Monday, April 27, 2009

Keith Is Blogdumb

I'm not a big fan of OW but I do like to read it occasionally because they tend to find things that many people miss and/or won't admit.

This particular entry was very interesting. Keith should've known that if he's going to have a somewhat "open" blog site then he should expect backlash and not delete it. He should either moderate the damn thing or just let them speak their minds. Unfortunately, his ego is so incredibly large that he thinks that everybody loves him and wants more of him. And I think it's funny how he thinks that putting pictures of Katy up there makes him cute.
He doesn't understand that this kind of publicity only makes him look more and more stupid.

Personally speaking, I wouldn't care if he put a hundred pictures of himself and Katy up there rubbing elbows with celebrities or acting as if it's a "family" outing. What gets me is his utter lack of humility.
He says that he doesn't care what the blogs say about him? I say, bullshit. If he didn't care then why does he read them and participate in them?
In fact, if I'm correct, he's even told Dan Patrick that he reads it all, including the critics. So, I seriously doubt that he goes away from the computer unscathed or unhurt.

Keith is your obvious attention seeker. People must pay attention to him. People must like him and say good things about him. He thinks that just because the "celebrities" will let him take pictures with them that that automatically means that everybody loves him, and blogging about it makes him look like he's important and special.

This is a guy who has no idea how to live his life. Or how life really works. You can't get on an obvious Democratic site and expect people to believe you when you tell them that you're not biased. And you can't expect to have your own baseball blog and expect everybody to welcome you with open arms when a big chunk of people didn't like you to begin with.

It seems like the older he gets the more confused he gets. He forgets his lies, because he's told so many of them, that at times he contradicts himself. This doesn't go over too well with a lot of people.
Opening up a baseball blog is okay but the extent to which he has taken it is repulsive and just downright egotistical.
It's not cute and it's not humanistic. Keith is an old guy who wants people to think that he has friends of all ages and that living with a child is a good thing.
His blog has become more about him than baseball.


We need lives, he needs therapy said...

Everything is about Keith. He expects his followers to be obsessed about him as he is with himself. The sad part? We are.

Maree said...

I saw a picture of Katy with Keith's nephew Jacob, who is very cute, at the baseball game. Katy has more in common with Jacob than she does with Keith. Well at least they are closer in age.

marinara said...

I can't stand baseball, so I couldn't care less what his blog says, but I always read the comments, to see if anyone is going to be disrespectful to him. I missed the comments on the blog posted at OW. I wonder if the commenter was banned, too?

I did see a really nasty comment about Katy and teabagging. That was removed, but someone saved it and posted it at KOE's blog.

Hopefully, things like this will sting him enough to remember to keep track of his lies--unless he forgets because he's too busy remembering to be nice to people. But this exchange between Keith and the commenter really points to the fact that he just showed up to have his picture taken with Katy. My guess is because he is aware that other commenters noticed he was at a previous game "with some blonde" who was not Katy.

Keith Olbermann's Ego said...

Now he's bitching at his blog about not getting back a decent refund on the overpriced seats he brought at Yankees stadium. This guy blows some 2500 per game on 3 seats. That's per game or put another way, $165,000 per season. Does he have any idea that is more that most families make per year? Out of touch is one phrase that keeps coming to mind. Yeah Keith I'll get right back to feeling sorry for you as soon as I figure out how to pay my bills for the month and try to explain to my kid why I can't send her to summer camp this year.

flowergirl said...

Marinara, I must be looking in the wrong place because I can't seem to find the teabagging comment.
Could you tell me where it is?
Meanwhile, I'll keep looking.

marinara said...

The teabagging comment was removed from his baseball blog. Someone posted it at KOE over a week ago.

flowergirl said...

I'm sorry but I just can't find it at KOE's site. The only thing I found was someone mentioning that it had been removed.
Maybe I'm not looking in the right place.

marinara said...

In the comments under the picture of Keith, Katy and JB.

Keith Olbermann's Ego said...

This was it---
Anonymous said...
Tur looks like she just got teabagged. It must have left a bad taste in her mouth. Why else would she have a sucker? It would take a Dick Armey to fill that mouth.

April 22, 2009 6:14 AM

flowergirl said...

Hehehe. Boy, that's embarrassing.

Thanks you two. :-)