Sunday, April 19, 2009

Daddy and His Children

Oh look, he even gave his daughter a lollipop.

Me thinks that Mr. MemyselfandI has been reading my site.
Suddenly they want their picture posted? I will certainly oblige.
Seriously though, does he not look like their father?

The only things I see wrong about this picture is the obvious age differences, the obvious nature of the photo, it's creepy and perverted, and the fact that Keith thinks it's cute. Otherwise, it's not bad.

Funny, how all this time you couldn't find nary a one photo of them together and then Keith gets his own blog and there you go. This is so obvious it reeks. But what's even funnier is that Jason Bateman is in it. And he's the only one who looks the most confident.
Come on Keith, you can do better than that. Let's see the both of you dressed down without the insecurity.


Anonymous said...

that ain't who he was at the ballpark with the other night.

flowergirl said...

I believe you. Could explain the sudden rush of the photo.

marinara said...

Well, I wish the person at the TwoP forums who mentioned the "blonde chick" had pointed out that it wasn't Katy.

The only thing I see wrong with that picture is that Katy is facing JB, instead of Keith. If the important thing for them is appearances, then she should have known that to look like a couple, she should turn towards Keith, not away from him. And ditched the tootsie pop. And JB.

I know what you mean about possibly reading your site, FG. I think he and his staff look over a lot of them, and he stole one of my ideas from the TwoP forums a while back.

Anonymous said...

I think she and Jason Bateman would make a better couple! They look very cute together.

flowergirl said...

They do indeed look cute together.

I think the reason Katy is turned away from Keith is that 1) Keith is so fat that in order for her to be comfortable she had to turn her back on him and 2) Both of them were more interested in having their picture taken with Jason Bateman than they were each other.

Anonymous said...

OK, I gotta ask. I know the basic story of why you hate Keith Olbermann and I know why- as a blogger alone- you'd want to continue to hate him. And I actually like your Keith's Ego section, great satire.

But first, let me say I've taught women's self-defense for 25years+, I taught for in battered women shelters, rape surviors groups, etc. Most of my women friends are in similar fields. (One is a bruise expert for Department of Children and Family Services.)

As how to Keith Olbermann and Katy Tur, does sound creepy. And you know much more about the situation than I do.

But what I DONT GET is why you continue to hate him for that reason, given that Katy Tur is A GROWN WOMAN. Who does not seem to be outwardly suffering, in need of an intervention or... anything.

I have a cousin who has blamed her mother (wrongly) for all of her problems in her life. Shes 47 years old now. It gets old.

"Keith is an old guy who wants people to think that he has friends of all ages and that living with a child is a good thing."

Olbermann is not living with a child. He is living with a grown woman who is capable of making her own decisions.

So why are YOU taking what happened in Katy Tur's life MORE PERSONALLY than she is?


flowergirl said...

I'm glad you like KOE's satire but if I'm reading you correctly you think it's me doing that. Well, it's not. I'm not that good.

Personally, I don't hate Keith. I hate what he's trying to do. And it's not cute as he would like others to think it is. If I felt that someone was making false accusations about him then I would defend him.

I appreciate that you work with battered women. I don't think Katy is being battered. If anything, I think she would knock the shit out of him before she let him put a hand on her.
But she's too young to realize how manipulative he is and how much he lies. And yes, she IS a child. Physically no. Mentally, yes.

Someone as pretty as Katy is generally doesn't waste her time with older fat guys like Keith.
I believe this whole thing is a payoff of sorts. Which, in my opinion, makes Keith, and her, look like fools.
And it makes it difficult to take him seriously when he spouts out any kind of personal opinion.

I've written about this before.