Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Whatever Drugs Keith Is On, He Should Stay On Them

It's pretty obvious that Keith is sick again. But whatever he's taking to combat it he should keep taking it. Countdown was very good tonight. Or last night.
He asked all the right questions about war crimes. I was beginning to wonder if he was ever going to go down that road. This is something that will get my undivided attention.
If he feels the need to be obsessed with something, or someone, then this is definitely the route to take. In fact, a special comment should be done about this. Leave out the "sirs" and just throw the Dick in jail.

The shoe tossing was hilarious. I loved it. Joel McHale is great but I don't think Keith can handle having a shoe thrown at him. He was too quick to say "dammit". Something tells me he's not a team player. And it wouldn't surprise me if he blasted the person who did it once he was off the air. Though, from my point of view, watching a shoe being thrown at Keith was the highlight of the evening.


marinara said...

Aw, my poor baby has a cold.

Yeah, I noticed too, that Keith is setting up a potential adversarial relationship with our new president, in case he goes all Bush/Cheney on us. I think it was last week, in response to Obama saying he was going to have a commission to investigate something or other, and Keith said "that doesn't sound like change we can believe in!" That's the kind of thing I want to hear. Hold their feet to the fire, regardless of party.

The shoe throwing thing wasn't unexpected. Keith is just very afraid of being hit in the face. And of course, you know this depth perception problem he claims he has, he might have been concerned that he wouldn't move out of the way in time.

flowergirl said...

Yeah, I noticed that the show was thrown a little bit to his right. I also noticed he didn't move very quickly. Just quick with the profanity.
But, nobody wants to be hit in the face.

As for politics. He needs to continue with this line of questioning. Rub it in till something actually happens.

marinara said...

The #1 story with Joel McHale and the shoe throwing has been removed from Countdown's website. Wonder what that's all about?

flowergirl said...

Oh really? Hmm, that's interesting.

flowergirl said...

I had to go check just to see if maybe it might've just been a glich or something and they put it back up, but they didn't.
It was permanently removed.

That's strange. There wasn't anything wrong with that story. Unless Joel McHale didn't like having his face battered all over the internet.

Anonymous said...

It's funny isn't it that Keith used to lay out if he so much as sneezed but now he seems to drag himself to work no matter how sick he is. Hmmm. Doesn't he have someone at home to take care of him? Why doesn't he want to be at home? Whatever could the reason be?

I just wish one of those shoes would have connected with his huge head and knocked some sense into him.

flowergirl said...

Yeah, I've talked about that before. One thing is definitely clear, he's working a lot more than usual. Which in turn keeps him away from home.
Soon, the football season will be over and he'll have to find something else to keep him away.

I think the only way any sense is going to be knocked into Keith is if he went back to that subway and hit the same door he hit a long time ago that caused him to be senseless in the first place.

LK said...

I think his senselessness started long, long before that head injury on the subway.

flowergirl said...

Yeah, I'm sure that's correct. I just thought I would try to attribute it to something we could actually account for and not that he was probably born that way. LOL.