Sunday, October 25, 2009

Marinara's Astrological Charts 16

Jupiter in Sagittarius

This indicates a love of philosophy, religion, education, travel, and foreign cultures. Intense involvement in matters concerning the codification of social thought may lead people with this position to embrace some philosophy or system of thought by which to regulate their lives. Traditionally, this means some form of religious belief; but Sagittarian, intellectual types may take up Freudian psychoanalysis, Marxian dialectics, or bohemianism. Jupiter in Sagittarius merely shows the need for a system for governing one's conduct and way of life; the form that system takes depends on the overall tenor of the chart and the social milieu of the individual, which he may be either accepting or reacting against. The desire to make personal conduct conform to an impartial set of moral principles brings these natives the respect and admiration of many, including their enemies. These people tend to have far-reaching metaphysical thoughts. They wish to know about the nature of man's consciousness, how he can successfully adjust to society, the purpose of the individual in the universe, and what is the ultimate creative force behind physical manifestation and the evolutionary process. This questioning leads in most cases, to religious belief and an acknowledgment of a Supreme Being. Once a particular set of religious or philosophic values is adopted, satisfaction is gained from efforts to convert friends and associates to a similar way of thinking; acceptance of a system of belief confers the security to operate in a larger social context. However, these people are deep thinkers and will formulate their standards within the context of the ethical system to which they subscribe, or which has been a part of their family upbringing.


flowergirl said...

One word in that whole thing that sticks out is "ethical".
There is nothing ethical about her.
If she had any kind of ethics at all she wouldn't have jump on the first train to a fat old rich guy.
In fact, she would've tried to make it on her own without his assistance.

Girls like her have one thing in mind. Living a secure life without having to fight too hard to get it.
That's the easy road. Which also means that she will never be able to appreciate the things that she worked hard to get.

marinara said...

She was on her own for a short time, but I'm sure she got that job at KTLA through her dad.

I prefer to believe she is practicing some form of bohemianism.

flowergirl said...

That's an understatement.LOL.