Sunday, March 15, 2009

Once A Week

Due to an unforeseen rise in business I will only be able to get on here on my days off. Hopefully, in a couple of months things will slow down.
I'm not complaining though. With the economy in such a slump the company I work for has been lucky enough to actually gain clients instead of losing them.
I count my blessings every day that I still have a job.

However, this means that comments won't get published until the following Sundays. I will understand if you decide to not leave any.
Thanks as always for your participation.


marinara said...

Well, after getting slapped around on Friday the 13th at the Daily Kos, Keith still made no mention at all of the Stewart/Cramer thing on Monday, but it's probably wise that he didn't. It had already dropped from the news cycle, and he would have looked like an idiot bringing it up at that late date. Plus, everyone at D/Kos who was aware of the dust up on that thread would think he was an even bigger pussy than they had originally thought if he'd gone and did what they wanted after they all browbeat him like that.

He's supposed to be on Maher this Friday, the 20th. I wonder if he'll cancel, or if he doesn't chicken out and cancel, will Maher ask him about it?

Anyway, on Tuesday's show, he had Markos Moulitsas on, just to show us that he's still in good with the head honcho, and good ol' Markos isn't upset with him at all.

flowergirl said...

I saw him on Bill Maher's show. Thought he was pretty good. Although I did find his statement about him having enough money a bit on the bogus side.
You can bet that when contract time comes up he'll ask for more.

marinara said...

GE is on the rocks, I hear. He'll have to be doing pretty well, along with the network, if he thinks he's going to get more $$$.

He was good on Maher, but he just doesn't get it that people do not want to hear him bragging about money, especially now.

Anonymous said...

of course he'll ask for more. So he can then brag about it. Duh.

marinara said...

Katy just did a story about a pole dancing competition in NYC. Katy says, "The sport has a long way to go to shake that provocative image, at least with those of us who didn't really mature past age 12". WTF??

She was talking about herself, of course. All the women at the dance studio learning to pole dance before the competition were much older than her.

Then, one of the participants postulated that if poles had always been in strip clubs, people would think it was the most innocent thing in the world, to which Ms. Genius replied, "Well, it's a little phallic". And the other lady says, "I guess if you want to think that way, but a lot of things are phallic, it depends, I guess, where your mind is".

Yeah, Katy, where is your mind? And where the hell has she been, anyway? I went through over 96 newsclips until she finally showed up on page 33 at WPIX website. How many full newscasts do suppose that represents?

flowergirl said...

I suspect Katy has been working behind the scenes, which is a good place for her. She doesn't belong in front of the camera.
Also, her stating she hasn't matured past the age of 12 is a Keith gimmick and it doesn't work.
People who make statements like that thinks it's cute but it's not.
They would like others to think that they are naive in what they are talking about, which is a bunch of boloney.
She's an idiot.

As for the money? I think you're right. He's not going to get more whether he asks for it or not.