Sunday, March 8, 2009

Wow Keith. Really? Ann Coulter? Come On.

Are you so insecure that you have to prove yourself to the likes of Ann Coulter? Everybody already knows that you went to Cornell. You've made that clear numerous times. But what gets me is that you took it as far as showing your diploma. Ann Coulter is a loud mouth idiot who doesn't understand half the shit she's saying. Most of the time what she says makes no sense. At least not to sensible people.
You're letting yourself get sucked into these things. You hit them they're going to hit you back. It's a given. You should be expecting it. But apparently you've become so incredibly immature, which seems to be getting worse, that you feel the need to prove your education to Ann Coulter. Of all people.

Something tells me that you're going senile. Your brain isn't catching up with your age. Maybe your young tart is keeping you stupid.
Come on, Keith, you're a lot smarter than this.


marinara said...

But his ego had to respond, FG! If he hadn't said something, Coulter would have been able to say, "See? It's true, Keith really was educated in milking and bovine management."

I've updated my Wikiality page to reflect his education.

flowergirl said...

Well, you know what they say about cows and milk.

I checked out your page earlier today. Very humorous. I like it.

scott said...

Ann did not say Olbermann did not GO TO Cornell. Read the article.

Anonymous said...

Actually no he's not. He's smart in what he wants to be smart in, namely baseball statistics and obscure knowledge about baseball cards. He has superficial understanding only of current events. Why do you think he never has anyone on whose opinion differs from his own? It's because he has no idea how to counter their arguments or to properly question them because he doesn't know enough about the subject to begin with. Much easier to have an "expert" on who will be liberal (and viewer friendly) and let them just go and talk about what it is they want to talk about.

Besides, you can't very well bone up (no pun intended) on your show's subject matter and still have time to a) attend baseball games; b) collect baseball shit and c) chase much younger women now can you?

Anyway it's obvious that he is very intellectually threatened or has some sort of complex because Ann Coulter was absolutely right about him constantly mentioning that Cornell degree.

marinara said...

Keith has said in the past that "My ego is firing on all cylinders". It's apparent that he doesn't have the intellect to back up that ego. If more people took him seriously, it would reflect in his ratings. I'm afraid the the ratings he does get probably come from people like me--those who look to his show as entertainment more than news, and look to him as a more mature looking version of eye candy. From the shoulders up, that is. I think I might suffer hysterical blindness if I ever saw him in a speedo.

flowergirl said...

LOL. Somehow I doubt Keith would ever wear a speedo but the thought was kind of funny.