Thursday, March 5, 2009

Countdown Without Influence

Sorry about that folks. I decided to watch Countdown for a week without any outside influence, such as the internet. I wanted to watch it with an open mind and see if it really has been bad. I know I've repeatedly stated that Countdown is good and that it's too bad the ratings have dropped, but after watching last week's and the past couple of days, I have to say that Countdown is awful. Just downright awful.

It's a given that when it first comes on you can count on the first guest being either Richard Wolffe or Howard Fineman. The first half of the show isn't that great but not too boring. However, the second half of the show is purely and structurally a FOX hoedown. It makes me wonder if Keith misses FOX so much that he has to continuously talk about them. I'm not sure that FOX talks about themselves as much as Keith talks about them.

I don't know how much longer I can stand this show. If it doesn't start getting better I will stop watching it. Keith use to be good at this stuff. Now he's just a clone of his counterparts.

This is what frustrates me the most. I very rarely watched cable news before the Iraq war but when it started I wanted to watch either CNN or MSNBC. Which, at first, I flipped back and forth. That is until Keith dropped in. I had no idea who this guy was but I found him to be a breath of fresh air. Someone new and exciting. Someone who wasn't like everybody else. As time went on though I started seeing changes in him that wasn't very appealing. And then when he did what he did with that unfortunate fan I realized that he was just like all the rest.

He was bought. Which means that he was more for the ratings and the money than he was for the people. So I find his "caring" a bit hard to swallow. When you allow yourself to become the very people you bash on a regular basis you cannot be taken seriously when you talk about the heart of a person.

Keith has no heart. Nor does he have real feelings. He has no idea what a real person goes through. He has never had to endure the pain and suffering that follows the death of a closely related person. And I'm not so sure he could handle it. He's too immature to understand what real pain means.

So basically, Countdown sucks. Keith can't do this show without acting like he has never done anything wrong and pretends that he really "cares". He is full of shit and he knows it. But the show will never change for the better because Keith thinks that this is what everybody wants, when in reality, it's what he wants and he's not going to admit it.


marinara said...

I'm getting tired of the same old guests, too. I miss Dana Milbank! God, I loved him. He was funny.

I think that using Margaret Carlson for his #1 segment shows some degree of desperation. She's not that funny, but some of the comedians he's had on aren't as funny as her. Better safe than to look stupid. I'd like to see what Keith would do with Tommy Chong as the #1 guest.

He posted at the Daily Kos a couple of days ago. Just to remind everyone that he is still lurking, and hadn't abandoned them.
He says Limbaugh is the reason he hasn't been around. Hah! I don't believe that for a minute. It's because he knows his fan base has shrunk considerably, and if he posts a diary there, it will become obvious in the number of comments and rec's compared to pre-election numbers. Then, he will of course attribute that to electing a Democratic president...people no longer need to be so hyper-vigilant, keeping tabs on the evil opposition, so what do they need Keith for? That's his problem. People just don't need him any more. Rachel is getting lots more attention than he is. I'll bet he hates that.

Then there's this diary at D/Kos, where Keith wisely made no comment. Until the next night, on his show, that is, without attributing it to DK.

Coulter really struck a nerve. He went on and on about it. He couldn't resist showing us his diploma. I was not aware of this information, but thanks to the DK blogger, thousands of people know. I'll bet he hates that, too.

Judging from the ratio of comments (155) to rec's (8), I'd say the DK'ers didn't appreciate having this revealed, either, though no one was unkind to the diarist. One guy got an HR just for saying that Olbermann was full of crap! The Digg submission got ten times the response.

flowergirl said...

Tommy Chong? hehe. Now that would be funny.

I'll have to check out that DKos stuff. I didn't watch Countdown Wed, Thurs or Fri. so this should be interesting.
He showed his diploma huh? LOL. Keith is very insecure. Insecure people have to prove themselves continuously.

Anonymous said...

Daily kos still loves him. If he shows up there they wet themselves they get so excited. His ratings may be dropping but his fan base remains at those kind of websites.

Anonymous said...

I think Wanda Sykes should have been the #1 story. She is really funny! I miss Dana Milbank as well....

I think Olbermann can remain a watchdog even with a Democratic president because the truth of the matter is that any political group that is in power is capable of passing unsavory legislation and such. Unfortunately even liberals and Dems can screw things up! I really hate to say that though...

flowergirl said...

You're absolutely right. Though I voted for Obama I don't think he's a saint by any stretch of the imagination.
We need Countdown for the sole purpose of being a voice for the Democrats. But I do hope that Keith will hold them accountable for any misdeeds.