Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Children Are Running Amok and Terrorists Still Kill

It's pretty obvious that Keith has been regressing for a while now but nothing speaks more to the truth than the stunt they pulled last night.
Countdown was good up to the point where everytime Rush Limbaugh's name was mentioned they put a bobbing Rush in the corner of my screen. That's all fine and dandy if you're 12, and the conversation at the time was about something less important or serious.
I like Jonathan Alter and I like to hear what he has to say, but this gross adolescent display of attempted humor was distracting, and spoke loud and clear that Keith no longer takes his job serious.

The conversation was, in my opinion, a very intense and very serious one. Terrorists kill people. Or has Keith forgotten that? To turn such a wonderful interview into a lame joke was at best childish and at worst disrespectful to his audience and to Jonathan Alter.
It had gotten so bad that I gave up trying to listen to what they were saying and just turned the t.v. off. I couldn't take it anymore.

Keith has done some really stupid things on his show but this one takes the cake. At that moment I actually did believe that he really is Un American. How can he forget 9/11? And how can he make light of the posssibility of another terrorist attack?
He has gotten so far to the point of regression that I'm not even sure he understands the magnitude of what took place last night.
He's so obsessed with belittling the right wing folk that he forgets his place. He forgets the reality of the loss of thousands of lives in order to make a stupid ass joke.

I no longer believe that Keith gives a damn about his show or respects, and/or appreciates, the importance of delivering a professional attitude towards his work.
And I no longer believe that he takes terrorist attacks serious anymore.

If he wants to run amok and pull childish pranks then he should do it on his own time and not when he's having a conversation on national television about terrorism and the blame game.
It was pathetic and disrespectful. And Keith and his staff should be ashamed.


fed up long ago said...

I've got news for you lady: he never did care. The sole motivating factor in Keith Olbermann's life is Keith Olbermann. Everyone and everything else is merely secondary to whatever his agenda of the day is.

flowergirl said...

Oh I fully believe he thinks he's the center of the universe. But I also believe that his universe is starting to break down around him and he doesn't know how to handle it.
I don't remember ever seeing him so uncoordinated as he has been recently. This could be because of the loss of his mother, or it could be just the fact that for the first time in his life he's lost someone he knew more than just being a mere acquaintance.

Keith being the narcissist that he is he probably can't understand why anybody would leave him, even if they've died.

Anonymous said...

He'd have to had actually cared about his mother for her death to have had an impact on his life. He didn't. That's not what's bugging him.

marinara said...

FG, I missed the live show, but I watched Alter's segment at MSNBC's website, and I only saw the Bouncing Limbaugh pop up once for a few seconds. I hardly noticed it.

Maybe he's just testing things out for audience reaction.

flowergirl said...

Anon, what do you think might be bugging him? We definitely know something is but what?

Marinara, that's curious. The first time they showed the bouncing Rush I kind of chuckled but when they showed it twice more I turned it off.
It's not the first time that they've altered something before. I don't know about video per se but I do know that they've changed the transcript before.
tsk tsk

Anonymous said...

Ko has to much integrity to ever do something vile like changing a transcript.

flowergirl said...

LOL. Integrity and Keith shouldn't be placed in the same sentence.