Sunday, April 19, 2009

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

You can talk a big talk Mr. MemyselfandI, but can you walk the walk? Don't get me wrong, I thought the special comment was great. But those words can apply to you as well.
Let's take these words:

This country has never "moved forward with confidence".without first cleansing itself of its mistaken past.

Sure, this country has its problems and Presidents' don't seem to want to take care of past mistakes before moving forward with a clean conscience, but can you do the same Mister?
It's one thing to make people believe that you really care about the plight of this country, but it's a whole other story trying to convince some that you really mean it.

Cleansing the past. Interesting words. They don't mean squat to you. I can see that you're trying to "go forward" with your life, and that you're trying to make others think that you've changed to the point where you really are sympathetic to our needs, but I have yet to actually witness a cleansing of your past.
Can you say without a doubt that you have apologized to all those people you stepped on, kicked, manipulated and stole from? Did you give back that huge raise after you realized many people got fired or laid off so you could get your money?
I didn't think so.
But you go ahead and you keep talking that talk, even though it's good and well meaning, but keep in mind there are people out there that know you and don't believe you could ever be a good person.
Once you've damaged the souls of others it cannot be undone without action. And your actions are speaking louder than your words.

It is good to say "we won't do it again." It is not, however...enough.


marinara said...

Keith's past will be cleansed when his father also passes away.

flowergirl said...

I can see your point on that but I don't believe his past will ever be cleansed.
As long as he keeps acting like he's never done anything wrong then he will continue to berate those who have. And he'll continue to blame others for his mistakes.