Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Obama Rocks!!!!

I love that guy. I love listening to him talk. I love watching him. And it's about damn time he put Wright in his place.

I watched The Verdict with Dan Abrams before I saw Countdown and got to see and hear most of that speech. Awesome. And then seeing it again on Countdown made it even better. I was hoping there wouldn't be any contradictions and there wasn't. :-)

Countdown was good tonight. But still..no news. They just don't do it anymore. Which is really sad.
Because of my job I don't get to see much of the news. The real news that is. So I have to read it on the internet because prime time cable "news" doesn't have any. These people are so damn busy playing politics, which in part is understandable, but they're also feeding their egos.
Especially Keith and BillO. But you couldn't pay me enough to watch BillO. I think he and Dick Cheney would make the perfect couple.

But I just don't understand why Keith fell into that dark pit with the rest of them. He lost total control of his own ego. What a bummer.

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