Monday, December 8, 2008

Political Comedy? Keith?

Since when has Keith been politically funny? He spends more time humoring up Bill O'Reilly than he does making jokes about politics.
I'll tell you what's funny on Countdown. Watching Keith with the sound down. He can't just read the news he has to act it out. Which in turn, makes him look like a cartoon character. Or someone who is trying really really hard to be like Jim Carrey.

Anyway, I have an idea for Keith. Since he deemed it necessary to write a book about all those "special comments" he did, then wouldn't it be more up his alley to write one about BillO? He seems to know a great deal about the guy. Hell, he probably spends more time on him than BillO's wife does.
It would sell.
But going back to his mentioning of Jay Leno getting his own political comedy show. Something tells me that Keith is going to throw a big hissy fit if that show cuts into his repeat face time. I hope he does...and I hope it backfires on him big time. This would prove once and for all just how low Keith is willing to go for his own purpose.

On a different subject. Who the hell is cutting his hair? It looks terrible. The sides and the back are really short and the top is too long. It lays over the back as if he's wearing a toupee. I'm guessing it's not a professional cut.
And really, since when is Keith a defender of not calling a woman a broad? Not that I've ever heard him say it out loud, but someone like him probably has thought it from time to time and/or has said it in private.
But then, him defending anybody that doesn't directly appeal to him makes him a liar. I don't care how many "heavy sighs" he throws out's all fake.


blondie said...

First of all, I haven't watched KO in many, many months..but I do recall, oh, 2 or 3 years ago (before they did the show from NYC) he did some very clever stuff. Unfortunately, he started doing those sanctimonious special things and believed he was some sort of a reporter, rather than an entertainer. Sad, really..he's far too biased to be a reporter, but he used to be enjoyable years ago.

flowergirl said...

You know, you're right. It's so hard to remember that he use to be good.
Now, he's just so bad that I can't watch him that much. Everytime I do he does or says things that I find so incredibly difficult to swallow.

marinara said...

He used to do the "Newsquiz" with Monica Novotny. I've only seen clips of that, I hadn't discovered the show yet. But it would be great if he brought that back.

"Something tells me that Keith is going to throw a big hissy fit if that show cuts into his repeat face time."

If he does, the only place we'll hear about it is on Page Six. Remember, you're not supposed to complain about anything your own network does that you don't like.

His hair looks fine from the front, but it was cut too short on the back and the sides. Someone at the studio cuts his hair, so it should have been a professional job, but with all this cost cutting going on at the network, maybe it was one of the part time employees with no benefits who cut it this time.

flowergirl said...

I remember the News Quiz. That was the beginning of the end for him.
That's when he started getting way too cocky and full of himself. And getting involved with his fans.
When that road came into light that's when I lost a great deal of respect for him. Actually, I started losing respect for him when he practically had sex with Mary Carey on national television.
Now he thinks he's God's gift to the world because he makes more money, while others are suffering, and thinks that he's the only old guy who lives with an extremely young girl.
It's all Hollywood to him now. So therefore, if you go by commercial standards, he's not real, he's an actor.

I have yet to see him be anything other than a performer. When he did the Dan Patrick show that was the only time he was actually himself.
Now, it's next to impossible for him to be anything but a fake.

Anonymous said...

He was only "real" on Dan Patrick's show b/c Dan would call him out on his BS. No one holds him accountable anymore, he has complete control at MSNBC. It's not a good thing.

P.s.: Look at how much he's aged in the past 2-3 years.

flowergirl said...

I agree. Burning the candle at both ends has the tendency to age you quickly.

And you're right about Dan Patrick. Unfortunately, he can't do that publicly anymore.

I think Keith has bitten off more than he can chew.