Monday, April 14, 2008

Bad Boy

Keith is not an unintelligent person, so I'm starting to think that he loves being a bad boy and is taking it as far as he can possibly go with it.
Come on, the guy has got to know that he's being hypocritical in a lot of the things he says. And he's got to know that "scary girl" isn't very good at what she does.
I think he keeps saying certain things just to get a rise out of people because he knows that as long as he says things that makes him look hypocritical, then those people will continue to talk about him. And what better way to get continuous publicity than to say things that are similar to the way he lives?
He knows he's a jerk. He knows he has hurt people (which that part is really sad). He knows he's difficult to work with. He knows he's egotistical. He knows he put "scary girl" ahead of those who really deserve that job. But he doesn't care, and that's the bottom line.
If he truly cared about someone other than himself he wouldn't abuse his power. Bad boys don't care about other people unless it serves their purpose.

So the more he talks about things that have "eerie similarities" to his life the more I'm gonna think he's doing it on purpose just to get more publicity.

Hey, I never said he wasn't a good business guy.

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