Sunday, March 29, 2009

Keith Has No Conscience

I watched Countdown Thursday night and couldn't believe what John Dean had said. I couldn't believe it because what he said described Keith to a tee.
They were discussing the lack of conscience that John Ashcroft has.

Quote: "When they do actions they get so wrapped up in their own self justification, and belief in what they are doing is right, that they just don't see anything about it being wrong."

When he said that I thought of Keith immediately. I can give you a few instances that Keith had, and has, no qualms about and probably didn't, and doesn't, bother his conscience one bit.

One was his so called "relationship" with the young lady from Florida. What I got out of that was he was determined to get that girl in bed, and probably said whatever he had to say to her to get her to go to NY. You can bet there were promises he made to her and, obviously, didn't keep.
I don't care if she had a big fat ugly mole on her ass, the way he treated her was without conscience and absolutely no remorse.
He got what he wanted and she paid for it all. What do you suppose he did right after that? He grabs the first young thing that comes his way to make himself look like he did the right thing, regardless of how wrong it was and still is. I suspect, though, this particular case was a "bought" case. I'll explain more in a minute.

The second thing he did was to demand a new contract with a hefty raise when others in the company he works for were being laid off or fired. And it didn't bother him. It still doesn't bother him but yet he thinks that stating publicly that he makes enough money is going to make things better. What about those who have no job? Those who lost their job because Keith demanded more money...and got it? This doesn't make things right, but to him it's self justification. It's all right with him.

Now that I've learned that he has his own baseball blog this adds to his lack of conscience. Maintaining a blog takes a lot of time, especially if you're talking about something you truly truly love, and Keith loves baseball. He loves it more than he does anything or anybody.
This brings to the forefront another thing that keeps him away from his "live in" girlfriend. I quote those words because it's laughable.
I'm starting to believe that this relationship was a "paid for" relationship. It was too quick and too easy. And the timing is suspicious. There's no way I will ever be convinced that a 25 year old girl enjoys living with a guy who spends 99% of his time with himself. And it doesn't matter if he's old or not. When you're that young you want fun and excitement. You want to go out and play. And, generally, you want your partner to go with you.
You never see photos of those two out together. And I seriously doubt there's a lack of paparazzi in NY. It wouldn't be that difficult to catch them.
Keith can have this relationship without conscience because it means nothing to him, except self justification. He can brag about it because she's too stupid to realize how she's wasting her youth on someone who doesn't give a damn.


Mr. Moral Force My Ass said...

Also, Keith has known for quite some time that there is non-union labor used at MSNBC and that the network uses "temp" employees to keep from having to pay benefits and providing decent salaries to these employees. Where's Mr. Moral Force at on this issue?

Anonymous said...

He shacked up with Katy after almost 50 years of bachelor-hood for contractual reasons. It looks better on paper to be a professional in a long-term serious relationship than it is to be a wild card who has one night stands with female fans. If his intention was to marry and have kids, he would have chosen someone who was ready for it. They are more like roommates than lovers. I agree with you, he is one of the biggest hypocrites out there.

flowergirl said...

Mr. Moral Force feigns morality when he's in need of a good ass kissing. Otherwise, he doesn't care about anybody, and that includes his roommate.

Wise to his BS said...

She never, ever walks the red carpet with him at these events. She's never seen in public with him. Wonder how long her contract was for? 3 years? 5 years? Or however long it takes her to get to the network tv level which was no doubt her main objective all along. We already know what his was: saving his own ass in the middle of a bad PR storm.

Anonymous said...

I agree. She is wasting her time and youth with this cad.

Anonymous said...

She's not some naiive girl nor is she stupid. She knew what she was bargaining for when she took up with him-a chance to get on tv the easy way instead of working her way up like most people have to do. Her daddy didn't open up enough doors for her and he would. It's questionable who exactly is using whom here but rather its a mutually beneficial relationship for both of them.

marinara said...

She doesn't seem to be doing too well in that area, either. She gets the least air time of all of their reporters, and the last story she did was about two people who were having a 'blow-up Bozo the Clown' war. Really stupid, and not newsworthy at all, and she did it just like Keith's "Dragnet" piece about Larry Craig in the men's room. He probably told her to do it that way, figuring everyone has forgotten about his Dragnet story by now.

So that's all the exposure Katy gets now. Bullshit filler stories.