Thursday, April 24, 2008

Where There's A Penis Joke/Problem

Countdown is on top of it.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, they really got their money's worth with that one, didn't they? Glad you're feeling better.
Is it me, or is Richard Lewis getting too creepy for words? I used to think he was funny, now he's just - bizarre? Also got a kick out of KO razing loathsome O'Reilly for his Hannah Montana fixation..kept thinking his grinning gal (last time I saw her..she was doing a rape story.ugh) is much closer in age to the teen than he is to her. Also thought he looked paunchy on Letterman, but the funny thing is..I saw George Clooney on that show (about 2 weeks ago?) and remember thinking GC looked kind of thinner-sickly..but maybe Letterman is bigger than I thought...I thought wrong.

flowergirl said...

Richard Lewis is definitely creepy. I never really cared for his style too much. I wanted to give him a valium and tell him to go chill.

Oh, I completely agree about the Hannah Montana stuff. I kept thinking that Keith really had no room to be talking.

I don't know why it is that it's okay for Keith to be a "sicko" but it's not okay for anybody else.
That boy's got his priorities all screwed up.

I'm not much of a George Clooney fan but maybe his relationship with that "young" woman is making him sick?
Which is just the opposite of Keith's. I get the feeling that the boney phoney has been enlisted to do a great more service than any woman would do. This may be why she doesn't do more than three "news" stories a week.

flowergirl said...

Sorry. I meant to thank you.