Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Marinara's Astrological Charts 10

Mars square Jupiter

This can be one of the most destructive aspects because the natives are likely to use collective power and even social sanction for self-aggrandizement and gratification of the passions. (This also sounds like Keith.)

This square is likely to occur in the horoscope of people who glorify war. These natives are also inclined to fight holy crusades to gain social approval of their violent tendencies. Munitions manufacturers may have this aspect in their horoscopes since they seek to gain financially through destruction and violence. Much waste and misuse of resources accompany this aspect, mostly with other people's money. (Uh oh, look out, Keith!)

The natives also are inclined to fanatical religious and social beliefs. At times they get involved in controversial social and political issues. Extremism and lavishness will affect the signs and houses which Mars (in Virgo, Mars ruled by Aries) and Jupiter (in Sagittarius, Jupiter ruled by Sagittarius) rule and occupy, leading to disaster and ruin if the natives are not careful. (Mars in Virgo generally favors business endeavors, but places obstacles for those who desire power and fame. This is offset somewhat, by Jupiter being in its home of Sagittarius).

There is restlessness and desire for constant activity and stimulation. For this reason, the natives find it hard to relax. (That job with the Weather Channel was just the ticket, then).

These natives are socially outgoing, but not necessarily honorable or reliable in their dealings. There is a strong tendency to hypocrisy: The natives want to whitewash the real motives behind their actions. Sometimes religion is used as a vehicle to further hypocrisy. (I don’t think Katy is any more religious than Keith is (Unitarian?) but, “less than honorable and reliable in their dealings” may be one of the reasons why she was let go from CW11, not just a general suckiness as a reporter).

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