Saturday, April 5, 2008

Nice Break

Welcome to the change. Though I refuse to be extremely hateful it doesn't mean I'm going to be that light either. Countdown is good. It's the host I find rather questionable.
Comments are open but don't expect me to always publish or reply.

It was nice to take a week off and sit back and relax. Didn't see much of Countdown but I read that Rachel Maddow filled in last night. I bet she did a good job. I'll have to go check out the videos.


Anonymous said...

Well, you're back! You didn't miss much...Rachel did a good job but was visibly nervous at the beginning of the show. I guess you know that Keith's 'shadow' has already been promoted (yeah, you'll have to apologize to the NY Post..they nailed it)she's now on the evening news sitting with the grownups doing 'political' stuff.. she's already made mistakes reading the teleprompter, so I guess she'll get another promotion next week. Those weren't strings he pulled.. they were ropes! Oh, am I allowed to be honest on the gentler kinder site (kidding)? Honestly I would like to know what spooked should just delete entries from people who are nasty to you and they won't show up again.

flowergirl said...

I guess the NY Post saw that one coming.

It wasn't that I was spooked. It was more of a reality check. I'm generally a very nice person and when I saw how ugly I had been I didn't like it.
There's a way to do some things and that just wasn't it.

You can be as honest as you feel you need to be. hehe.

flowergirl said...

Making mistakes reading the teleprompter goes without saying. Keith does it all the time so she pretty much has the best teacher in town.