Monday, September 28, 2009

Marinara's Astrological Charts 13

Mercury in Libra

This indicates a mind that is primarily concerned with human relations and psychology. The natives have an intense curiosity about the thinking and behavior patterns of others; (I can see her observing Keith as an object of study, an intellectual pursuit.) they gravitate, therefore, to fields such as psychology, astrology, public relations, sociology, and law. Good communication and happiness in relationships are essential to them. They prefer to work in mental partnership with others, and they are usually easy to communicate with because of their interest in what others think. Their strong sense of justice generally makes them honest in their communication. The Venus rulership of Libra seeks harmony, and Saturn's exaltation in Libra seeks justice, making the Mercury Libra honest and balanced in all mental dealings. These people like to consider all sides of an issue before making a decision, but if this desire is used in the wrong way, it can lead to indecisiveness, and the opportunity to act is lost. When decisions are reached, however, they are generally just and well considered. If other factors in the horoscope are favorable, this Mercury position is good for the legal professions, counseling, arbitration, and other public relations work, such as sales and negotiating. (Her Mercury is in good aspect to Neptune, and neutral aspects to the Sun, Saturn and Pluto.)

People with this Mercury position seek association with those who possess refined minds, good manners, and honest reputations. (So, maybe that’s what she thought she was getting with Keith). Uncouth manners and unfair motivations are distasteful and are avoided whenever possible. These people are highly sensitive to the odors, personal appearance, and mannerisms of others. (Then it’s fortunate for her that Keith is so fastidious in his appearance. Wouldn’t know about his odors, though.) They regard inappropriate dress and coarse speech as social affronts. Gentle and considerate in communication, they can be stern where principles are involved. They make the mistake of expecting the same degree of mental discipline from others that they require of themselves. Because of Saturn's exaltation in Libra, the mind can be stern and hardworking. In highly developed types, this quality leads to profundity, but superficial people with this Mercury position may appear to lack the firmness of their convictions because they tend to agree with their companions in order to gain popularity and acceptance.

A refined, good and broad mind; quiet, just, tender, dispassionate disposition; fond of comparison, capable of judgment and reason. Taste for mental pursuits, often musical, splendid natural abilities, aptitude for delicate mathematical work or invention. Very favorable location for all intellectual development. Good for club, fraternal or social welfare work.


flowergirl said...

I disagree with most of that.
She's not old enough to have this kind of mental capicity.

marinara said...

Everyone's charts are like this, FG, in that there are conflicting attributes. Without a time of birth, however, I can't say which of her attributes are stronger. Keith didn't choose her just for her body. If that were the case, he could have had any babe he wanted. She's got to have something going on upstairs or he wouldn't have invited her in.

marinara said...

I've been wondering why Keith hasn't been at work lately. Hasn't been enough time for the Kos Kids to wonder where he's at, but in reading his MLB blog, I think maybe his dad's going to die.

He said on the show that he was getting better, but he's still hanging out in the hospital waiting room so many days after he said that?

bunny said...

flowergirl, I don't think she's bright enough, either.

Anonymous said...

So now Keith is telling everyone on his baseball blog that he's writing it from a hospital waiting room. While i have no doubt that his father is indeed ill I do have to wonder what Keith's motivation was for informing us of all of that: to get sympathy? Here's a hint for you Keith on how normal, sane people act--when loved ones are in the hospital critically ill, most people do not blog from the hospital waiting room.

flowergirl said...

Marinara, I have no doubt that he wanted someone "smart". But I don't think he wants someone smart enough to figure him out.
I think karma did just that and that may be one of the reasons he treated her the way he did.

I suspect little Miss Katy falls for his bullshit on a regular basis, not knowing that he could possibly be lying to her.
When people are in their twenties, especially early twenties, they're not really fully developed.
In other words. She was only 22 when they got together. At that age most people, if not all, are very gullible, and Keith being a somewhat deceptive type it wouldn't be that difficult to turn her into exactly what he wants.

But I do understand where you're coming from with the conflicting attributes. And, I believe, this is one of those cases.
She's just not smart enough to understand his way of thinking.

However, I do suspect that day will come and when it does it's not gonna be pretty.

As for his Dad? I agree with Anonymous. Keith does this sort of thing for the sympathy. He needs that outpouring of love that apparently he's not getting readily from his family.

Whew! That is one messed up bunch of folks. And I am so glad I don't watch Countdown anymore.

flowergirl said...

