Thursday, April 17, 2008

Because Harry Reasoner Said So

Well, that's make everything all right then, doesn't it? :-/
But hey, if Keith wants to stay a big baby for the rest of his life then who am I to complain. Maybe I could send him a large pacifier for his 50th birthday.

Anyway, Countdown was pretty good tonight. Loved the fish and the old lady. Or was it, the old fish and the lady? And poor Dick. We miss you. LOL.

And speaking of Dick. He's just a hoot, isn't he? That dude just really creeps me out. He has the kind of sense of humor you'd find in the movie The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Tonight's song. Something about a traffic cop. I'm thinking it goes: Traffic go, traffic stop, we must heed the traffic cop.

Okay, is it just me or is the back of Keith's head really really thick? It's not very attractive to look at while he's talking to the screen. But, two nights in a row he loves me so I guess I can't be too mean. ;-) It was, after all, a good show tonight.

on edit: his makeup is looking much better. It matches his neck and doesn't make him look like he's wearing a mask anymore.


Anonymous said...

I thought your 'back of the head' comment was funny. I think maybe it's because his hair is shorter than before (?) I actually like it a little longer. Maybe he's trying to snip away the gray. Sure he's a big kid (living with a little kid) and that makes me wonder sometimes if his views are all that valid. Oh, and Dick..somehow, I can only picture him with a sincere smile sitting in front of a pile of his money.

flowergirl said...

Snipping away the gray? LOL. He'd have to do a lot of snipping for that.

I don't think his views are all that valid at all.

And Dick? Yeah that would be money with lots of blood on it.