Sunday, May 3, 2009

They Should All Resign

Man, this dude is getting worse. I'm wondering if Keith is literally losing his mind. I have never seen him so confused and contradictory as he has been recently. This is not a good thing. We don't need someone who can't remember half the shit he says defending the left. Speaking in his language; he's way out in left field and he can't find his way home.

That being said, what is it with him stating that people should apologize and resign? I agree that the dumbass who thought it would be neat to scare the hell of New Yorkers by flying those planes over the city should resign, but the congresswoman who stuck her foot in her mouth a couple of times doesn't need to resign. If that's the case then they should all resign and Keith can run the country.
Oh but first, Keith should apologize for stealing money from fired co-workers and he should resign from his current job and apologize to all the women he treated like shit. And then he should start telling the truth.

If this country was run the way Keith would like it to run I'd guarantee you that the poor would die and the rich would get everything they could ever want. He can get up there and pretend he cares about that poor fella that got murdered and make it sound good, but deep within his soul he's just as evil as the next rich person.

When I listen to him give his personal opinions about the plights of Americans I just want to punch his fucking lights out. Not once does he stop to think about all the things he's done to others to get where he is. What he's doing is trying to get people to believe that he's a good person and that he really cares.
If he really cared then he wouldn't be crying foul about seasonal baseball tickets when he should be more concerned about the welfare of this country.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. And I'll probably say it more as time goes on. He has no idea what life is about.
He thinks that he's "in touch" with the common folk, when in fact, he has no clue how people live their lives. He thinks that everybody should think like him, act like him, love him and use his name whenever possible.

He's getting worse. And the more he tries to interact with others the more confused and bizarre he becomes. He really needs to stop and think about his life before he continues down a path that doesn't look good for him. He's losing these battles. And eventually he's going to lose the war.

All of this could be hereditary though. If it is then he definitely needs to get some help. And I say that sincerely. They do have medication that can clear up that thinking. There are ways that he can become a better person. But you have to want to be a better person.


The Reality-Based Community said...

He'd first have to acknowledge that he has a problem. And that's not going to happen, because he thinks he's perfect. I just wish he had to live on the average American's salary for just one week: it would kill him. No blowing thousands of dollars on Ebay, no primo seats at the Yankees games, no living in Park Avenue apartments. Let him try it for just one week.

And I make a bold prediction: he'll make some lavish charity contribution and draw attention to it so everyone will think he's a great guy once again after his whining about these Yankee tickets.

flowergirl said...

It would definitely be nice to see him live on the average American's salary. Maybe then he would actually know what the hell he's talking about.
Whenever he tries to connect with us on the level of reality his voice and words sound hollow and meaningless. There is no sincerity. And his acting isn't good enough to make it sound real.

No matter how hard he tries he will never be above the average American. Unless, of course, he's willing to give up all his riches. But like you said, it would kill him.
He wouldn't understand the concept of grocery shopping on a budget. Or clipping coupons. Or worrying about whether or not he could pay his bills on time.
And he probably wouldn't know the first thing about cleaning his own toilet. I suspect somebody else does that, and I seriously doubt it's Katy.
Why dirty your hands when you can pay someone to do it for you?

He would surely die.

Anonymous said...

Please explain WHY this is so personal. Did not se an answer to my previous post on Katy Tur.

Why do you hate HIM because he is rich? I don't care if he does it as an on-air stunt, he has given to charity. Which is more than I've seen other rich news people do.

So WHY EXACTLY do you hate Keith Olbermann because he is rich?


Anonymous said...

He's gotten Katy a new job at The Weather Channel.

flowergirl said...

Who didn't see that coming?

To the other anonymous. Read my comment under "Daddy and His Children".