Sunday, May 17, 2009

Does He or Doesn't He?

I had the feeling that Keith really does care what people say about him. I got home just in time to see his rant and thought how strange it was for him to go all ballistic shortly after he states he "doesn't care what people say about him".

I'm not saying he doesn't have the right to get on DKos and tell everybody how he feels. He needs the sympathy. Afterall Katy isn't around to give it to him. Or has she already made it back? Either way, he has that right. But once again, he contradicted himself. Now it may be that he finally had all he could take with all this pushing back that he, of course, is now the victim. Unfortunately, he felt it necessary to talk about it on his show.

Keith made the choice to be a public figure. And he also made the choice to be an instigator, but did he really expect people to just sit back and let him walk all over them?
I've said time and again that if he can dish it out he damn well better take it. I don't believe that people should outright lie about him or make shit up but he's the one who started it and people are finally fighting back.

I would love nothing more than to feel sympathy for him but it's hard to do that when he brings it all on himself. It's not as if he's a innocent bystander who was picked out of a crowd to be persecuted. It had to start somewhere.

He kind of reminds me of my little brother. If he stumps his toe on a chair it's the chairs' fault for being their.


marinara said...

Well, the commenter at his baseball blog had him with the superbowl pass and the suit, so he deleted the comments, plus that nasty one about Katy. Did you find that over on KOE's blog? Anyways, then somehow he finds out about this, and can't let it go unremarked. He should have. See, if he had anyone that he trusted to give him advice, I'm sure the advice would have been to let it slide. If he and Katy get along so great, she should be helping him out this way.

Not sure what's going on with Keith and Rachel, but I'm having a hard time believing that they argue. And, think about it. You can't fucking hijack another show's guest! I mean, what did the producers or the bosses or Keith, think they were going to do? Tell Ben Affleck, "Oh, yeah, you're going to be on Countdown instead. Sorry about the mixup." Was Rachel or her producer going to call Affleck and tell him that? No, I don't think so. Maybe Affleck didn't want to be on Countdown. If I was him, I'd be worried that Keith was pissed off at me because of the SNL thing. If Keith wanted BA on his show, all he would have to do is ask, right? Well did he, or didn't? If he did, and was turned down, then the answer is NO. If he never asked, then why would he be demanding that Rachel "turn him over" to Keith for his own show?

Only two possibilities that I can come up with. That Keith really is still pissed about the SNL skit, (because we know he carries grudges for a long time) and he banned Affleck from appearing on any MSNBC show. But Rachel, secure in her new position despite her lackluster ratings, decided to disobey. Or maybe she wasn't told, or didn't think it was a rule she had to follow. If Keith actually gave an edict like that, everyone would be disgusted, and you'd see all kinds of leaking about that.

The other possibility, is that when Keith found out Affleck was going to be on Rachel's show, he tried to sweet talk her into sweet talking Affleck to go on his show instead, citing some snafu, but she refused. And they argued about it. Then decided they had better make up and play nice so Keith's reputation wouldn't have to take another beating.

Just having some fun speculating, but I actually don't believe either one of them. Keith, or the blogger. Rachel, wisely, will say nothing, as she is the smarter of the two.

flowergirl said...

By him finding some obscure website that nobody has even heard of tells me that he hunts diligently for anything about himself.
As for the contents of the matter, I believe there's always a kernel of truth in what his attackers have to say about him. It has be the reason he would go off on something that has basically been talked about since his mom passed away.

I can sense a little bit of strain between him and Rachel. I'm not saying they had an outright blowout but you can see the superficial changeover between those two. It's as if they're forcing themselves to prove others wrong when it probably isn't.

I did read what you were talking about with the Katy teabagging thing. In fact, I had been reading it all along but wasn't quite sure that was it.
A little embarrassing. :-)

marinara said...

I've noticed the change too, between Rachel and him, and the "emotional wall" he claims he hit that caused him to need a really long weekend wasn't grief, it was blind rage. He can't threaten to walk out anymore, because they'll let him! And that would prove to everyone that all the crap that people say about him is true. My god, can you imagine what a field day O'Reilly, Hannity and Limbaugh would have if he quit MSNBC after one of his hissy fits?

This show is his last chance. A lot of people hate him. A lot of people who don't hate him refuse to ever work with him again. He's not getting any younger, so if he doesn't make it here, he will be relegated to writing books and magazine articles and sports commentating on the radio for the rest of his life. If he leaves this gig on bad terms, he'll be lucky to get a spot on HDnet w/Dan Rather or as a producer at Current TV. That long weekend was spent realizing this, that his only good choice was to suck it up and go back to work.

I'm sure he no longer thinks so, but hiring Rachel was the best thing he ever did. She is teaching him some basic lessons of life, such as, you can't always get what you want no matter how much you whine and stomp your feet.

Anonymous said...

Olbermann spends a great deal of his time every day scouring the internets to see what is being said about him. To say he's stuck on himself would be something of an understatement. He's hideously insecure and the slightest wiff of disapproval will send him looking for encouragement and support. Thus the little display you saw last week. All he managed to do was call attention to Cityfile, a site that no one really knew about before. Yeah, that's what you do alright, call people's attention to something. Smart move there oh genius that is Keith Olbermann.