Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Comb Over O'Reilly

I can't imagine looking at BillO long enough to notice whether he has a comb over or not. But it was funny.

The 'political funnies' would be funnier if they had someone funny on there. Haven't seen Mo Rocca in a long time. Whatever happened to him?

And did I hear Keith correctly? "Sometimes justice comes in the form of irony". Words to remember.

Also, the guy who mentioned that the child of this so called pregnant man is going to be confused isn't far off the mark. That child IS going to be confused. What I learned from that situation is that the husband is now the wife and vice versa. I don't consider that to be a very stable environment. But that's just me.

Countdown was typically political. I'll be glad when all of this is over so the show can get back to normal.

On edit: Okay, it was BillO who mentioned the pregnant guy. But, unfortunately, I'll have to agree with him. Eeeewww. I just hate doing that.

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