this country. I didn't vote for the criminal and would've been happy had he not gotten in office to begin with. Keith can say it's our fault till he's blue in the face and I will still disagree.


marinara said...

Keith is going along with the mainstream media delusion that Bush won the 2004 elections. That's why he keeps saying it's our fault we elected him. We didn't, so it's not.

I wonder if Katy went to Tampa with Keith? She didn't do any reporting for PIX News while he was gone, and still hasn't. Nice of them to let her take vacation like that when she hasn't even been there a year, yet.

Nice to have you back, Flowergirl.

flowergirl said...

Thank you.

Yeah, well, you know, since it's Keith who got her the job in the first place then it's only practical that she would get to go wherever he goes whenever he goes.
But I do think that she was the one holding the camera and asked some question about him being on the field..or something of that nature. I didn't pay that close enough attention when he felt this overwhelming desire to talk about himself so much.

Keith has proven to be nothing but a huge gas bag when it comes to things not related to politics.
Not to mention the fact that he's totally let himself go.
I just can't believe he's gotten so fat.

marinara said...

I was watching for signs of someone else holding the camera. He held it himself part of the time, but when someone else was holding it, I didn't hear anyone else's voice, so I assumed that if she did go with him, she was off shopping at a mall somewhere. I think I saw a post at the Newshole, some woman said she saw him at a mall in Tampa, but didn't mention if he was with someone else or not.

flowergirl said...

Hehe. Keith at a mall? That would be a sight indeed.