And to add.
But that's just the way some people are. I don't have to be around them nor do I have to worry about them. And Keith and his family are the furthest things from my mind.
But it fun speculating about what makes people like him tick.:-)

flowergirl said...

oops, I forgot the word "is".hehe.

Anonymous said...

Hi FG, how are you so sure Karma was telling the truth? Didn't he deny the karma story?

Anonymous said...

The girl grew up in LA. That added a good 10 years to her age right there. She knows: probably a lot more than HE ever will.

He finally showed back up on CD tonight, and again had to tell everyone where he'd been and why. Fishing for sympathy once more. You know, most people are more concerned about their loved ones than they are in trying to get sympathy from their viewers. Why do I get the idea that his soul is a giant vast cavern which can never be filled?

marinara said...

Well, then, I guess the question should be, is she so dumb she can't figure him out while living in the same apartment with him? Hell, I can figure him out from here! I can't believe the girl is THAT dumb. I think she knows what she's got, and is willing to go along to get what she wants. Karma was a bit older than Katy when she met Keith in that hotel room. She knew what he wanted and invited him there to give it to him. I think what frightened him enough to "fall flat", so to speak, was that she wanted more than just a one night stand.

As for his dad, he wouldn't be at the hospital if his dad was oblivious. And yes, he's setting himself up for another pity party, just like after his mom died. Family? He's got his sister, that's it. She probably can't stand him, but I really wouldn't know.

flowergirl said...

Ya'll could very well be right. She may just be slicker than he is.

Anonymous said...
Hi FG, how are you so sure Karma was telling the truth? Didn't he deny the karma story?

Wed Sep 30, 06:23:00 PM

Thank you for the chuckle Anonymous.

Anonymous said...

The Karmabites situation was not a one-night stand. There's more to the story not too many people know about. I think she wanted to humiliate him as much as possible by making him out to be a cad who uses women for sex and throws them away right after. She probably regrets starting a blog about it.

flowergirl said...

Oh, I figured there was a whole lot more to her story. But I don't think she should regret her blog.
I think she did what needed to be done and, in my opinion, it worked.
In fact, it worked so well he had to jump into another relationship as quickly as he could.
Enter Katy.

Anonymous said...

actually he never point-blank denied the Karma story. He denied aspects of it, but not the whole story. You have to listen very carefully to what he says when he's trying to extract himself from a messy situation. It's what he leaves out that is almost as interesting as what he actually says. But since most of it is lies and bullshit, figure this: the more he protests, the truer something is.

marinara said...

Anon 1
"The Karmabites situation was not a one-night stand. There's more to the story..."

Well, fill us in, Anon! They'd been e-mailing back and forth for months, and he led her to believe that they were going to have some kind of relationship, or at least that it was possible. Then when she tried to get some concessions before giving it up, he lied to her, so she would. Gave her his tie, too. I believe it was that yellow patterned one that's up on the Newshole blog, the link to which has now been removed from his msnbc homepage.

"she wanted to humiliate him as much as possible by making him out to be a cad who uses women for sex and throws them away right after."

Well, that's what he DOES, and she did succeed in embarrassing him over it. If she really wanted to humiliate him, she could have said he had a really small dick. As far as I know, no accusation like that has ever been made, except by the pricks at Olbermannwatch.

Anon 2
"actually he never point-blank denied the Karma story."

No, he didn't. If you want to see him squirm when asked about it, see Charles Lamb's Q&A on CSPAN.

Funny, I can't find the part I'm referencing in the transcript, but I'm sure it's still in the video.

"You have to listen very carefully to what he says...It's what he leaves out that is almost as interesting as what he actually says."

You mean like when he's naming one of his Worst Persons because they said something uncomplimentary about him, but then fails to mention what they actually said about him? I've seen this several times. He'll make a partial quote about the alleged offense, then leave out the stuff about him. And it's always the ratings.

Anonymous said...

I believe Karma was telling the truth, and she shouldn't regret her blog. What he did to her was despicable and probably typical of his behavior towards women. In fact, I'm surprised no other woman has come forth with a similar tale.

He was probably embarrassed about the Karma thing for two seconds, but he's probably back to carrying on with his fans, with or without Katy's knowledge. I bet that won't last too much longer though. He's getting old, fat, and less appealing. Even the so-called Leona Helmsleys in his audience aren't going to give him the time of day.

Anonymous said...

Marina, I think there was an actual relationship but for unknown reasons he didn't make it known publicly. Then he met Katy and dumped KB to shack up with the little girl. This is all speculation of course. ;)