Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Oh Bull!

I don't believe this for one minute.
Keith's ego is way too sensitive for me to believe that he laughed at that skit. I think it hurt his feelings. I think he's just trying to cover it up. Which really is a good thing. It would just be worse for him if he showed his hurt over it.

In no way shape or form was that skit flattering. It was very demeaning and made you never want to see this guy in person. Ever.
But trainwrecks are trainwrecks. People love to watch disasters play out. Why, I don't know, but that's just human nature, I guess. So this could boost his ratings. People will want to watch why he's so insecure.
Maybe that's why they watch BillO. They know he's going to crash eventually and are just waiting for it to happen so they can say they witnessed it.
Funny thing, though, is that if you look at this on a grand scale, neither Keith nor BillO will get nearly as many viewers as SNL. And I suspect not many people knew who the hell Ben Affleck was portraying.


Anonymous said...

Don't be too sure the SNL "Special Commentary" wasn't about Katy. Cat = pussy? Get it?

I'm thrilled that real journalists are loving the SNL skit. Just shows Olbermann's standing in the journalistic community.

flowergirl said...

LOL. Thank you for saying that. LOL.

marinara said...

I suppose that's possible, anon, but I thought it was either a closet homo reference, or a play on the FOX watcher demographic (old guy holding a cat--remember that MSNBC promo?).

Who are the real journalists you're talking about?

Amused said...

I agree with you flowergirl, it seemed like not a lot of people in the audience got the skit, cause Countdown isn't really that big of a show. I think that would bother him as much as the actual skit.

It was interesting how he berated the McCain folks for being obsessed with the skit, but he devoted an entire Countdown segment on election eve(!) Plus his KOS entry about it, plus responses to Ana Cox and others, seems he was a bit obsessed with his portrayal. What's that famous quote about "protesting too much" haha.

What was also interesting, was his Special Comment that night seems "toned down" in terms of mannerism, etc. I think he was a bit rattled by the SNL skit.

flowergirl said...

I'm glad I haven't watched Countdown. I can say I really don't miss it. And from what you've described I can also say that Keith will never get over himself.

Anonymous said...

The persian was way prettier than Katy will ever be.

flowergirl said...

I agree.