Sunday, May 24, 2009

Is It Right or Just Best Interest?

From this day forward I can never look at Keith the same way. I was already starting to see his constant confusion and contradictions, and now with his stupidity towards Rush Limbaugh's rant I've decided that Keith can't see the forest for the trees anymore.

I can't stand Rush Limbaugh but what he was saying was right. MSNBC, and especially Keith, have based their shows on FOX, Rush and O'Reilly, in order to get ratings. It seems that whenever something happens, an event or whatever, it isn't about that particular subject anymore. It's about what Rush, FOX anchors or BillO says about it.
There's no way Keith could ever go a month without mentioning them. I think he's too afraid that he would actually have to do something real for a change.

I'm not saying that those people don't deserve a bashing, but does it have to be all the time? Every day? What Rush was saying was turned completely around by Keith to make himself look like the good guy. Between those two? There is no good guy. Every single one of them are just a bunch of children spitting on each other.

I've said this before, a long time ago, that Keith is the Don Rickles of prime time cable "news". He's not happy unless he's bashing somebody. But then, Keith being the mental case that he is, maybe he does this for his own sake. He bashes these people because he's just like them and in order for him to bash himself he takes it out on others.
So, in a sense, he's bashing himself on a regular basis because his ego won't let him admit that he's just as bad as they are...or worse.

He needs a new therapist because the one he's seeing now isn't working. I suspect this person is telling him to laugh it off instead of facing it head on. Keith's problems will never be solved if this is the case. He will just continue the rest of his life thinking that what he's doing is in his best interest.
Just because something is in your best interest doesn't make it right. And what he's doing is not right.


Lola said...

Katy's agent is Jean Sage (according to KOEB), I guess their careers arent as separate as he would like everyone to believe - and yes, i'm sure she got the TV gigs on her own merit...

flowergirl said...

From what I'm seeing on KOE's site I would say that Katy is having a hell of lot more fun out there on her "vacation" than she has been the couple of years she's been in NY with Keith.

There's nothing separate about their personal life and professional life. By his actions he has proven that he can't do anything personal without his professional life being a part of it.