Thursday, November 13, 2008

Straight From The Horse's Mouth

Keith really should stop doing interviews, seriously.

"People automatically like her," he says. "She's very nice, aggressively nice. I'm nice when I take the time to remember to be nice. Sometimes the door opens and I throw a punch."

If you have to take the time to remember to be nice then you're not a nice person.

Oh, and Keith said he works out three times a week. Really? When did he start? Yesterday? Or is it food related work outs? He's still fat.
But his weight isn't what makes me queasy about him. It's his attitude towards others. He could be the most goodlooking guy in the world but if his attitude doesn't match his looks then it makes him ugly. Hence the fact that he can't "remember" to be nice. And if you think he's joking think again. This isn't the first time he's stated that he's not a nice person.
I don't care if he's a "voice" to the people who needs that voice, his attitude goes against everything that Obama stands for.
And the fact that he renegotiates his contract in a time where millions of Americans are suffering. Do you think he cares? Hell no he doesn't. Just as long as he can feed his big fat head, you don't matter. But he'll make you think that he does.

Actions speak louder than words Keith. Stop all your gibberjabbing and spend that money on helping those who need it more than you do.


marinara said...

That was an odd thing to say. If he has to remember to be nice, then I guess that's something he never got into the habit of doing. Intentionally out of practice. I wonder if he has to remember to be nice to Katy.

Then he made it sound like he and Whoopi were good buds, but she never said a word when he was on the show. Didn't defend him, didn't ask a question. His only "friend" on the panel didn't lift a finger to help him. I think he was probably exaggerating the extent of their friendliness.

As for the contract, it's only been extended one year beyond what it was when he signed the first one in Feb. 07. It serves his ego to let everyone know how much money he's getting, and you can bet he's hoping to make O'Reilly jealous, too.

You can see the real reason he gave that interview, right? He was stung by the criticism Joy Behar had about his not voting, so he had to further clarify his "fully justified position" to explain why he doesn't. I thought that was pathetically transparent.

Anonymous said...

His fans will never believe it. He can do no wrong where they are concerned. Here he is telling them he's not a nice person and they just laugh it away like he was joking. He wasn't.

And you're 100% right about the exercise lie: if he's so physically active than why does he appear to keep getting fatter and fatter? Or was that a clause in his new MSNBC contract so he wouldn't drop dead like Tim Russert and he was lying to impress the execs at the network? Who cares, the thing is: he lied. Again.

flowergirl said...

I seriously doubt he's all that nice to Katy but you can bet that when she turns on the tears he buys her something.
I think this says a lot about why those two haven't married and are childless.
Isn't that what he said he wanted?
A wife and children?
I've read several different excuses and none of them hold water.

I agree anonymous. I don't believe he's exercising either.

marinara said...

Kids. He didn't say anything about a wife. I was watching him very closely when Joel McHale brought his baby boy into the studio. Keith didn't seem particularly bothered by his presence, but he would not accept the paper back after Joel touched the baby with it. Would have been smart if Keith had crumpled it and handed it back to the baby.

Anon, check the diaries at Kos, and Keith is being questioned by some of the posters there. He's already waded in three times on two different diaries to defend himself, and in one comment, he asked that the comments stick to the subject of the diary, which was on proposition 8. He's very prickly about this subject for some reason, and he got annoyed enough to sort of tell those folks to get off his back.

marinara said...

When O'Reilly visited The View, he sat on a couch between the women. Keith had to sit at a table to hide his gut.

Anonymous said...

Do we even know if they're still together? He hasn't mentioned her in quite awhile now.

flowergirl said...

I remember Keith saying he wanted a ring on his finger. One can just assume that means he wants a wife, however, that could mean something completely different. LOL.

I've been reading his shit on Kos. It's funny how he has to defend himself on the vote thing. Or rather..the not voting thing.
I guess he figured since they all love him so much they wouldn't question him on it.

flowergirl said...

Anonymous, I think he mentioned he was dating a "young woman" a couple or so months ago.
That made me post something about him not knowing the difference between "dating" and "living with" someone.

Anonymous said...

Did it ever occur to you that he's both living with someone AND dating someone else? I sincerely doubt faithfulness is one of his virtues.

flowergirl said...

The thought has occured to me numerous times. I think I may haven mentioned it a couple of times a while back.
I don't see Keith as being faithful either.

Anonymous said...

He's been wearing a lot of purple ties lately. Remember the Karma chick said he'd wear red ties for her.

flowergirl said...

Hehehe. I suspect he has quite a few victims in waiting.
I see him as the kind of guy who makes promises and never keeps them.

Anonymous said...

I see him as the type of guy who is too chicken-shit to make any promises to begin with.

Keith Olbermann's Ego said...

Promises? Why should Keith Olbermann's Ego bother to make promises? That's for normal people and we know that Keith Olbermann's Ego is way way way beyond the level of normal. Let me rephrase that. Keith Olbermann's Ego is way better than other people and therefore the usual rules do not apply.

LK said...

More like straight from the horse's ass.

Amused said...

I think the SNL skit with the "living with his mom" thing is still stuck in his head, he mentioned "the girlfriend" on Sunday Night Football the other night, something about putting in a tap filter to stop using water bottles (NBC green week). Killed two birds with one stone, reminds everyone he has a girlfriend and they live together.

I really doubt he sees someone else, (unless he hooks up when he's in LA). He seems kind of lazy (& cheap) to go through all the trouble, esp. in his home city.

flowergirl said...

Hehe. I didn't watch FNiA so that was funny.
I would've love to have seen the look on his face when he mentioned her. And the look on everybody elses face.
Damn, I bet it was priceless.