Monday, November 10, 2008

Cry Me A River

I almost laughed at this drama but I have to agree with the content. However, Keith is the last person to be speaking on behalf of love.
And forgive me but "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" is something he can say but not understand. If he truly understood those words and took them to heart, the way he actually says it, then he would have to apologize to every person he has belittled, betrayed and cheated in the past several years.
He is the most unreliable spokesperson for justice. You can't tell me that suddenly he's become this wonderful person who has turned his life around and has repented, especially when in the same breath he goes straight to bashing BillO..or anybody else that isn't himself.
This so called special comment sounded more like he was crying more for his own love life than for those to whom he was commenting on.
It was absolutely horrible.


Anonymous said...

KO scolding others for being divisive? lol

marinara said...

His ego doesn't understand that people who know him, who aren't merely fans, or mindless fans, may be offended by his choice of words, or at the very least, find them laughable or ironic when irony was not intended. His inner self might understand, but it is too busy hiding from everything.

Keith has had an unusual and difficult life. This is what has shaped his ego and dictates how he relates to others in the only way he has learned how. Even with his big ego out front for all to see, Keith is afraid of people. He can't relate to them. There is some risk involved for him to communicate with individuals, so he speaks to as few as possible, and only in the context of his work, or sports.

We don't separate the public from the personal because we have a solid, if incomplete picture of what he is like in private, and have found him wanting. We compare what he says and does in private to what he says and does in public, and this has turned out to be more fun than watching his show! Sometimes we are scornful of him when the comparisons diverge more than what we feel is normal. But Keith is not a normal person, and I don't say that out of contempt. I don't think he is mentally unstable or anything close to it. This is more like a personality disorder. You could count on one hand the number of people he calls friends, and I don't think he has anyone he loves. Not even Katy. Does this sound like someone who deserves scorn?

I wasn't put off by his emotional display. It was a good SC, but the outpouring of emotion seemed out of place over this subject. But that could be because I am not interested in this issue and have not spent any time thinking about it. There are many more important things to worry about now. This is like flag burning. I don't want to hear about it, and stop trying to distract us with it!

Can't help wondering though, was Keith "upset" about this because he thinks he is supposed to be? Or is he genuinely upset about it?

Amused said...

I actually had to turn it off, it was pretty phoney. Sure would have been nice to give this passioned special comment BEFORE people actually voted!

dr_shred said...

I like Keith Olberman. I consider him
to be one of the original voices that
spoke out against the madness of the
past 8 years. Divisive, maybe, but you
have to fight fire with fire.

I enjoy his show, for the most part, but
when he gets to those special comments,
I find myself cringing in pain. It's
not the content, which I usually agreed
with, but the form: bloated, long
winded, repetitive. He could winnow his
10 minute rants down to 2 if he followed
Professor Strunk's dictum: "Omit
needless words!".

Eric Severeid or Edward R. Murrow, he

While his special comments have improved
somewhat in the past two months, he took
a giant step back with last night's
special comment on Prop 8. It was, in
his own words "horrible". He went from
merely maudlin and judgmental to well,
mental. I thought he was going to start
blubbering. I felt embarrassed for him
and profoundly disappointed.

It was an eye-opener. I'll never think
of Mr. Olberman the same way again.

marinara said...

I disagree. There was nothing to say prior to the vote, and by all indications, it was not going to pass. I wish Keith had let loose on those cultist Mormons.

Anonymous said...

Marinara--do tell about KO's "unusual and difficult life." In what way(s)? On what facts do you base this statement?

dr_shred said...

My guess is that Mr. Olbermann knows that Mormons are not a cult and vote their conscience regardless of what their church leaders say.

Anonymous said...

The gays are notably loyal to their heroes. Cultivate the gays and you have a gay following. It's all about the career people.

marinara said...

anon--I base my observations on Keith's own words. He has mentioned a difficult childhood, arguing parents, psychological testing, and skipping a grade due to his high I.Q. That is not good for a child with psychological problems.