Sunday, June 28, 2009

Getting Out of The Circle

Believe it or not Countdown use to be a very informative news show. Keith was once a good journalist and he would interview a wide variety of people. But somewhere between the public ass kicking from karma and his sudden co-habitation with an extremely young girl he turned into someone very disturbing.
He became excruciatingly bitter towards the world and attacked anybody who didn't agree with him. And this is who he is today.
It's one thing to call out those who have done this country wrong, but it's a whole other dimension when you base your career on those who fail, those you make fail, those you chide for saying stupid things and those who could possibly be you.

Keith no longer pays attention to the big story unless he can say something bad about other commentators, Republicans and anybody who doesn't fit his "idea" of how the news is suppose to be reported.

Of course, it's not just Keith but he's the only one I have read about that spends most, if not all, of his hour on television trying to take down his opposition. This gets old and it tends to make one think that he has nowhere else to go.
His show has become commonplace and predictable. NBC/MSNBC has become one of the coldest manufacturers in the news business. And Keith is their lead manufacturer. Yes, I believe he kisses their asses. This is the only way he could've gotten as far as he is.

I have been watching Countdown and talking about Keith for 6 years. The changes he has made in his life is disturbing and, recently, has made me wonder about his sanity. I'm finding it more and more difficult to sit through one of his shows without rolling my eyes. I just wait for the time that he's bashing someone where he finishes his statement with "nannynannybooboo, stick your head in doodoo".
This is the mentality he is bringing to his show and I can't take much more of it. So I'm going to get out of this circle of hate and unwarranted attacks and go read a book. Maybe I'll come back, maybe I won't. But at the moment, this package has been refused.


marinara said...

That diary on the Daily Kos complaining about people who complain about him was over the top. The man does not know when to keep his mouth shut. If there was ever any doubt that he saw and read any diary about him, that doubt has now been removed. He does. I know he searches the TwoP forums too, even Rachel's thread, looking for something he can use.
It's not D/Kos that's being played like a three-dollar banjo. It's him.

I usually don't post in Rachel's thread at TwoP, but I threw out a little test post, and don't you know he addressed that very thing, the next day. I tried another little test post in Keith's thread, so we'll see if he addresses that concern on Monday.

I was dismayed to see him using Sanford's e-mails. Even though several other outlets had already done it, those e-mails were stolen. But as long as everyone thinks Keith is funny, I guess it's OK to use them. Neither Governor Sanford or anyone on his staff would vouch for their authenticity. It's also OK, apparently, for one of Keith's guests to label Michael Jackson's doctor a drug pusher, without any evidence of that at all.

I think Keith knows his show is coming to and end,(he will probably be ecliped by Rachel) and he doesn't know how to leave gracefully. So, he's setting himself up for some sort of meltdown, which he will blame on MSNBC.

flowergirl said...

His complaint is what made up my mind about getting away from it all for a while.
A long time ago I never would've pictured him to be such a whinyass crybaby, but I guess that's what you turn into when you live with someone who is clearly too damn young for you. And that you obviously can't handle fame and fortune with maturity and grace.

Keith is taking these criticisms of himself way too far. If he continues worrying about what others think about him he's going to have a nervous breakdown.
Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if he explodes one day at work and gets fired.
And you may be right about him thinking that his show is coming to an end.

marinara said...

Found this site
which I check occasionally.

If this is for real, this young girl is an intern at MSNBC, and is sometimes Keith's aide. She says she's the one who took his vest to the tailor to be repaired, the one he wore the night Michael Jackson died. Probably needed a split in the seam sown up. Or it had to be let out.

Apparently, he eats tuna for dinner. And I'll bet you it's seared tuna, not a tuna fish sandwich.

I read through the whole thing, what little of it there is, and the poor girl doesn't know the News Hole is dead. She also hasn't mentioned if Keith has even spoken to her. Because he probably hasn't.

flowergirl said...

Hehe. I bet he's eating more than just tuna.

Anonymous said...

Check out Ann Coulter's Column. She has this little tidbit about KO using his Mom's death to try and hit on a woman. Soon we'll only hear about Keith when his creepy e-mails using his mother's death to hit on chicks start making the rounds again. (Tip to Keith: When a girl refuses to give you her phone number, her assistant's phone number or her personal e-mail address, and only gives you her assistant's e-mail address, you're not halfway in the sack.)

marinara said...

"Eating more than just tuna"? Eww, FG, what did you mean by that?

Anyways, KOE gave me a hat tip for something, not sure what. But the girls' blog is now gone, probably under threat of job loss. So now we know Keith searches for even the most obscure references to himself.

flowergirl said...

Thanks. I went to KOE's site and read all of that. I suspect Ann Coulter knows a great deal about Keith.

I knew it was just a matter of time before the young intern was booted.
Keith sure as hell doesn't want anybody from the inside informing the outside just how much of a creep he really is.

