Sunday, October 18, 2009

Marinara's Astrological Charts 15

Mars in Virgo

Mars in the sign Virgo gives energy and skill wherever work is concerned. As with Mars in the other earth signs, many skilled craftsmen, such as precision machinists, have Mars in this sign. Mars rules operations and sharp instruments, and Virgo is a sign dealing with health, indicating skill also in medical work; surgeons often have Mars placed here. People with this Mars position plan their actions carefully and execute them systematically. They are unlikely to take action without good practical reasons. Unlike Mars in Leo, who likes to dominate in large matters, Mars in Virgo wants to be the authority in exact details. There is a strong perfectionist tendency with this position, which can stand in the way of getting anything done at all (that’s why Keith has to assist her in getting a job.)

These people are fussy and highly critical, especially when detailed methodology and precision are concerned. They insist on a well organized working environment. If Mars is afflicted, (It is, Mars squares Jupiter, not a good aspect) there can be disagreements with co-workers, employees, and employers, sometimes so pronounced as to hinder job security. (Sounds just like Keith! He has found himself a true soulmate to commiserate with).

There can also be danger of accidents through employment. (Depends if her tornado hunting job is over or not). An afflicted Mars (it is afflicted by a square to Jupiter) can also cause a nervous and irritable temperament.Mars in Virgo makes the native quite original and interested in bold and scientific enterprises in which he is usually successful, yet he has many struggles of a peculiar nature as this location of Mars puts difficulties in the way of ambitions and desires for power and fame, helping to bring reversal, downfall, obstacles and continual annoyance or opposition. (The only opposition we can assume thus far, would be any who resent her for getting a job because of Keith, and any whom she has mistreated in her dealings with them.)

It favors profit through trading in common things and general business enterprises. The native is a good worker in employ but usually follows his own will quietly, being mentally very active, quick-witted, shrewd and somewhat acquisitive; tactful and discriminative; possesses reserve force and energy. Mars in Virgo adapts one for science and is somewhat related to medicine, surgery, chemistry, pharmacy, hygiene, healing and food products. It gives power to resist disease by study of hygiene and care in diet but the nervous system and bowels are likely to suffer from complaints brought on or aggravated by Mars. There are also apt to be numerous ties, unions with inferiors, death of friends and helpers or parting from them through quarrels or misunderstanding. (Such as when she left her boyfriend and her previous life behind in LA to be with Keith. And the same thing may yet occur between Keith and her).

If Mars is afflicted in the horoscope, it will, at times, make one quite irritable, hasty, proud, obstinate, reserved, secretive and revengeful. Suffers from loss of friends, servants, subordinates, co-workers and false associations. Liability to accidents and sickness from overwork and trouble through labor difficulties and strikes. (Katy’s Mars is afflicted, unfortunately, with a square to Jupiter.)


marinara said...

Geez, FG, how many more are there?

flowergirl said...

LOL. There's five more.

marinara said...

Do you watch Rachel Maddow? Really interesting tonight. She and Keith were invited to the WH and were with Obama for 2 hours. It was a lot better listening to her explain it than him.

flowergirl said...

Yeah, I do watch Rachel quite often. And I did see where he was on there and they talked about their visit. I turned away shortly thereafter because he turns my stomache.

Ever since I started watching her show I was amazed at how they would both do the same stories but yet hers was more informative.
Keith would always be too busy talking about how bad someone was instead of actually telling you what was going on.
Something tells me he's still doing that.