Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Countdown Needs Change

It's just not that good. I can sit and watch Countdown and then The Rachel Maddow Show and get the same stories. However, I get more information from Rachel than I do from Keith.
Though Countdown wasn't that bad Tuesday night it just wasn't that good. There needs to be some changes. Either that or Keith needs to start asking the right questions.
Maybe he could study Rachel's techniques and learn from her. But God forbid he learn from a woman, so I guess that's out of the question.

I'm thinking maybe it's Keith's overwhelming desire to bash that he's forgotten how to report. I can remember a time where he would tell you the story as it is and not as it should be. But then, that was during the time before he became extremely involved with himself.
He's perfect and anybody who disagrees with that is his enemy. That's who he's become and that's the direction his show has taken.

Who knows, maybe he could bring back the soundbites of the day. Those were pretty good. Or rearrange some things. Move WPiTW between the 5th and 4th stories and add a longer 3rd story. And get a better 2nd story.
Something needs to happen or his show is going to go down the drain.


LK said...

I've heard all I ever want to hear about Bill O'Reilly. If I was that interested in Bill-O, I'd change the damn channel and watch his show, not CD. I'm tired of the me, me, me of the show. And of those pink ties and his red face.

flowergirl said...

Maybe Keith should change the title of the show to Countdown About Keith Olbermann and Bill O'Reilly.
That's a long title but we could shorten it to CAKOBO. LOL.

I've pretty much gotten to the point where I feel the show has gotten really boring so I only watch it maybe twice a week.

marinara said...

The #1 story was a stretch Wed. night. It's like he's desperately grasping for anything to say about Billo.

He's finding what he's going to settle into now the a Dem has won the White House. I saw some evidence of this last night, in that he seems to be setting Obama up to do certain things, namely, punishing the torturers at Gitmo and Abu Ghraib, and if he doesn't, Keith has a new issue to rant about!

I saw an interesting comment at D/Kos the other day, about how the media is now relabeling terms such as "accountability" and "criticism" as "revenge" and "hate" or "derangement".

I'm waiting to see which side Keith takes on this. Rachel will resist the relabeling. Will Keith?

flowergirl said...


Keith is a hate monger so he'll find a label that will make him look as if he's the one who came up with it.

I went to Countdown's website and checked out the WPiTW segment from Wednesday's show. I believe it was Wednesday's show.
Anyway, he was talking about this hockey player that called his ex's sloppy seconds and it made me think.
This story was definitely right up Keith's alley. Isn't he living with sloppy seconds?

Anonymous said...

It ain't like Katy is living with a prize either.

flowergirl said...

You got that right.