Monday, August 31, 2009

Marinara's Astrological Charts 7

Mercury conjunct Pluto

This aspect produces penetrating and resourceful minds. The natives have the ability to see through others and to ferret out secrets. They are determined to get to the bottom of what they wish to understand. A strong willpower combines with real genius and resourcefulness. This aspect tends to make the native disinterested, and able to see things as they really are. To her, truth is more important than comfort. (Well, THAT certainly doesn’t sound like Katy, but as I said, she may “season” with age).

There is a special aptitude for understanding reality in terms of energy rather than in terms of material objects; therefore, the native is able to comprehend the forces that can generate fundamental changes in his environment.

Interest in science, especially in atomic physics, is indicated. The aspect also shows that the natives make good investigators and detectives, since much of their mental work is concerned with secret information. (An investigative reporter? I wonder what she has ferreted out about Keith?)

There can be a definite interest in the occult and in working with the superphysical forces of nature, inasmuch as people with this conjunction study and communicate about these forces. When the conjunction is afflicted, (both Mercury and Pluto square the ascendant, a “malefic” aspect.) these natives can be mentally overbearing or even deceitful in order to serve their personal ends. (Now, that sounds like it could be Katy). There is also a tendency to want to remake others' thoughts and mental perceptions.


marinara said...

I'm always wanting to add more when I read it over again. Anyway, after the last sentence, "There is also a tendency to want to remake others' thoughts and mental perceptions" I thought that could be good for Keith, if she was able to get him to think in a different way or consider things that he'd never thought about before, he wouldn't seem so fucked up.

flowergirl said...

The only thing Keith changed was his attitude towards people. And, unfortunately, it wasn't for the better.
Ever since she moved in with him he has taken on such a monstrous personality. It's almost as if he thinks he's accomplished something that nobody else has ever done.

flowergirl said...

Sorry, I pushed the submit button too soon.
I meant to add..

I don't think she could ever "encourage" him to think in a more positive light. It's just not in him to be a good person.

I have a guy friend who just got a divorce. His wife left him for an ex-con. This speaks loudly to what kind of person she is.

What I'm getting at is that Keith is just like her, in that he would rather have a life of destruction than something more stable and constructive.
He doesn't know how to be anything more than a lowlife.

marinara said...

If he was that bad, he'd be a con himself.

He doesn't know what to do with people. He likes being looked at, and that is the only way he can relate, is for people to pay attention to him. To notice him. He doesn't consider what they may think of him. That has nothing to do with success, in his mind.