Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Marinara's Astrological Charts 4

Sun conjunct Pluto

Natives having this conjunction express their power potential through their ability to regenerate and change themselves and the things around them by focusing their wills. Since tremendous energy is at their disposal, they can penetrate to prime causes.

Pluto rules the ability to penetrate dimensions and tap the fundamental dynamic energy of the universe responsible for all form manifestation and evolution. In the human organism, this primal energy is manifested as sexual potency, (Keith, where are those kids?) which can be expressed through the mind or through the body. When it is expressed through the mind, higher universal states of consciousness are revealed, and the individual can become an instrument of the Divine Will. Through the mind, the transforming power of Pluto is able to recreate individuals into spiritual beings with universal power for good. (Somehow, I can’t see Katy as a universal power for good, but whatever. Maybe someday she’ll make a contribution to society. It’s probably safe to assume here, that Katy’s primal energy is expressed through the body.)

It is important that these natives learn to bring their wills into harmony with the Divine Will. If they fail to do so, their efforts will backfire and cause their own destruction. (Wake up, Katy!) People with this conjunction can have a power complex and, if allowed to go unchecked, can become dictatorial. They must realize they are not the only power in the universe, that each person's will and power are borrowed from a universal source of energy and must maintain harmony with it. (Not sure Keith would tolerate any “dictatorial-ness” from Katy).

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flowergirl said...

No way would she ever be able to dictate anything where Keith is concerned.
I'm sure he's the one doing all of the dictating. But she's still too young to figure that one out yet.