Wednesday, May 13, 2009

WTF Moment

I like this new segment on Countdown. Now, I wonder how long it will take before Keith puts himself in it.

Also, wasn't it rather interesting to have that story about the bra that supposedly catches yourself a husband? Keith's choice of words during that was a little bit telling. Of course, we all know that since Keith isn't too quick to put the ring on her finger it's okay because it's him. If it was someone else it wouldn't be okay.

What Keith does is perfect. He can never be wrong. It's never his fault and he's never a part of the "conspiracy". He never starts fights and he never bullies. He has never put himself above anybody else. And he never hurt others to get what he wants.

And he never lies.

You go Keith. You're the world's greatest at everything you do. How could I ever possibly think that you could have been so mean at any point in your life? You're such a sweetheart of a guy.

Seriously, dude, I don't believe you.


Anonymous said...

The venom he dripped in that segment and the one the night before about the dumb Miss California segment were really telling. He's got women issues big time. And I think his little honey has Daddy issues. What a fucked up pair the two of them must be together.

marinara said...

Ok, so WTF is this??!!

I never heard of the website he refers to, and I don't see why this has made him so angry that he must bring it up on his show. Two reasons; he's lying, just as the irresponsible blogger says, and, he is making his show about himself, as usual. So what else is new?

Anonymous said...

Tonight actually so I guess that means 72 hours? He's obviously heard the quote about doth protesting too much has he?