Monday, September 7, 2009

Marinara's Astrological Charts 8

Venus conjunct Mars

Although this aspect is considered one of the primary aspects concerned with sex, the natives incline toward passionate involvements of all types. Natives should have some outlet for their powerful creative energies. (Keith certainly picked himself the right one for the bedroom, didn’t he?)

The desire nature of Mars joined with the attraction principle of Venus must manifest itself in some form of creativity. Whether it is expressed through sex or through social and artistic activities depends on the rest of the horoscope and other aspects made to the conjunction. (There is a square made to both planets by the North Node, as well as a semi-square between Mars and the Ascendant, a more minor aspect. Unless all of this creativity is expressed as a producer/writer/reporter, then there must be some interesting things going on in the bedroom. One wonders why Keith would not make more time for this, and for her).

This conjunction gives vitality to the emotional nature, and the natives have an intense love of life and emotional warmth. The result can be excessive aggressiveness if other factors in the horoscope permit, but even their aggressiveness is coupled with a certain charm by the Venusian influence. (Perhaps this is the new way that Keith is “beaten by girls”. I’ve said I thought he secretly enjoyed this).

The love nature of Venus is rendered more physical in nature by this aspect--to what degree will depend on whether Mars or Venus is the stronger, as well as on their sign placement and aspects to other planets. (I’m not sufficiently well-versed in this to say which is stronger. Both planets have an equal number of “bad” aspects.) These people are somewhat impulsive in spending their own and other people's money. They are generous and outgoing but must avoid wasteful and unnecessary spending. (Maybe that’s why she doesn’t have much money, as she said. With the effects of this aspect, one could hardly blame Keith for not letting her get her hands on any of his money).


flowergirl said...

I've often heard that Scorpios are more sexual than any other sign.
That being said, I just don't think Katy is getting much satisfaction in that field. At least not from him.

Like you said, Keith doesn't spend that much time with her. And I believe it.
He got exactly what he wanted when he took her in.
Someone to make him look "normal" and so people won't think he's gay.

I think, and have always thought, that this relationship is a sham. It wouldn't matter if he married her or not, this isn't based on love. And I seriously doubt there's a whole lot of it going on.

I'm sure they get along pretty well. But that's due to the fact that they don't see each other very much.
Keith keeps himself really really really busy.

This relationship is still relatively new. Any normal couple would be spending most of their time together. Instead, Keith made it a point to get more work.

She will always be the last one on his mind. And I think sex, for him, is just a formality.

marinara said...

Each sign rules a different part of the body. For Scorpios, it's the genitals.

Not sure how busy he'll be for the rest of the year. Haven't heard whether or not he'll be asked back to Football Night In America.

I want to know why he bought that extra one bedroom in Trump Tower. Who is that for? Maybe Katy made him move all of his baseball stuff, and he had to buy somewhere to display it. Then he goes down there to visit it and hang out. Or maybe it's for her to take her male friends when Keith won't perform.

If Keith wanted to look normal, he would have found someone at least ten years older. If he didn't choose Katy for sex, then I don't have a clue why he wants her around. He keeps getting her jobs in return for....what?

Anonymous said...

I kinda feel bad for the both of them if there is no love in their relationship and they are just using each other. I know they are choosing the kind of relationship they want to be in, but it's still sad to see two people settling for something less than love.

Also I thought he wanted marriage and children. He has neither, and he's not a young guy. He needs to hurry and marry this girl.

CJ said...

A few years back I remember reading a one-page overview of Keith's astrology. The professional astrologer did not have his exact birth time, but was a fan of him. She said he has extreme difficulty emotionally, especially in terms of a serious lack of empathy for others, especially those close. It had something to do with three planets in conflict--which was rare...I'm not sure, I am not that versed in astrology. Perhaps Marinara remembers this reading?

Anyway, it is clear Keith is a narcissist, but that reading seemed to provide insight that has certainly been born out. Perhaps Marinara could give us Keith's astrology (if flowergirl does not mind posting it). I found this expanded reading very interesting.

CJ said...

How silly I am, seems I should use "the google" more often, Ha!, Here's the link to that Keith reading from 2007:

some highlights:

"This is not a man who cares what others think, as long as it doesn't interfere with his ambition. His chart lacks the water element that confers sensitivity to others...Scorpio has the sensitivity of the other water signs, but it operates differently. In Scorpio there is an awareness of emotional undercurrents but without the compassion and empathy that Pisces and Cancer possess. Scorpio is more manipulative and more concerned with the reality of a situation than taking care of the needs of others."

"Mars and Jupiter both square a conjunction of Venus and Chiron, forming a stressful T-square in his chart. The combination of Venus and Chiron shows that relationships (Venus) are painful (Chiron) for Keith, probably due to a painful episode that happened early in his life."
A good friend of mine worked with sexually abused children and from our conversations (and reading this reading a few years back), I always got the feeling that Keith may have been abused as a child or young teen. (perhaps "abused" is too strong, but definately a "painful episode").

He seemed to be around adults at a very young age (baseball card collecting, going to & selling at conventions as early as 10 or 11), being in college at such a young age, seem like ripe circumstances, for someone emotionally underdeveloped to begin with, to have an unfortunate encounter sexually. I have no knowledge of such an episode, but his behavior and those circumstances could lend themselves to that senario.

Either way, it was interesting finding that astrologer's reading again, to see how spot on it was.

flowergirl said...

I remember reading that.

I've always thought that Keith was abused in some way when he was a child.
People just don't grow up to be like him without something horrible happening to them when they are young.
His Mother seemed rather aggressive and his Dad seemed as if he didn't really want to spend that much time with him.
This is just from what I've observed with his attitude towards his parents.

I remember in 2003 Keith wished his Dad a happy birthday on his show but his attitude towards it wasn't a happy one.

marinara said...

I posted that very link, either here or at KOE a long while back. If I recall, that astrologer said that Keith was a patient and caring lover, or words to that effect. WTF?

flowergirl said...

Patient and caring lover? HA!