Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Clearing Things Up

I don't care where anybody comes from, who they are related to or who they have had associations with in the past. This site is about Keith, Countdown and who or what they are connected to. Good or bad, it matters not. But bashing commenters, or making insinuations about them, will not get you through. You can disagree without name calling or inciting hatred.
Republicans fight like that. This is not a Republican site.

I appreciate all my viewers and commenters but attacks against one another isn't acceptable.

Thank you.


marinara said...

Well, I know you're not talking about me. I don't do flamewars or hate, like I said before.

I don't know Keith, nor do I know anyone who knows him or his girlfriend. I am merely speculating on his mental state based on available evidence, most of which Keith has provided himself, with his own words.

I am hesitant to believe what the anonymous poster said in the previous thread about Keith's therapist being a friend of his mother's. If this is true, then he found her through his mother. This person may also be someone he's known since childhood. If Keith thought this woman would ever violate doctor-patient confidentiality, I think he would find someone else--unless this lady is a "go-between" between he and his mother, because he cannot talk to her himself. That would be with his permission, I suppose.

But remember, this is all assuming that what anon said is true, and I really hope it isn't, because it does not sound like a healthy or healing environment for Keith at all.

It should also be pointed out, that Keith's mother is 79 years old, so if this is some friend of hers, isn't it reasonable to assume that the lady would be close to Keith's mom in age? And how likely do you think it is that a 75+ year old woman is still practicing psychiatry? On the other hand, it's possible that Mrs. Olbermann has friends younger than herself, or that a woman of that age is still in practice. Be that at is may, I think Keith is too smart to continue to see someone (and pay them!) if they're not doing him a damn bit of good.

And while we're on the subject of his mental status, let's all remember that we all have some type of mental problem(s). You may not think you do, but go to a psychiatrist and talk to them for an hour, I guarantee (s)he will find something wrong and prescribe the latest wonder drug for you. Keith has the same demons as many other people, but I don't think he is unstable because of it. The only times that I would guess that he might have been, was when he left ESPN and MSNBC in 1998. But he is such a private person, how could you know for sure? Anyway, what can a psychiatrist do for you, except help you understand where your demons originate from and give you strategies to cope with them?

How do you know he's seeing a therapist, Flowergirl? He's only admitted to seeing one after his last crash n' burn at MSNBC. And he definitely made that sound very temporary. Besides, where would he find the time? Well, there's Saturday, I guess.

flowergirl said...

No, I'm not talking about you. Or any of the ones who have made comments on the subject.
I have some who would rather attack those who are commenting than to discuss what has been brought up.
I just basically wanted to let them know that their comments are a waste of time.

Anyway, I don't really know if Keith is seeing a therapist or not. I know he stated once that he was, but as you said, he's too busy now, so you could be right.

I make speculations just like most people. And I like your opinions a lot. I don't always agree with you but you do make me think.

I do, however, agree with what you have said on this subject.

Anonymous said...

Marinara, I do not pull what I post out of my ass. There was a board (well, it still exsts) on which Olbermann posted a great deal at one time. He was very open about his therapy, his mother issues (which were/are many), and even posted a novel he wrote about a lost love (it was awful). That's where I learned who his therapist is.

There are reasons I do not choose to reveal my identity in any way, but it's not because I'm lying.

Flowergirl, if you don't want to post this, I understand, but please see that it gets to Marinara.

flowergirl said...

Sorry I didn't respond last night.
Your post is fine.

I've heard something about this before. But putting aside his mental state for a second, this tells me that Keith is no stranger to interacting with people on the internet.
His posting on Kos is nothing new for him. Which could be a cry for attention. And that brings back his mental state that begs the question. How can he continue to get on national television and call others "crazy" or "mentally unstable" when he himself is the one who needs that kind of help?
And has admitted seeing a therapist?

This is why I bring up Katy as much as I do. It has nothing to do with him having a "relationship" per se as it does the fact that it happened when it happened, how it happened and the fact that she's so young and easily persuaded.

Keith has stated before that he has a fear of failure, so I seriously doubt this is just a "professional" fear.
He has a hard time seperating personal from professional. If Katy were just your average person who wasn't seeking a career in the news business then I probably wouldn't think too much about it. Except for the fact that she's just too damn young for him. But he chose to make his personal business a professional one.
So his mentality will always come into question regardless of the fact that he has mentioned it himself.

I've always believed that older guys who date, or sleep with, extremely young girls are not mentally capable of handling reality. Especially if they take their relationships with them seriously.

Keith is a seeker of attention, which pretty much goes with being a celebrity, but he takes it further than some do.
He needs and craves the attention from the "hollywood" crowd.
Have you noticed that ever since Katy moved in with him he's rubbing elbows more frequently with other celebrities?
He kisses ass to get the attention he so desparately needs.

I believe what "anonymous" has said. That situation bears repeating.

marinara said...

I didn't come back to this thread until now, because I thought it was done. I did not see the last two comments. If the board still exists, please post a link, anon. I can't find it.