Sunday, October 12, 2008

Keith Is A Big Headed Kid

According to David Letterman Keith is the giant head from MSNBC. This is funny.
I know he's a comedian, but the way he talks about Keith makes it seem as if all Keith was to him was a fill-in when they were desperate.
But hell, we already knew that. Of course, Keith probably doesn't see it that way. He plugged away about it but what I saw, in video, was Letterman doing most of the talking and Keith listening.

Keith was a live stage prop for Letterman to vent his frustrations at. That's all he was and nothing more. But, it's publicity for Keith. And for Keith, that's all that counts.


marinara said...

I think Keith knew that going in, that he was to play 'straight man', so Letterman could vent. At least Letterman knew he has a sympathetic ear in Keith. He couldn't have asked for a better pinch hitter, than one who bashes McCain on his show every night.

flowergirl said...

Eh, you could be right.

blondie said...

Big headed may have hurt, but I bet he loved being called 'that kid'

flowergirl said...

Oh, no doubt.