Monday, February 23, 2009

Keith Is A Sore Loser

One night last week Keith made a snide remark about watching Nancy Grace, which I will never do, but my first thought was, 'hmm, Nancy must be beating him in the ratings. Otherwise, why would he even mention her?'
As it turns out, I was right. She's beating him in the ratings. He has become so incredibly transparent it's almost sad. He gloats big time when his ratings go up and bashes the ones who beat him when they go down.
Can you imagine playing a board game, or any other game, with him? He probably throws a big hissy fit if he loses and rubs it in if he wins. Sounds kind of familiar. Sounds like something children do. Especially children who are use to getting everything they want.

Keith strikes me as the kind of person who will go to any length to get what he wants no matter what it takes or who he hurts in the process. I suspect if someone told him that he can't have something, or he'll never get the kind of something that he wants, he will run you over, knock you down and kick you just to prove you wrong.
It doesn't matter if it's good for him or not just as long as he can say, "See, I told you I could have it."
This is how I view his relationship with Katy. I think, and this is just my opinion, that he had to prove that he could have a relationship with a girl that would last longer than a year or just a few months. That he could get almost the exact kind of girl he wants regardless of how it looks or what people would say.
In other words, he's a sore loser and had to prove a point. Ms. Katy is a subject. A piece of something that is merely a property to present to the public that he's not a loser. But I think it backfired and now he's stuck in a situation that he can't get out of gracefully.

The dude is 50 years old and has gone nowhere with this. The things that he claimed he wanted has yet to come to fruition. He was so eager to get it, and made sure the public knew about it, but then he started dragging his feet. Or is it that his feet are cold?
This relationship is a sham just as his so called "caring" for the common folk is. If he really cared about people in general then he shouldn't care about his ratings and whether or not people are watching Nancy Grace instead of him. And, I think, he would've gotten married by now and had those wonderful children he so eagerly wanted.
Yes, you can say, maybe Katy is the one who doesn't want to get married. If she is then all the power to her. She's smarter than I have given her credit for. But I'll guarantee you that when those two break up it will be her fault because Keith is a sore loser.


marinara said...

Relationship? We don't know that they have one of those. She just keeps her stuff there.

Hey, FG, I did Katy's astrological chart. You want to post it?

Anonymous said...

I really hope his ratings are not in a free fall, as everyone here has been saying. If so, then I have to wonder why he isn't doing anything about it.

As Marinara mentioned in the last post, he could change things up a bit to create greater interest. For instance he could produce some specials that address five different aspects/factors of a topic (the economy, alternate energy resources, etc) in place of his usual show of five separate topics. It could sorta be like going back to the inspiration of his program, Countdown to the Iraq War or whatever it was called.

He strikes me as an arrogant man, and no one wants to watch someone like that on TV. He better keep an eye on that tendency.

flowergirl said...

Marinara, I'm not big on astrological charts but I will be more than happy to post it.
And your response about Katy gave me a chuckle.

Anon, heavy sigh. I really do wish something would change with that show. I just don't see it happening though.

marinara said...

Boy, you are right, Anon.

FG, I'll send it along if you want, but it is quite large, maybe this isn't the venue for it.

On the other hand, you and others may find it illuminating. I stuck my own comments and opinion in parentheses, and everything else comes from books of accepted astrological interpretations. Professionally written books, IMO. Anyway, astrology is just a sometimes hobby, when I find a subject, or in Katie's case, an ancillary to the subject that would be interesting to flesh out in this way.

I'll send it, you decide.

flowergirl said...

Okay, go ahead and send it and I'll check it out.