Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Beggar For Sympathy?

I'm sorry to hear about Keith's loss but I have no sympathy for him. My condolences go out to his family and his family only.
If Keith was a truly caring individual then I would have better words for him, but since he has proven time and again how hateful and unsympathetic he has been towards so many people that has crossed his path, I find it difficult to be kind in his time of grief.

I would love more than anything to wish him better days but, unfortunately, he's the kind of person who will never change despite whatever personal tragedy comes his way. Though I believe he will miss his mother a lot I don't believe he will take this loss as anything more than what it is.
He can get up there and be an advocate for breast cancer research but I would like to see just how far he intends to go with that. Will this be the extent of his public announcement or will he volunteer some of his time to express the true nature of the devastating effects of breast cancer?

Though breast cancer doesn't run in my family I have made it a point to be involved in this research by donating money and some of my time. If it takes a personal tragedy to get this guy to do more for his fellow human being, and he doesn't stop, then I will begin to believe that maybe somewhere inside that cold heart lies a little bit of warmth.
But until that actually starts happening, I will continue to see Keith as a coldhearted bastard.


Anonymous said...

wonder if he know regrets posting all the trash about her that he did on the old Yahoo boards from his first MSNBC show? Hypocrite.

marinara said...

No sympathy at all, FG? I can't help but feel sorry for him now, now that I can see how truly damaged he is. I want to find out what made him like that. God, was it her? I saw no sign of pain on his face, heard no catch in his voice. This is disturbing. He was more upset after Russert died, and the difference is striking.

He has just given us evidence of how truly estranged from his parents he has been. I believe I mentioned that here months ago. Well, I mentioned it somewhere, and I think it was here.

He made her death seem sudden, which it was, I guess, for cancer. But he said she'd only found out two weeks ago. And by the time she needed medication for the pain, only four days had gone by since she found out she was sick. Who knows when or if she told him what was going on?

If there was a delay in notifying him, whether it was because they didn't want to worry him, or because they were not on speaking terms, as I strongly suspect, then when he finally did find out, wouldn't her death have seemed almost as sudden as Russert's, and (one would assume) just as upsetting?

I assumed this is why he took Thursday and Friday off. But according to one of the posters at the TwoP forums, he was at the Yankees game on Friday, "with some blonde chick." I'd sure like to know if he knew his mom was ill at that time or not. Apparently he is not concerned about what his fans think of this. "Mom's dying, think I'll go to a baseball game."

This is going to take some time to unravel, and I'm not sure it's worth hashing over any further. We don't know what he was told or when. This is just...I don't know...weird.

I think he is relieved that his mom is gone, though he will miss her. He will be even more relieved after his dad's gone. There probably won't be a tribute for him.

This is why I feel sorry for him. He's hurting inside in a way that we can only guess at, and there is no comfort for him, ever. How could I not feel badly for such a pathetic creature?

He's Not Normal said...

How the hell do you go on air and work a day and a half after your Mom died? That tells me all i need to know about their relationship, I'm not sayng he didn't love her but normal people don't do that. I don't think they were close at all.

Anonymous said...

So if your Mom was dying, what would you do? Go to the exhibition games at Yankee stadium and then blog about it. Yeah, that's what most of us would do if one of our parents was near death. Yet that's exactly what Keith did Thursday-Friday of last week and the proof is right there on his Baseball Nerd column on the MLB site. Classy huh?

flowergirl said...

Sorry I didn't get on here yesterday. Had things to do.

I had no idea he trashed his mother. That's pathetic.

I've posted several times about how Keith would handle a close personal loss and I'm not surprised at the way he went about it.
What irks me is that he stuck around for all the sympathy he could ask for.
I'm not chastising him for getting on national television on Monday. He said what he felt he needed to say, but then he should've taken the rest of the week off.

And you're right Marinara, his lack of emotion was very telling. On Tuesday and Wednesday he struck me as someone who was using her death to his advantage. He knew he would get the sympathy he needed to make himself look like the hurt and lost soul that he wanted people to think he was.

What he did was proof positive that he is not close to his family,
which I've suspected for quite a long time.
Which also leads me to the fact that I seriously doubt he's in love with that "blonde chick".

Anonymous said...

FYI: I doubt the blonde chick was KT.

marinara said...

Wait, who said he trashed his mother?

flowergirl said...


I would love to hear more about it.
Is Keith stepping out?

Anonymous said...

Let's just say that he and his publicist are taking more than just a professional interest in one another. And that they are hiding in plain sight so to speak. It's not hard to figure out, she's not been too discreet with her activities with him, even posting about them on a social networking site.

flowergirl said...

Oh please tell me you have a link and are willing to share.