Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Marinara's Astrological Charts 5

Mercury conjunct Saturn

Although natives with Mercury conjunct Saturn are not as fluent and expressive as those with the Mercury conjunct Jupiter aspect, they are more exact, painstaking, logical and scientific in their thinking. This conjunction bestows strong mathematical and scientific ability.

Foresightedness and careful planning are among its good qualities. The overall quality of the horoscope and the other aspects found in it will determine how this type of mental ability is used.

Natives are hardworking and thorough in learning and in study. When they write and speak, no steps are omitted. The conjunction produces notable powers of visualization, since the natives understand form and structure. They are, therefore, excellent in geometry and make good designers, draftsmen, architects and engineers. They tend to be mentally ambitious, but they can encounter periodic difficulties in gaining recognition. (This is what she is attempting to do now, gain recognition, but in television. Maybe she would be more suited to a different career entirely).

On the negative side, this conjunction can signify people who are critical, worry too much, and are subject to depressions. Often skeptical and doubting, they are not likely to accept ideas which are not traditional or which they cannot readily assimilate. (If this is her general attitude, Keith wouldn’t have invited her in, if he knew about it. Perhaps now she has revealed herself to be this, and that is the reason for the strain we have detected between them).


flowergirl said...

This relationship has doom written all over it.
It looked that way from the beginning.

She's not going to get where she wants to be by being connected to him.
Most people just are not going to accept her as a "hard working" individual.
Everything she has done has been because of Keith.
Hell, she's already proven that she doesn't have her own personality.

This is what happens when someone at the age of 22 takes up with a much older person.
She didn't allow herself to become an individual or "her own person".

As long as she stays with him she will be limited, and she'll never know who she really is.

marinara said...

When and if she figures out who she is, is when she'll leave.

flowergirl said...

I agree. Or Keith will kick her out.

LK said...

He won't kick her out; she's too useful to him for what he needs her for: to make him look normal. I mean how pathetic it is that a man of 50 had never had a live-in relationship before her? Very very unusual in this day and age. I also think she probably knows a great deal about him at this point and that if he pissed her off, she might turn Karmabites on him and spill all to his foes. And it's probably enough to ruin him. I imagine he's even a bit frightened of what she could to do to his career at this point. I'd say they both got what they wanted but neither wants what they have. Seems suiting I think.

Anonymous said...

Marinara how do I get one of those astrological readings? Is it a website or a program?

flowergirl said...

LK, I think a lot of his "unusualness" is because of his Mother. I think he inherited it.
The dude isn't sane and I think you're right, Katy makes him look normal. But it's not an average normal. More like below average.

Anonymous said...

Here's what a British astrologer (Marjorie Orr) had to say about KO and Bill-O.

US News commentators - bickering up their careers From: Marjorie. (02 Aug 2009 15:27):

Sniping between US news commentators Bill O''Reilly (Fox right wing) and Keith Olberman (MSNBC anti-right wing) may have been temporarily halted but their animosity to each other won''t go away. Apart from anything else it probably helps their ratings.
O''Reilly is a serious Sun Saturn in Virgo with his Sun trine a traditionalist Jupiter in Capricorn. He''s also got a flamboyant and noisy Mars in Leo and Aries Moon. His Mercury in Libra is close to confused Neptune and sextile Pluto so he''ll be intense, persuasive though not always clear cut.

Olbermann is a Sun Aquarius with a Virgo Moon but is very Neptunian. Neptune sits on the focal point of a Fixed T square to his Sun opp Uranus in Leo and to a mini grand trine of Pluto to Saturn in Capricorn. So high ideals but not always too much realism. He's also got an adventurous Mars in Taurus opposition Jupiter which squares onto Venus in Aquarius - so lots of charm but overly impulsive. His Mercury in Capricorn is in a heated trine to Mars and an expansive sextile to Jupiter.

Their relationship chart has a Sun Pluto square so there is definitely a power struggle for the upper hand. Mars is also opposition Jupiter Venus in Sagittarius so they''ll tend to egg each other on rather unwisely.

With Mars sextile Pluto they''ll be a degree of hostility behind their arguments; though with Mars trine Neptune maybe an eye to publicity as well.

There is a damper on their relationship through Sept and Oct 09 as tr Saturn squares Jupiter Venus and Mars - so perhaps more irritation. With tr Uranus squaring as well through 10/11 so there''ll be more fireworks to come.

Neither of them is looking too ecstatic over the next eighteen months. O'Reilly has tr Saturn just off his Sun with tr Pluto square his Solar Arc Mars both of which make this a rather held-back and frustrating year. Aug/Sept 09 will be downbeat with tr Saturn in hard aspect to his sociable SA Venus and Jupiter. Then 2010/11 will see major upheavals in his life with tr Pluto opposition Uranus.

Though if anything Olberman is having a marginally worse time with a panicky tr Neptune square Mars in 09/10 and an undermining bubble-bursting square to Jupiter in 10/11 as well as an undermining tr Neptune conjunct his focal point Venus in 10 which may dent his popularity. Plus he''s got a dreary tr Pluto conjunct his Saturn in 09/10.

flowergirl said...


marinara said...

I've looked at a synastry grid between Keith and Katy, but I haven't done any interpretations. What you have there, Anon, was done by a professional astrologer, which I am not. I'm using a program called Solar Fire, made by Astrolabe, and a couple of books I've had for years and years, b/c the interpretations that came with the program, I thought were inadequate. To the other Anon, you can get a free reading at

"...a power struggle for the upper hand..."? He's the star, she's a nobody, so I wonder what she would use to gain the upper hand? (wink*wink) If she got too insistent, I could see him kicking her out to another, smaller apartment in the same building, just to keep up appearances that they're still living together.

Boy, would I love to know what Keith's sister thinks of her.