Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I Tried..But I Couldn't Do It

Well, I tried watching Countdown last night but I just couldn't stomache Keith's constant badgering of his rivals. He can't do one show without talking about BillO or anybody at FOX. It's pathetic and annoying.

Damn, what I wouldn't give for the old Keith when he actually did the news. But we all know that will never happen again.

Oh well. Sometimes people choose paths that lead them down a road of destruction and stupidity. Lord knows, I've been on that road one too many times.

Anyway, those who love him will stay and those who don't will more than likely keep griping about him.
Either way, have fun.


marinara said...

He may yet evolve into more news, less snipe. I still like him. I hope you'll try Rachel's show.

flowergirl said...

I watch Rachel occasionally. Her show is pretty good. She's funny but yet she gives out more information than Keith does.

As for Keith evolving? LOL. I just really don't see that happening.
I think he takes a great deal of pleasure belittling others, and I suspect, he's always been like that.
It just finally came out when he realized he still has a job.

bunny said...

Oh, was KO actually on? I haven't been watching because he hasn't been acting as proper host of "Countdown" - of late there have been many substitutes.

Anonymous said...

This guy still on the air?
What station?

flowergirl said...