As for the tuna?LOL. No, I wasn't suggesting anything gross except for his weight.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the commentary. Furthermore I feel "Countdown"'s writing and presentation has become repetitive and lazy. To me, msnbc has now become the mirror or antithesis to Fox News, and has become no better. "Countdown" has become a very negative show as well. The #1 segment often focuses on politics; if not then it is a subject that only interests Olbermann, or something that is so big in the news that it cannot be avoided (the passing of Michael Jackson, e.g.). The show used to be much more enjoyable than it is now. I don't watch as much as I used to.

flowergirl said...

I don't watch it at all anymore. His undying hatred for so many people tends to get others to see the world the same way and they wind up living a negative life.
I can't do that. It's not healthy.

marinara said...

I don't know what's up with him. I see him so negatively now, that I think he's avoiding coming back to work so he doesn't have to say anything about Walter Cronkite OR answer Colbert's challenge. I honestly do. He should just take the rest of the week off to make sure everyone has forgotten about both of those things.

Today, he was calling the Old Timer's game at Yankee Stadium, so I guess he's got an excuse, just for today, but why didn't he blow his own horn about this on Wednesday's show? Was it a last minute thing because they couldn't get anyone else?

Here's what a couple of the commenters from his Baseball Nerd blog had to say:

"What a wonderful surprise to open up the 'Nerd" and to read your story, see pictures and remember once again the stanzas above.

To make it complete, please get a picture of Pepitone and post it as well. (Even if you are in it)."

"I also heard a few boos and, uh, unsavory comments when you were introduced. Of course, I've also heard Rudy Giuliani, Mike Bloomberg, John McCain and Sarah Palin booed at Yankee games, so take that for what it's worth.

Hah! I wonder how long that second comment will remain?

I just think he takes off work sometimes on a whim, when something's upset him, or he's trying to avoid any embarrassing comparisons, like between him and Cronkite, or him and Colbert.

flowergirl said...

Keith is a brutal person. What's most disturbing about that is that he doesn't think there's anything wrong with that.

When a person is use to living in a negative world that's all he knows. He will never truly be happy.

I read a quote once that said; People aren't as happy as they claim to be.

I just don't see how anybody could be happy when they're constantly negative.

As for him taking time off? He should take the rest of his life off.

Anonymous said...

I just browsed through your site.

I can never get that wasted time back...

flowergirl said...

Hehehe. But yet, you paused to leave a comment.
My world is complete now.

marinara said...

FG, I am ready to post that large document I told you about, but there is a limitation of 4,096 characters. Shall I post in pieces?

flowergirl said...

Yeah, you might want to do that.

What I'll do is create a post and copy and paste it into that post.
That way it will be fresh and out in the open instead of being stuck in the comments.

marinara said...

Ok, but I've got to wait for the weekend now. I'm at work, and I can't goof off that much.

Oh BTW, I told you Keith would just let the WPITW Colbert challenge slide. He didn't even mention it. Another stupid move by Keith, to let that opportunity slip by.

flowergirl said...

That's fine. Whenever you're ready.

As for the Colbert thing? From what I've been reading I would say Keith has more concerns elsewhere.
He's either going to have to fix his lies or just drop the whole thing altogether.
I'm not so sure he's going to win this one.

marinara said...

Yeah, I know what you mean. He's lost some credibility in this one, but people forget so quickly. In his latest diary at the Daily Kos, I have never seen him stick around for that long answering questions. He had more comments in that diary alone, than all of his others combined, I'm not kidding. Something is going on, and it's more than just this "non-existent" deal between FOX and GE to tone down Keith and Billo. He got into a little bit of hot water with his fans for allowing the shill Richard Wolff to be such a frequent guest on his show, then allowed to host it, with no vetting! He had to promise not to have him back, now that Wolfie has been discovered not to be a journalist, but a paid hack masquerading as a journalist. And the Post is attacking him again over Katy.

On Monday's show, he started doing Walter Cronkite's voice, and suddenly remembered--or was told through his earpiece--to stop it, since Walter's dead. He stopped immediately. That was amusing. Oops!

Anonymous said...

When Salon, Huffington Post, and Gawker call bullshit on you, you're kinda fucked, whether he's figured that out yet or not.

flowergirl said...

Yeah, I noticed on KOE's site that his "enemies" list is growing.

Well, where there's Keith there's controversy.
I just don't know how he can stand that on such a regular basis.
It can't be good for him or his career.

Marinara, I will check out DKOs.

flowergirl said...

Okay, I just read all of his comments.
You're right. He commented a lot. More than usual.
This means one thing. He knows he's in a lot of hot water so what better way to get out of a lie than to make "friends".

Personally, I don't really care how he went about "the deal" the fact is that Keith is a liar. And he'll lie about anything to anybody, so long as he doesn't get caught.
But once he gets caught, just like anybody who gets caught lying, they try to make themselves look like the good guy. And what better way to do that than to please his audience by having more contact than before.

But what people like Keith don't realize is that it's much easier to just tell the truth and stick with it. Even if it hurts others, it's usually accepted better than to tell a lie that, eventually, grows into something so incredibly ridiculous that you have to keep backtracking and "playing" nice to those you don't really care to play nice with.
And I don't believe for one minute that Keith really cares about these people he interacted with. It was simply to make himself look good.