Monday, August 10, 2009

Marinara's Astrological Charts 2

Sun conjunct MercurySun conjunct Mercury confers creativity and the ability to act in all things denoted by Mercury, especially in ideas, work, and friendships. (Communication in all its forms is one of the things denoted by Mercury.)

This aspect shows a tendency to enforce ideas and decisions with willpower. However, it also hinders objectivity in self-analysis by contributing to a very close identification of mind and ego. This makes it difficult for natives to view themselves impartially, or as others see them. (Sounds like she has the same problem as Keith).

These natives are endowed with mental stamina and have a great deal of mental energy. If Mercury is conjunct the Sun within an orb of 1/2 to 4 degrees, Mercury is said to be "combust", creating a condition in which the lines of thought communication are overloaded with solar energy. Then a breakdown of communication and thought processes occurs, which can be compared to the way fine wires in an electronic component are destroyed if they are subjected to an overload of electricity. When this excess energy overheats the mental processes, a more or less momentary mental blind spot results.

(Katy’s conjunction is separated by 4 degrees, with her Mercury at 29 deg. Libra, and her Sun at 2 deg. Scorpio).When Mercury is conjunct the Sun within less than 1/2 a degree or 30 seconds of arc, Mercury is said to be "casimi." This position, while having some of the same difficulties of the "combust," is also a "dignity"; when the alignment of wave patterns is so perfect, the solar energy is modulated by Mercury and becomes a perfect carrier-frequency for the mind. In other words, the will becomes a vehicle for mental expression.

When the conjunction is in Gemini, Virgo, Aquarius or Libra, this confers high powers of intellect. (Katy’s conjunction is in Libra, and Mercury, at 23’ seconds of arc, less than the 30’ seconds for a “combust”. Without a time of birth, this cannot be determined with any accuracy, but she seems to function well enough not to be considered “combust”. But I don’t see a powerful intellect. Perhaps that will develop with age).


flowergirl said...

Katy is a smart girl but she hasn't got a lick of sense. If she is so determined to make it in the "news" business, why choose someone who has a bad reputation to get her what she wants.

The only thing, I see, that this is going to get her is a bunch of snickering from other employees. Possible outright verbal battles, and that she'll never rise above mediocre.

If mediocre is what she's comfortable with then all the power to her. But sucking dick isn't going to get this girl a bigger and better position in her field of dreams.

The only thing she needs to grow on is wisdom. Intellect isn't going to do it. Once she realizes that Keith's rep is keeping her down she'll probably leave him for greener pastures.

marinara said...

I'm not sure there are any greener pastures for her. She's "tainted" by Keith. Who else would have her that could do any better for her than he has?

flowergirl said...

I'm sure there's bound to be some guy out there that has a better standing with people that would be willing to "save" her.
But he'd better have a lot of money.

LK said...

The problem is that Katy, quite frankly, isn't all that attractive. And cuteness will only get you so far. Then there is her association with Keith. That alone will hurt her in attracting anyone else I would think as she's already been outed as a golddigger. So I guess she's stuck with him whether she knows that yet or not.

flowergirl said...

In this day and age cuteness isn't always a criteria. She has extremely large breasts and that will play a major role in her getting what she wants. Unfortunately, sex sells. But apparently it's not selling that well with Keith.
But then, he's a controller and will control everything she strives for. He won't ever let her rise above anything other than mediocre.
She will never never never be above him in any long as she stays with him.